Bryan Cranston Joins ‘John Carter of Mars’

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  Breaking Bad's meth cooking schoolteacher Bryan Cranston has joined the cast of Andrew Stanton's foray into live-action, John Carter of Mars. Taylor Kitsch stars as the Civil War veteran John Carter, who is mysteriously transported to Mars and joins the Martian people in their own war. Cranston will play a Civil War colonel who comes into conflict with Carter. Also on board for the Pixar film are Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, Mark Strong, and Thomas Haden Church. All are playing giant, green warrior-like aliens. I know. I know. You already want to compare this to Avatar. But that comparison really doesn't hold up. First of all, this is based off a book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Cameron stole his story from a novella. Plus, the Na'vi are blue not green. Do your research, guys. (THR)

‘Jurassic Park IV’ will be First Film in a New Trilogy!

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Come back, Jeff Gowdbwum! I want to pway more!In a recent interview with Boxoffice Magazine, Joe Johnston, director of The Wolfman, confirmed that Jurassic Park IV is definitely happening, and will most likely be the beginning of a new trilogy of Jurassic Park films:Well, there is going to be a Jurassic Park IV. And it's going to be unlike anything you've seen. It breaks away from the first three—it's essentially the beginning of the second Jurassic Park trilogy. It's going to be done in a completely different way. He went on to say:If you think of the first three as a trilogy, number four would be the beginning of a second trilogy. If they keep working—and if audiences keep going to them—there's no reason why there wouldn't be. We just want to make them justified in their own right. We don't want to make sequel after sequel just because there's a market for it. We want to tell different, interesting stories. You don't want to just sell hamburger.The island dinosaurs are going to terrorize three more groups of people?! You know evolution has failed when humans continue going back to a defunct theme park thats most popular ride is being eaten alive by prehistoric beasts. Nonetheless, if Jurassic Park IV can bring the series back to level of the first film I'll stand in line just like I did in 1993.

Matt LeBlanc Auditions for Matt LeBlanc Role in Showtime Series ‘Episodes’

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Matt LeBlanc Auditions for Episodes – Watch more Funny VideosIn the above clip, Matt LeBlanc has to swallow his pride and audition to play himself in the new Showtime sitcom Episodes. As if the task wasn't degrading enough, he shuffles in to a waiting room full of Joey look-a-likes who all want to land the same role. It's reasons like this why LeBlanc is going grey.  Episodes is about a successful British husband-and-wife comedy team who are lured by Hollywood to produce a new version of their hit series for a stateside audience. But they soon realize what the American execs have in store for their precious show – including replacing the erudite British lead with Matt LeBlanc. Check out today's imported links. Conan O'Brien's Next Job (HolyTaco) Amanda Seyfriend and Julianne Moore Make Out (Moviefone) School Pride + 9/11 = Fail (TotalProSports) 10 Best Animated Gifs of the Week (TheChive)'s Hottest Blonds (Maxim) Japan Has Space Battleships Too! (FilmDrunk) 25 Great Moments in Brutal Honesty (Manofest) Spider-Man Reboots We'll Never See (Pajiba) Jay Leno to Bang Conan's Wife (CelebJihad) 10 TV Actors Who Need a Big Movie Break (Unreality) Prepare Your Eyes for the Upcoming 3D Onslaught (Asylum) FPS Gaming from a Female's POV (RegretfulMorning) How Your Girlfriend Ruined You (MadeMan) Racing Expos Connect Fans with NASCAR (AllLeftTurns) Dude Gets Mashed Up by Security in Lobby (NothingToxic) Check in with Doctor (Atom)


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Network: ShowtimeCreators: David Crane & Jeffrey KlarikCast: Matt LeBlancSynopsis: A single-camera comedy series about a successful British husband-and-wife comedy team who are lured by Hollywood to produce a new version of their hit series for a stateside audience. But they soon realize what the American execs have in store for their precious show – including replacing the erudite British lead with the quintessential comedy star, Matt LeBlanc.

‘Ironclad’ Trailer is Quality-Challenged

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Um. The first trailer for Ironclad is online and it… um, yeah. I mean, I don't get it. It has real actors in it like Richard Attenborough, Robert Carlyle, Bob Hoskins,  James Purefoy, Brian Cox, and Pete Poselthwaite. At least one of those guys is an actual lord! How is this so bad looking? Is it performance art?? If so, where's James Franco??? It honestly looks like footage from a Ren Faire. Paul Giamatti has reportedly joined the cast since this trailer was filmed. He'll be disappointed to find out it's not an actual Ren Faire. Therefore, no deep-fried Oreos. Have a look for yourself. Just kidding. The actual Ironclad trailer is after the jump but it's no better than what you just saw. (via Cinematical)

‘The Thing’ Prequel Is Now Casting

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Cameras are still set to roll in March for Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.'s prequel to The Thing. Plot details are beginning to surface as the date approaches. Spoiler TV published the casting breakdown which helps fill in some of the gaps on the story.News of note is that the film has a female lead and early rumors about MacReady's brother appearing in the film were wrong. I've posted the casting specs after the jump with the spoilers removed for those who have never seen a movie before and can't guess who will and will not survive. I can say that after reading through the spoilers and character descriptions, it seems that the movie borrows from Aliens, Lethal Weapon, and The Mist. In other words, we've got another Deep Blue Sea on our hands. LL Cool J should be expecting a call any day now. (Spoiler TV)CHECK OUT THE CASTING BREAKDOWN AFTER THE JUMP…

The Thing (Prequel)

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DIRECTOR: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. CAST: TBDSYNOPSIS: In a remote Antarctica outpost, an alien spaceship is discovered far beneath the ice. When a group of ambitious scientists decide to thaw out one of the creatures inside, they’re in for the terrifying fight of their lives…

‘The Book of Eli’ Actress Mila Kunis

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I'm a little late to the party with Mila Kunis, but it's better than never showing up at all. Would ya look at that face?! I thought she was great in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and personally can't wait to see her kick some ass in The Book of Eli. Is that one of those post-apocalyptic movies where people walk around naked all the time? A word from Mila: "Blondes definitely do not have more fun. Trust me."I'm sorry, but I'm gonna need some proof, Mila. One wild night out on the town with you will help convince me. More examples of Mila having fun after the jump.

