Double Barrel: Two New Videos from ‘Hobo With a Shotgun’

Tuesday, May 11 by

Earlier this year, fans of the original Hobo with a Shotgun trailer wept with joy as production began on a full-length feature starring Rutger Hauer as the titular hobo. Although the film owes its increased popularity to online buzz, the internet is a fickle mistress. With thriving online communities such as Sierra Online and Prodigy and a never-ending supply of cat videos, your typical web surfer has the attention span of a Prodigy subscriber watching cat videos. But the people behind Hobo with a Shotgun understand these shifting web dynamics. As such, they're constantly creating new content to keep our interests piqued. That's why they've released two new teaser videos for fans to enjoy. Truth be told, neither one of these videos make me that excited, but it's way too early to start bitching. Besides, as long as the movie has both a hobo and a shotgun (not necessarily in that order) I'll be going to see it. (DreadCentral) Check out the two new Hobo with a Shotgun videos after the jump.

From Nazi to Frenchman: Christoph Waltz to Star in ‘Three Musketeers’

Tuesday, May 11 by

Back in 1940, all it took to turn a Frenchman into a Nazi was a few dozen Panzers and the promise of an adequate wine ration. In 2010, all it takes to turn a Nazi into a Frenchman is a few million dollars and director Paul W.S. Anderson.Christoph Waltz, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Colonel Hans Landa (a.k.a. The Jew Hunter) in Inglourious Basterds, has signed on to play Cardinal Richelieu in the upcoming Three Musketeers film. Waltz joins a heavily European cast including Mads Mikkelsen and Milla Jovovich.According to, the film will be presented in 3-D. Anderson's version of the classic tale is also "going for a contemporary feel without moving the story from the traditional period setting." I'm assuming that means that the characters will say words like "s**t" and "sexting" while still wearing pantaloons.

Anthony Hopkins Terrorizes the Homeless

Monday, May 10 by

These days it seems like every celebrity in Hollywood is trying make a name for themselves via charity. If they're not sending money to Haiti, they're adopting African AIDS babies. Steven Seagal went as far as to bring two Russian girls to the US, and even paid for their room and board once they got here. All these good deeds are enough to make you sick. That's why it's nice to see an actor like Anthony Hopkins who is so down to earth. Despite all the fame and fortune, the Oscar winner still enjoys terrorizing the homeless, just like us regular folk. Back in 2002, when Hopkins was trying to fight his alcoholism, he decided to go and volunteer at a Midnight Mission in Los Angeles. After all, nothing takes your mind off the sauce like hanging out on skid row with a bunch of winos. According to the mission's director, Clancy Imislund, Hopkins really enjoyed scaring the bejesus out of the homeless. It's funny. We have film nights here and one time we showed Silence of the Lambs. So as a surprise I asked Tony to come down and tap a few people on the shoulder at the end and say 'Hello' in that voice he does. You should have seen their faces. They were like, 'Arrggh!' He got a real kick out of that. I bet this little prank was especially popular with some of the schizophrenics in attendance. Normally when they talk to characters from a movie, no one else can see them. But thanks to Hopkins and his rapier wit, now they know that they aren't crazy afterall, and neither are their plans to start mutilating house pets. Kudos to you, Sir Anthony! (CinemaBlend)

Tarantino Likes Low Angles

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Someone put together all of Quentin Tarantino's trunk shots. Okay, the Inglourious Basterds one isn't from a trunk, but that's because they didn't have cars in the '40s. No, you brush up on YOUR history. (BuzzFeed)Get down real low to enjoy these links.Trailer for Adam Sandler's 'Grown-Ups' (Break)Six Sexy Cartoon MILFs (TVSquad)Are Booty Beanbags Porn? (Asylum)E*Trade Slams Lindsay Lohan (PopEater)25 Old People Being Awesome (HolyTaco)MPAA Going Big Brother All Over Your Ass (FilmDrunk)Awesome Star Fox 64 Promo Video (Unreality)Pats Cheerleaders Get Frisky (TotalProSports)2010 Hot 100 (Maxim)Santos vs. Nelson Likely for UFC 117 (CagePotato)Lawrence Taylor's Alleged Victim (CelebJihad)17 Hysterical Singles Ads (Smosh)Five Gayest Straight Actors in Hollywood (Pajiba)Sneak Peak at LOST Finale (Atom)20 Twitter Pick-Up Lines (MadeMan)25 Awesome NASCAR Products (AllLeftTurns)

