‘Wall Street 2′ Teaser Features Restless Money

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The world sure has changed since the 1980's. Gordon Gekko sees this first-hand, as he is released from prison in the teaser for Oliver Stone's Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. It seems that black people are now permitted to be passengers in limousines rather than being relegated to the role of sass-mouthed driver. Greed has been legalized. Text-projected-unnecessarily-on-face technology has grown by leaps and bounds. As has cell phone technology as Gekko learns in a wink-wink That 80's Show-inspired bit. Also, Brand from The Goonies appears to have done pretty well for himself. Seriously though, if only Michael Douglas knew somebody of Welsh descent with ties to T-Mobile. Dude's in need of a nationwide 3G network with flexible contracts like whoa. Check out the trailer, and Douglas's Zack Morris phone, after the jump.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Actress Chyler Leigh

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Chyler Leigh played the She's All That Rachael Leigh Cook character in the parody Not Another Teen Movie. Now she's playing Grey's little sister on that show women like called Grey's Anatomy. Is it just me, or does Ellen Pompeo have a weird lookin' face? Kind of a gnarled lip? No?A word from Chyler: "I watched She's All That at least 15 times."That's how many times it takes to fully comprehend that Freddy Prince Jr. can't act his way out of an American Crew pomade container.Look at the pics after the jump at least 15 times.

David Fincher and Charlize Theron Team Up to Bring CBS Show to HBO

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Charlize Theron and David Fincher are teaming up to develop the book "Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit," into a series for HBO. The show is shedding the marblemouth title and sticking with the more simplistic Mind Hunter. Not to be confused with Renny Harling's crap-terpiece Mind Hunters, starring Christian Slater and LL Cool J.The book, by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, recounts Douglas's experience as a top FBI investigator of serial killers and rapists and his profiling techniques. So it's essentially an HBO version of CBS's Criminal Minds. The main difference being this version will have swears and no soap actors. This isn't a bad idea at all. Fincher and Theron both have proven track records, and there's no way this show will give any serial killers the edge in the War On Killing People. If there's one thing that movies have taught me, methodical serial killers HATE complex games of cat and mouse. It's right up there with sending menacing letters to newspapers on their list of dislikes. (Collider)

MacGruber Set LOADED with Boobs & Butts

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MacGruber Set Full of Hotties – Watch more Funny VideosThe one thing about MacGruber, there's a whole lotta hotties with bodies on set. Don't believe me? Check out this behind the scenes footage narrated by the film's director Jorma Taccone. He's quick to point out all the dirty tail struttin' around the premises. Some people give it up so easily. No self-respect. (TVSquad)


30 Examples of Cosby Cosplay

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The man knew how to wear a sweater.

Zac Efron Discovers ‘Fire’

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If you say Zac Efron really fast, it sounds like the name of a pharmaceutical. Like, side effects of Zacefron may cause jazz hands. But that's besides the point. The point of this article is that the High School Musical, Me and Orson Welles star is trying the action genre on for size.In Fire, Efron plays a college student recruited by the CIA to work as an assassin around the world. Things get complicated when he learns that NAMBLA has set their sights on him he himself may be targeted for assassination. That's an intriguing premise and Brian Michael Bendis, the writer, has a sharp style so let's hope this will be more Bourne and less Agent Cody Banks. We won't know for sure until we can safely say that Corbin Bleu has been barred from the set. (Deadline Hollywood)

‘Quigley’ Trailer Stars Gary Busey as a Dog

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Quigley Trailer Stars Gary Busey as a Dog – Watch more Funny VideosThis movie actually exists. Quigley stars Gary Busey as a cold-hearted, dog-hating billionaire who dies and is reincarnated on Earth as a Pomeranian that has an affinity for video games. BUY IT NOW.These links also exist.25 Funny Tombstones (HolyTaco) Shirts Optional in the Blackhawks Party Limo (TotalProSports) Even More Hot Girls on Facebook (TheChive) It's Okay to Play with These Bond Girl Barbies (Moviefone) 21 Awesome Jelly Bean Portraits (Maxim) The Darker Side of Siskel & Ebert (FilmDrunk) 20 Unfortunate CAPTCHAs (SuperTremendous) Ten Worst Movies of 2010 (Pajiba) Jen Aniston Hiding in Brad Pitt's Bathtub (CelebJihad) Top 5 Movies Based on SNL Sketches (Unreality) Bikini Vegemite Wrestling Gets Messy (Asylum) 6 Woman Who Equal First Date Disaster (RegretfulMorning) All the iPad Info You Require (MadeMan) Why Denny Hamlin's Injury is a Good Thing (AllLeftTurns) Abrams Tank Explodes Suspicious Car (NothingToxic) Buy Apple's iFreak Before It Sells Out (Atom)

