First Photos: ‘Let Me In’

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I don't feel all that comfortable sharing pictures of children on the Internet, but I am only here to serve and people have been eager to get a look at Matt Reeves' Let Me In. Though, for my own piece of mind, I'd like to ask that all perverts direct their lustfull eyeballs elsewhere and not at these first pics from the maligned remake of Let The Right One In. If you're willing to view responsibly, you can get a better look at Kick-Ass's Chloe Moretz as Abby the vampire girl and Kodi Smit-McPhee as her new friend Owen, in the pictures after the jump. And please sign the guestbook.

‘Iron Man 2′ Can’t Beat Batman’s Box Office

Saturday, May 8 by

Iron Man 2 opened in first place on Friday night, earning an estimated $52 million, easily surpassing Alice in Wonderland with the biggest debut of 2010. But when it comes to superhero movies, Batman still reigns supreme at the box office.While weekend projections for IM2 are an impressive $135 million, it's a far cry from the $158.4 million brought in by The Dark Knight, which holds the all-time first weekend record.I guess this shouldn't come as a surprise. Batman could clearly beat Iron Man in a fight. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are both geniuses and millionaire playboys, but Bruce Wayne is motivated by an unquenchable thirst for vengeance. And as we all know, vengeance is a powerful motivator. Just ask my old high-school nemesis, Joseph Sinclair. I showed him…him and that wife of his. (Collider)

Toby Jones Cast in ‘Captain America’

Saturday, May 8 by

What is it with people and their five fingers?Toby Jones is in final negotiations to play villain Armin Zola in Captain America: The First Avenger. Title not look familiar? That's because it used to be The First Avenger: Captain America. Give yourself a few days to adjust. Like when your parents got divorced.The British actor is best known for playing Truman Capote in Infamous, Karl Rove in W., and the grocery clerk with a penchant for gun slinging in The Mist. He'll be joining Hugo Weaving, who's already been cast as Red Skull, in an effort to give Captain America a really tough time. Jones' character, Armin Zola, is a scientific genius specializing in genetics and cloning. So don't be surprised when a herd of two-headed sheep stampede an entire city. (/Film)

Photobomb Fridays: ‘Norma Rae’ + Protesters

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‘Inception’ Full Trailer Gives Full Chubby

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Inception set up a viral game called Mind Crime that if you beat it you could watch the new trailer for the film. Well guess what? Screw that noise! Someone else played that shiz and now we're all reaping the benefits. The new trailer looks downright awesome. I still have no idea what the F is going on, but I WANT to know, and someone once told me that's a win on the marketing side of things. This film looks like a serious trip, and with Christoper Nolan behind the wheel I have no doubt the destination will be Giddyland. I'll bring the diapers if you bring the Sour Patch Kids. Check out the trailer after the jump. Inception gets inside theaters and your mind July 15.

First Pics of Gary Busey Spawn!

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Hey everyone, meet Luke Sampson Busey! Proud papa Gary Busey introduced his 10-week-old son on Thursday evening's "Entertainment Tonight." Girlfriend Steffanie Sampson is the person responsible for bringing another Busey into the world on Feb. 23. My sources tell me world leaders are gathering at a secret summit this evening to decide how to proceed.

Hollywood Beats Undead Horse With Zombie Beatles Movie

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Okay, new secret to success. If at first you don't succeed, throw out all your ideas and retell someone else's story with the addition of zombies. It worked for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the new "Melrose Place." ZING!!! (Tired concepts get tired jokes.)The Beatles are Hollywood's latest undead remix with the announcement that Double Feature has optioned Alan Goldsher's novel Paul Is Undead. The book tells the history of the undead band as they invade the world while evading zombie hunter Mick Jagger and Eighth Level Ninja Lord Yoko Ono. Racist much? I mean, just because Mick Jagger is British doesn't automatically make him a monster killing expert. It's stereotypes like that that hold us back as a people. (Deadline)

New ‘Inception’ Poster May Cause The Dizzies

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Inception continually insists on spitting in gravity's face. If Sir Isaac Newton laid eyes upon this new poster his powdered wig would spin round from pure outrage. What's the floor?! What's the ground?! City-dwellers have to spend most of the day just trying to maintain their balance. It's the maintenance workers I feel the most sorry for, though. The high rise window washers must curse their existence with each rising sun. (IMPAwards)

Will Smith and ‘Men in Black 3D’ Choose a Date

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"I found this in Mrs. Lee Jones' sock drawer."Will Smith and Columbia Pictures have officially chosen a date, so you can stop asking all the time, Will Smith's mom. As foretold in the Ancient Scrolls of Fresh Princia, Men in Black 3D will indeed open Memorial Day Weekend 2012. Deadline reports that the sequel has set the film for a May 25th, 2012 release. Known in many circles as "Big Willy Weekend." Note: circles of idiots.Tommy Lee Jones has yet to sign on, nor has Josh Brolin. The production is in the process of finalizing their deals. It's unclear at this point which role Jaden Smith will be shoe-horned into, but I'm sure it will be justly earned. He'll earn it you guys.