Ansari and McBride Are Teaming Up For Some Kind of Movie

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Today we have further assurance that every comedy will eventually look and sound the same as Deadline reports that funnymen of note, Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride, are teaming up for another "laffer." Mandate Pictures bought the rights, based on a pitch by Ansari and "30 Rock" writer Matt Hubbard. McBride's Rough House will produce, with "Parks and Recreation" writer Harris Wittels handling the script. No details are known about the rib-tickler as of yet but with both Ansari and McBride on board, you can bet it will be a yuckfest. A real orgy of giggles.The knee-slapper isn't expected to go before cameras until the duo wrap their upcoming guffawcalypse, 30 Minutes Or Less. If my gut ain't lying, (and she never does) this is gonna be one uproarious talkie.

Hey, Look at Jason Momoa as Conan

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Here's a shot of Jason Momoa being man-handled by the wardrobe department in the new Conan flick. "Make the leather peck-strap tighter!" director Marcus Nispel proclaims off-screen. How does it look now, Mr. Nispel?Marcus Nispel evaluates peck-strap tightness. "Tighter!"The man loves restrictive accessories. Check out more pics after the jump, including what I can only imagine is a grip in Nispel's timeout cage.

Peter Sarsgaard Is Circus Ugly On ‘Green Lantern’ Set

Monday, May 10 by

Is that lumpy weirdo wandering around the set of Green Lantern actually Peter Sarsgaard in his Hector Hammond makeup? I certainly hope so. Otherwise, it means that years of nepotistic hiring practices within the carpenters union have finally resulted in inbreeding.If the film is faithful to the comic, Sargaard's brain will stretch and grow when exposed to radiaton from a mysterious meteorite. The side effects grant him high intelligence, psionic abilities, and immortality (large, distracting hat sold separately.).Whether this is Sarsgaard or not, we need to kill this thing with fire just to be safe. If it's skilled with a hammer, we're all dead already. We just don't know it yet. (Gordon and the Whale)

‘Just Wright’ Actress Paula Patton

Monday, May 10 by

Paula Patton plays the victim in Denzel Washington’s murder case in the film Déjà Vu.  But she’s also not the victim because she’s still alive.  Listen, I don’t have time to explain the whole space-time continuum thing right now.  Go read Stephen Hawking after you ogle Paula.A word from Paula: "Well you always joke. There’s that countdown to the sex scene. Like, 'Okay, five days until sex scene. No more carbs."I totally agree. Okay, one hour until sex scene. Finish your burrito.Check out more pics of carb-less Paula after the jump.

SJ Contest: Win ‘Daybreakers’ on Blu Ray or DVD!

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Daybreakers is available on Blu Ray and DVD tomorrow, and Screen Junkies is giving away 5 copies! In the film, Ethan Hawke plays a vampire scientist working on a substitute for human blood before the last drop is drained from the remaining humans. Sam Neill has glowing amber eyes and Willem Dafoe wields a crossbow. What more do you want?!All you have to do is post on the SJ Facebook fan page the funniest caption you can muster to accompany the still frame above.If you're not already awesome and a fan of Screen Junkies on Facebook then become one, post a caption, and you'll be entered to win. Click HERE to be whisked away to our Facebook page.Contest ends Wednesday at midnight and the winner will be announced via Facebook, Twitter and on the site.You can enter as many times as you like. Captions smeared in blood won't be accepted. Use your keyboards, people. 

Betty White’s Muffin Is ‘SNL’ Ratings Gold

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"Saturday Night Live" is officially a hit again thanks to Betty White and her whore mouth. The Facebook-supported, hood-approved actress officially rocked it and helped the show score its highest ratings since a pre-election November 2008 episode.Many of the episode's sketches coasted by on the "Grandma says naughty words" schtick of which White is clearly a master. In fact, her muffin sketch is all anyone is talking about today as cubicles everywhere tune into "SNL" via Hulu. I hope I don't get caught by the boss but whatever. It wouldn't be the first time I was fired because of an old woman's vagina. (Reuters)

Andy Rooney Is Out of Touch

Monday, May 10 by

Andy Rooney went on "60 Minutes" last night and basically explained that he’s old as he decomposed in front of us. He doesn’t understand your Lady Gagas and your Ushers….