‘Poltergeist’ Curse Strikes Again: Zelda Rubinstein Dead at 76

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Kim Jong-il look-a-like/actress who scared the crap out of six-year old me, Zelda Rubinstein, has passed away. The actress, best known as Tangina in the Poltergeist films, was taken off life support two months ago after two major organs failed her. She eventually succumbed to these ailments earlier today at the age of 76. Tragically, another victim to the rumored Poltergeist curse. It just won't stop until it has Craig T. Nelson in its icy clutches. (Radar)

Sam Worthington Growing Dracula Fangs for ‘Year Zero’

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I did saber toothed tiger fangs 'cause they're funnier. Leave the room if you got a problem.Sam Worthington, who must have made a pact with the Devil to achieve his current "it" status, has signed on to play the "it" vampire in Dracula Year Zero. The film, which is being directed by Alex Proyas (he worked with Nic Cage so we should be good), explores the origin of Dracula in a tragic love story chalk full of love and war shrouded in homoerotic nuance no doubt.Worthington already played a cyborg and an alien, he'll soon be seen as a Greek hero in Clash of the Titans, and now he can add a cape and widow's peak latex cap to his costume drawer.  I'd say he's about as versatile an actor as Gary Oldman.As Vince from FilmDrunk would say, "That tastes like a burn."(LatinoReview, THR)

Keanu Reeves Bides His Time in ‘Passengers’

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Keanu Reeves has signed on to star in Gabriele Muccino's Passengers, a date-rape love story with a sci-fi bent. Set in the future, Reeves is a member of a crew on board a spacecraft making a 100-year trip to a new planet via cryogenic sleep. 10 years into their journey, he is woken up and doomed to spend the rest of his life on the craft. So what does he do? Well, when fapping gets old he commits the ultimate dick move and wakes up the hottest chick with the hope that she'll want to join the 200,000 Mile High Club with him. But will she want to knock moon-boots once she finds out it was he who woke her? Not if she doesn't find out.We got our hands on an exclusive script excerpt. Check it out:

KEANU REEVES is reluctant to wake up the HOT CHICK. He lightly taps on her cryotube. It gets louder and louder.                      KEANU             Hey… you up? Hey.                 (beat)             You up?                 (longer beat)             HEY!!!  HOT CHICK awakes.                      KEANU             Oh, hey. You’re up.(Variety)

‘The Tooth Fairy’ Actress Ashley Judd

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Ashley Judd is best known for two things (no, not those two things): being a member of a famous country-singing family, and starring in bad thrillers, usually alongside Morgan Freeman. Now she's battling wits with The Rock in The Tooth Fairy. Nice career move…A word from Ashley: "Those born-and-bred, feisty Kentucky girls—they are the ones you have to look out for. We have sugar and fire in our blood."Those sparkly Twilight vampires love sugar/fire blood. They can't take their blood straight like real men.  Check out more sugar/fire combos after the jump.

George Lucas Tuning Up for Top Secret Musical

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Mace Windu does not participate in jazz hands.Not content with his many accomplishments in the worlds of film and technology, George Lucas has his eyes on a new prize: to sieze the Sh*ttiest Musical Crown from the producers of Nine. Lucas is reportedly producing a top-secret computer-generated musical about fairies.Yeah. Fairies.Nothing is known about the probably-queeeeer plot except that David Berenbaum (Elf, Spiderwick Chronicles) will be writing, with Kevin Munroe (TMNT) overseeing the direction to ensure the results are totally SPEC-TAC-U-LAR. Lucas could not be reached for comment because a cat is still digesting in his neck-sack. (THR)

16 Villains We’d Rather See Win

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Admit it. There are times in the back of your mind when you want the good guy to lose. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes the star is a just a gigantic wuss who deserves total failure. Here are some that we believe are worth mentioning.  16. Special Agent Starling vs. Hannibal Lecter  Eat people, listen to classical music, break out of prison. Repeat. And he killed the principal from Boston Public (everybody wanted to do it; he got there first). Special Agent Starling just ran around and tried to get people out of basement dungeons. Nice work, but there’s no money in it. Plus, I tried Chianti with fava beans. It’s pretty kick ass. 15. Llewelyn Moss vs. Anton ChigurhTry this just once for a job interview. Before you’re called into the office, just fire blast off the doorknob with a CO2 tank. Walk in slowly.

Conan Gets His ‘Justice’ at NBC

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Conan is back at NBC. Kinda sorta. Less than a week after his last appearance as host of The Tonight Show, the network has picked up a pilot from his Conaco production company. The show, previously known as Justice, is an hour-long drama that revolves around a Supreme Court Justice who leaves Capitol Hill to start his own law practice. There's no word whether or not a big-chinned rival judge was the reason the protagonist jumped ship.I'm holding out hope that this goes to series and Masturbating Bear guest stars in an episode that centers around a public indecency case. That's the least you can do for us, NBC. (Variety)

Woman Faints on ‘The Price is Right’

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