5 Funny Mother’s Day Video Greetings

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This Sunday, May 9th, it's Mother's Day, a holiday that celebrates all the gloriousness that is “Mom.”  It’s a day to show love and appreciation for the woman who raised you.  But what if she didn’t do all that great of a job?  Well, you're in luck, son!  Screenjunkies has designed some very special greeting cards for the parentally challenged Mommy Dearests out there, and they can all be yours, right now.  Send one with adoration, or send one with contempt, just as long as you send one.  It’s really the thought that counts.  Click on the TITLE of each video to take you to that card's individual page.  Then forward the URL to Mom or Grandma!  Or just send her the whole batch!  

‘Mother and Child’ Actress Tatyana Ali

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Though best known for her role as Ashley on the popular series "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," Tatyana Ali has continued to act (to some peoples surprise), has not gotten arrested for drugs, has not had any children with loser men, and has launched a music career. A word from Tatyana: "It doesn't matter what the outcome is as long as I did it."The outcome matters if it's an STD. But if you get a pretty awesome sex story out of it, I guess it's worth it.More pics of Tatyana all grown up after the jump.

Hollywood’s Leading Starlets All Vying for ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Role

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Every young actress in Hollywood is vying for the lead in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It's like their Captain America.Executives at Sony insist that they are nowhere near casting the part, but Carey Mulligan, Ellen Page, Kristen Stewart, Mia Wasikowska, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway, Olivia Thirlby, and Scarlett Johannsen are actively campaigning for the role all the same. Mulligan has lunched with the screenwriter and Page has written a heartfelt note to the producer. Johannsen gave Hathaway an upper-decker and Kristen Stewart has just kinda stood around looking emo. Despite these sincere attempts, director David Fincher may cast an unknown for the part because he feels the material is strong enough to not require a name actress.Although Brad Pitt has reportedly been offered the male lead. They should just cast Angelina. I'm sure she has a dragon tattooed on her someplace. (Deadline)

Dwayne “Don’t Call Me The Rock Anymore” Johnson Might Join Next ‘Fast & Furious’

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"Mmmm, I'd like to be the meat in this sandwich."A little birdy told Deadline that Dwayne Johnson is sniffing the butt of a lead role in Fast & Furious 5, or the title Paul Walker wrote in crayon on his Trapper Keeper, Fast Five. Johnson is already starring in the revenge drama Faster where he'll also be driving fast. We got it, Rock. You're a man. You like fast cars, fast women, and eating chili peppers with Vin Diesel. It would be really cool if you'd let Paul tag along sometime. He doesn't think you guys like him. Awww, come back here, Paul! You weren't supposed to hear that!

JJ Abrams ‘Super 8′ Teaser Is Finally Here

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JJ Abrams is a terrible Vulcan. In case you've lived under a rock for the past 44 hours, you probably have no idea what JJ Abrams' Super 8 is. We've been following it closely here at Screen Junkies and we also have no idea what it is. Except that it is definitely not related to Cloverfield in any way. Yesterday, we provided a description of the teaser and today we have the teaser itself. The hushed veil of secrecy has been lifted but I can't help feel that we've walked into a trap. Abrams has us in the palm of his often-talked-with hands.Super 8 opens in theaters next summer and is about events that happen. Four men died getting this bootleg out of Pensacola, so you will watch. YOU WILL WATCH!! After the jump…

Jedi A-Holes

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Jedi drunk with power. There should be an aptitude test administered before such a title is granted. And I'm not talking about the physical abilities section. I'm talkin' Scantron, analogies, that crap. Otherwise you're going to graduate a slew of Jedi who pretend their lightsabers are dicks. (BuzzFeed)May these links be with you. Career Watch: Gerard Butler (Moviefone)How You Search for Boobs (Asylum)Heidi Montag's Surgery Obsession (PopEater)25 Awesome Motorcycle Helmets (HolyTaco)'Groundhog Day' Reimagined as a Crappy Rom-Com (FilmDrunk)15 Awesome Cyborg Animals (Unreality)When Bobsledding and Skateboarding Collide (TotalProSports)10 Best Donuts in America (Maxim)Daley Serves Koscheck at Pre-Fight Press Conference (CagePotato)Rihanna Butt Pics Collection (CelebJihad)15 Most Bizarre College Courses (Smosh)Blockbusters, Leading Actors, Undressed (Pajiba)10 Indie Awesome Comedies You Missed (MadeMan)NASCAR Skydiver Crashes (AllLeftTurns)20 Sexy Latinas (RegretfulMorning)