Jimmy Kimmel Will Air ‘Lost’ Alternate Endings

Monday, May 10 by

"Those mozzarella sticks had better be piping hot when they finally get here, or I'll pitch a real bitch-fit."In order to keep a tight lid on the secret series finale, "Lost" producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse filmed four endings for the puzzling series. Viewers who can't wait for the DVD bonus features, won't have to wait long to see them. In fact, they'll be shown about a half an hour after the credits roll and everyone has had sufficient time to shout, "Aww, what the fuh?!!!"The brass-balled Jimmy Kimmel will air the alternate endings exclusively on his "Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost" after the super-sized episode, with the "Lost" cast joining him in-studio. No need to stay up so late though. I've actually been tipped off to the alternate conclusions. They play out as follows:The first alternate ending has Jack returning to the mainland to find that a statue of Ben now sits in the Lincoln Memorial.Much like "The Sopranos," "Lost" will also end with a song by Journey. In this instance, "Anyway You Want It" blasts over the victory party scene after Lapidus exclaims, "We're all gonna get laid!!!"Finally, it comes to light that Hurley did actually fart that time in the van with Miles and the corpse. With a man his size eating all that undercooked boar's meat, it just makes sense that a few would slip out from time to time.(/Film)

‘Iron Man 3′ Villain: The Mandarin

Monday, May 10 by

Iron Man 2 has been in theaters for less than a week, but that didn't stop director Jon Favreau from speculating on the villain for Iron Man 3. And if Favreau has his way, Tony Stark will be taking on The Mandarin in the next installment of the popular franchise. "You've got to do The Mandarin", says the director, who has been teasing this in the films already with tiny references to the Ten Ring organization, "but the problem is, the way he's depicted in the comic books… you don't want to see that." The "problem" Favreau is referring to is the fact that the character, an evil descendant of Genghis Khan, has been criticized for being nothing more than a negative Asian stereotype. However, I have no doubt that Hollywood can work around this problem, changing the The Mandarin to a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant businessman hellbent on oppressing minorities and destroying the environment, while still maintaining the essence of the character. However, since Tony Stark is set to appear in the upcoming Avengers film, work on Iron Man 3 will have to wait until at least 2012. And if my sources inside the government are correct, by that time Hollywood will have already been destroyed in a limited nuclear exchange with the Chinese, making concern about The Mandarin a moot point. (Empire)

NBC’s ‘Outsourced’ = ‘The Office’ In India

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Do you like "The Office"? Do you like Indians (if you are Indian, please disregard)? Then you're gonna love the new sitcom, "Outsourced," which premieres on NBC this fall.Based on the 2006 romantic comedy by the same name, the show follows the exploits of an American manager, played by Ben Rappaport, who is put in charge of a recently outsourced call center in India. According to Deadline Hollywood, the show is billed as “the Midwest meets the exotic East in a hilarious culture clash.”Wait, someone from the Midwest traveling abroad? Outrageous!I haven't been this psyched about a fish-out-of-water cultural comedy since a certain street-smart jive-talking American teamed up with a lovable Engrish-speaking Asian to bring down an international conspiracy. Of course, I'm taking about Brett Ratner's The Killing Fields.

Darth Vader’s Voice Now Available for TomTom GPS Systems

Sunday, May 9 by

Thirty-five years ago, this article's headline would have made absolutely no sense. Today, it has the power to send millions of nerds into a frenzy. TomTom has released a Darth Vader voice for their GPS system (a.k.a. nav computer). For just $13, the Sith Lord can guide you anywhere you need to go. Unfortunately, most Star Wars fans already know the way to their parents' basement, so the application is virtually useless. In addition to Vader, the voices of C-3PO, Yoda, and Han Solo are all slated to be released this summer. That's all fine and good, but I long for the day when I can type my address into my TomTom and hear the soothing voice of Jar Jar Binks tell me, "Wessa Goin' Home!" (Collider) Check out Darth Vader's TomTom recording session after the jump.