New ‘Inception’ Trailer Blurs the Line Between Dreams and Reality

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A new trailer for Inception has star-wiped its way online, and features a lot of new footage. We also get a look at each of the characters (including Marion Cotillard's mysterious Mal), and see a bit more about what the hell this movie is about. From this trailer it looks like Mission: Impossible set amongst the perceived reality created by stochastic neurons. Except there's no Ving Rhames. Which is dumb. Usually the only way I know that I'm dreaming is when Ving Rhames appears. But whatever, I trust Christopher Nolan. I'm just disappointed there doesn't seem to be a scene where Ellen Page dreams she showed up for work in the nude. Missed opportunity right there. VIEW THE TRAILER AND BEND YOUR MIND AFTER THE JUMP…

‘Zombieland’ Director Finds ‘Babe in the Woods’

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Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer is having the kind of year all film school graduates dream about and then usually never experience. He's already onto directing his next project 30 Minutes of Less with Danny McBride as a pizza deliveryman, and now he's signed on to helm Babe in the Woods.The Mike White-scripted comedy is about "a female freshman who arrives at Yale and is targeted by the New Jersey mob." See the title, it's a pun. In this case the "Babe" means "hot college ass," not "pig." The exact reason why the babe is targeted by the New Jersey mob is unknown, but if I had to guess, she probably witnesses the mob hit of a boy she befriends in the beginning of the first act. And if I get that right on the nose, Columbia Pictures owes me an Edible Arrangement. Chocolate-dipped pineapple, please. (Deadline)

Keith Allen Hayes Joins ‘The Walking Dead’

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Mmmm…. close enough.Keith Allen Hayes is the latest to be cast in Frank Darabont's television adaptation of The Walking Dead in an unspecified role. It's speculated that he'll play Tyreese, the pro football player with a penchant for caving in zombie brains, who joins the survivors outside of Atlanta. Though I can see the resemblance, we're not even certain that the Tyreese character will be introduced in this first six-episode season, as he doesn't appear in the books until issue seven.I think it's far more likely that he'll play the role of Morgan Jones, the first (living) person Rick encounters after waking from his coma. But that's just me. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to run some errands before the neighborhood bullies get out of school. (Dread Central)

Robert Pattinson’s Grim Future

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This Twilight Saga fortune is most unsettling. Cedric Diggory was destined to become Edward Cullen.

They Found Some Kid to Star in the ‘Footloose’ Remake

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The cast for the Footloose remake has finally been set. Yaaaaay… Julianne Hough is already on board to play the girl, and Dennis Quaid is playing John Lithgow's role of Strict Preacher Father. But I'm guessing you want to know who's filling Kevin Bacon's fancy shoes?It's Kenny Wormwald! You probably remember him from the MTV series "Dancelife" and the film Center Stage: Turn it Up, the sequel to Center Stage. He  can dance, and the film's director, Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow), must also think he can act. Why else would be turn down Zac Efron and Chase Crawford for an unknown? Oh and some kid named Miles Teller is playing the Chris Penn friend to Bacon role.Listen, all of this is moot unless Kenny Loggins comes out of hiding and records a new song for the soundtrack. Or Kanye just remixes the original "Footloose" pop sensation. Imagine what Strict Preacher Father would think if all the kids were listening to black people music. Getting crunk is forbidden in his little town.


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DIRECTOR: Craig BrewerCAST: Kenny Wormald; Julianne Hough; Dennis Quaid; Miles TellerSYNOPSIS: A city boy comes to a small town (not in Afghanistan) where rock music and dancing have been banned.

‘Knight and Day’ Actress Maggie Grace

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Maggie Grace shows off her blonde sexy curls and fit body wherever she goes, either as a kidnapped teenager in Taken or a tough heroine in "Lost." She can next be seen in Knight and Day, but blink and you'll miss her performance as Cameron Diaz's matrimonial-bound sister. She'll be coming to Dwyane Johnson's rescue in this fall's Faster, where her smoking hot legs will be put to good action use.A word from Maggie: "High heels can be sexy. But before you leave the house, make sure you can walk in them. I've made that mistake."Must…resist…every temptation…to make a joke…about how blondes…can't walk…and doing anything else…at the same time… Check out more of a very balanced Maggie after the jump.

‘Transformers 3′ Set Pics

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Michael Bay is currently shooting Transformers 3 in Playa Vista, CA, and Just Jared managed to snag some pictures from the set. Let me set the scene so that you may fully understand the gravitas behind the stills. Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Tyrese Gibson are being chased by an evil Decepticon who tips over a building. Oh the subtext! The building is clearly a metaphor for the Decepticon's abusive father. I smell an Oscar. **Places lid on trashcan stuffed with a decomposing grouch**Check out the pics after the jump…

Kristen Bell Brakes For ‘Whales’