Hitler Weighs in on Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, NBC, and Carson Daly

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Hitler Weighs in on the OBrien/Leno Controversy – Watch more Funny VideosIt was only a matter of time until the ruthless dictator made his opinion of The Tonight Show controversy known. He's clearly on Team O'Brien, and is infuriated that NBC ruined his vacation to sunny Southern California. It was going to be suck a nice weekend for Hitler in Los Angeles. He was so looking forward to sitting in The Tonight Show audience and giggling joyfully at Conan's floppy red hair. And now NEIN!

Vera Farmiga & Michelle Monaghan Join Duncan Jones’s ‘Source Code’

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Moon director Duncan Jones will be following up his debut with another sci-fi entry. Source Code stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier investigating a terrorist bombing of a train. Using an experimental technology, Gyllenhaal enters the body of an unknown commuter and must relive the bombing over and over again until he finds who is responsible for the act (Could it be him? What are the twist-ending chances??). Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan have just joined the time-travel mystery. Farmiga will play the communications officer controlling Gyllenhaal and Monaghan will play a love interest he encounters while travelling. Time to come clean a little bit. I originally planned to group the above pictures of the actresses together in the hopes that one thing may lead to another and that they would start to kiss a little bit. Then that baby had to show up and spoil my genius plot. I'll get you for this baby! Just as soon as I can pull my pants back up. (THR)

Late Night Disses NBC Big Time

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Last night, late night television had a rip roaring good time ripping NBC a new asshole. Everyone is pretty amped up over the whole O'Brien/Leno debacle, and the hosts presented a unified front by expressing their disdain for the floundering network in their own special ways. David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, and even Conan himself didn't hold back. I've posted a couple of my favorite clips below from last night's roast of NBC. The first one shows Conan playing a game of Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel in an effort to decide his future. The second is Jimmy Kimmel's monologue, where he decided to impersonate a certain big-chined "funny"man.


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DIRECTORS: Jonathan Dayton and Valerie FerrisCAST: Zach Galifianakis; Paul RuddSYNOPSIS: An ordinary guy (Rudd) who lives in a world where people's lives and destinies are being written by scribes in Heaven. The man wakes up one day to find that his heavenly writer (Galifianakis) has decided to no longer draft his life, and he must go about his day unscripted, ending up on a journey to fulfill his hidden potential.

Galifianakis & Rudd to Co-Star in ‘Will’

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Zach Galifianakis and Paul Rudd are teaming up once again. The Dinner for Schmucks stars are ready to piss off the Bible Belt with the comedy Will. From THR:The story follows an ordinary guy (Rudd) who lives in a world where people's lives and destinies are being written by scribes in Heaven. The man wakes up one day to find that his heavenly writer (Galifianakis) has decided to no longer draft his life, and he must go about his day unscripted, ending up on a journey to fulfill his hidden potential.A talented group of funny people are working behind the camera as well. Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine, Smashing Pumpkins videos, one video for The Offspring) will direct the Demetri Martin-penned script with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay producing. Wow. That's quite the roster. The craft services guy had better be HILARIOUS if he wants to stand out in that crowd. (THR)

‘True Blood’ Back in Production Teaser

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Alan Ball's HBO series True Blood is back in production, and they're letting everyone know with the above industrial video. I haven't seen that many bottles of blood since I rummaged through Angelina Jolie's jewelry drawer. (io9)Drink these links down real good-like.25 Eggs with Sharpie Faces (HolyTaco) Bubba Watson's Awesome Trick Golf Shot (TotalProSports) Hot Pics of Hot Jessica Chobot (TheChive) Mark McGwire's Guide to Hitting (Maxim) Check Out The Interactive Netflix Map (FilmDrunk) A Year in 120 Seconds (SuperTremendous) Ten Movie Couples Not to Have a Threesome With (Pajiba) Megan Fox Armani Underwear Pictures (CelebJihad) Fight Club Style Airline Manuels (Unreality) Consumer Reports Hates Your Snuggie (Asylum) The Answer to a Big Back Door Problem (RegretfulMorning) 10 Best Gadgets at CES (MadeMan) Cris Collinsworth NASCAR Fail (AllLeftTurns)

Nathan Fillion Joins Rainn Wilson in ‘Super’

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  James Gunn is going to break the Internet if he keeps casting so many geek-friendly actors in his upcoming Super. The superhero dark comedy stars Rainn Wilson as a man who up and decides to be a superhero after his wife leaves him despite his lack of powers. LOTR's Liv Tyler is the wife who leaves his ass for Kevin Bacon's charming drug dealer. Now, Nathan Fillion (Dr. Horrible), Ellen Page (Inception), Linda Cardellini (Freaks and Geeks), Michael Rooker (Mallrats), Andre Royo (The Wire), Sean Gunn (Gilmore Girls), and Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) are all aboard the project. The nerdgasmic film is currently filming in Louisiana with no confirmed release date. Rest assured, whatever opening day is decided upon will be the day that me and the other cool kids go rob the nerd houses. Those Star Wars figures will be mine! (GeekWeek)