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Kristen Bell is floating around the negotiations table of the upcoming romantic comedy, Whales. Directed by Ken Kwapis, it stars Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski as an activist and reporter who team up with the Russkies to free three whales trapped beneath ice in the Artic Ocean.Bell's character is an ambitious reporter "who thinks her greatest assets are her looks." I can't argue with her there. Those are some great looks, but I feel ya, honey. People think it's easy to report on Captain America casting and Hobbit rumors while maintaining these ruggedly handsome features. It's not. You all forget that there's a dude attached to these snarky rants and shoddily-Photoshopped images of Michael Bay. A handsome, handsome dude. **rubs face against mirror like a parakeet** (THR)

7 Memorable Reunion Movies

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In Grown Ups, a group of childhood friends get back together as adults for a 4th of July weekend of misbehaver and fun. Most members of movie reunions are bound together by death, marriage, and the inevitable high school get-together. The films contain performances by then little or unknown actors and give us soundtracks of a generation. Like an old LP record played over and over again, the premises might wear thin over time but still get stuck in our heads. Here are your the top 7 cinematic reunions in honor of Return of Secaucus 7, the film that started it all for seminal reunion flicks.THE BIG CHILL

Adam McKay Is Playing With ‘The Boys’

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Is the world ready to see John C. Reilly in spandex? The Other Guys director Adam McKay is reported to be in talks to direct an adaptation of the über-violent Garth Ennis comic, The Boys. The comic follows a secret CIA team that monitors and punishes hard partying, out-of-control superheroes.McKay is a strange pick for this dark and gruesome material, so I would expect him to add a comedic element that makes the film more family-friendly. Like Will Ferrell running around naked except for a Superman cape. He can study my neighbor's kid for the role. Seriously, though. Put some pants on that kid. He's six. (EW)

Strange Days Indeed: ‘Dr. Strange’ Headed to the Big Screen

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Strange days indeed. Most peculiar, momma. It looks like Dr. Strange is headed to the big screen. Marvel Studios has announced plans for a full length film based on the character, and has hired Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to work on the screenplay.The pair were also behind the script for the upcoming Conan film. However, Dr. Strange should prove to be a much more interesting character to write about since, unlike Conan, he talks. (Latino Review)

This Shirtless ‘Conan’ Pic is Confusing On Multiple Levels

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Put a shirt on! You're making me uncomfortable!The first official picture for the upcoming Conan movie has me confused on multiple levels.When I heard there was a shirtless Conan picture on the Internet, I assumed it was Conan O'Brien, so I got ready to laugh. But when I clicked the link and was confronted with the raw animal magnetism that is a shirtless Jason Momoa, something deep inside me was stirred. It was something I hadn't felt since high school gym class, specifically the time I was partnered up with all-state wrestler Tim Nelson for weightlifting. The muscles, the grunting, the squatting: it was all too much for me to bear and I passed out.After staring at the Conan picture for five-minutes straight, I felt the same confusing feelings welling up inside me, and once again I passed out. But this time, instead of waking up to find myself duct taped to a flagpole, I awoke in a hospital bed. Turns out I'm an epileptic, and glistening male biceps trigger my seizures.After the doctor explained, I couldn't help but laugh, at least until the pain set in. Unfortunately, I chewed off my tongue during the seizure.True Story. Thanks, Jason Momoa. You ruined my life. (Film School Rejects)

‘The Green Hornet’ Trailer Has Hollywood a Buzz (Sorry)

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Sorry, I'm addicted to onamonapia and bad puns.The official trailer for The Green Hornet is out, which is more than I can say for a certain New England Patriots' quarterback (all your supermodel and hot-actress baby mommas don't fool me, Tomás).In the film, the protagonist, Britt Reid (Seth Rogan), is a millionaire playboy who is forced to give up his hard-partying ways in order to fight crime. If that sounds familiar, it's probably because it's the same plot as Iron Man, Batman and every other superhero movie you've ever seen. But in a twist reminiscent of my high school chemistry class, Reid lets his Asian friend Kato (Jay Chou) do all the hard work, and basically just goes along for the ride.It's not a stereotype if it really happened.Watch The Green Hornet take credit for Kato's hard work after the jump.

‘Star Trek’ + Ke$ha

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It's off-putting how harmoniously "Star Trek" and Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" sync together. Stop doing these things, Internet! Stop it now!Try not to hum along as you peruse these links.5 'Futurama' Characters That Should Get Their Own Spin-Off (TVSquad) Giant 31-Inch Mustache Wins U.S. Title (Asylum) Oh Sookie! Anna Paquin And Her Sexuality (PopEater) Steven Segal Beats Up A Mannequin (FilmDrunk) MILF Monday: Randi Ingerman (HolyTaco) Alright Arnold, Put That Doll DOWN!!! (Unreality) Ball Kicking Pictures of 'Footballer Wives' (BroBible) Anti-Rape Condom To Be Tested During World Cup (TotalProSports) Ico: Jack White (Maxim) TUF 11 Finale Ends In A Bloody Mess (CagePotato) Robert Pattinson Turns His Back On Twilight Fans (CelebJihad) Two-Sentence Movie Reviews: Toy Story & More (Smosh) Michael Shannon: A Little Bit Dirty, A Little Bit Pretty Too (Pajiba) Barats & Bereta Edition (Atom) Sustainable Style (MadeMan)