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Directors: Todd Strauss-SchulsonCast: John Cho, Kal Penn, Patton Oswalt, Thomas LennonSynopsis: The dynamic cannabis-loving duo get involved in a Christmas adventure.

Shyamalan’s Got A Secret Script For Willis, Paltrow, and Cooper

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"Now you put your fingers between my fingers…"Believe it or not, M. Night Shyamalan has a secret film project in the works that's so revolutionary it would kill you if you knew anything about it. Literally (probably not literally). It's reported today that Shyamalan is attempting to drum up funding for a new project before his latest starts air-bending in theaters on July 1st. It's also said that his muse Bruce Willis, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Bradley Cooper are attached to the mystery project.No details are known about it at this time (because it would kill you). In fact, the project is so hush-hush that only a few executives have read it while under the supervision of Shyamalan's assistant, which must have been awkward. If it was anything like his recent slate of masterworks, the execs probably skeptically rolled their eyes upon finishing and exclaimed, "GAAAYYY!!!!" (THR)

Seth Rogen Blows Sh*t Up In First Official Look at ‘The Green Hornet’

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Though the trailer isn't set to premiere until tonight, we've got a duo of official photos from Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet. The photos show a slimmed-down Seth Rogen as the Hornet and Jay Chou's Kato in action. In the first, we see the boys running away from a massive explosion in full action hero mode. In the second, we see Kato with his gun trained at someone in what looks like a Benihana restaurant. A word to the wise, you throw broccoli at Jay Chou's face, you risk losing your face.What's missing is Gondry's trademark loopy art direction. I don't see yarn or cardboard in either of these. There's not even any macaroni art. Somebody had better swede this movie immediately.SEE SETH ROGEN: ACTION STAR AFTER THE JUMP…

‘True Blood’ Recap: Beautifully Broken S3E2

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Previously on "True Blood," Sookie and Jess (who just murdered a truck driver) were looking for Bill, Sam was looking for his birth parents, Eric was looking to unload all his V, Jason was looking into his soul after murdering Eggs, and Bill was looking to get medieval on some werewolves (but not the cool kind). And that's about it. Onto this week's episode, "Beautifully Broken."The episode opens with Bill having already kicked the asses of all the werewolves (for the most part). Seems as though you don't even have to use silver to kill these werewolves. And they can change back-and-forth at will. So I'm not even sure why they're werewolves. MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

Review: ‘Knight and Day’

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Knight and Day PG-13, 109min.,2010 Cast: Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgard, Viola Davis, and Paul Dano Directed by James Mangold Screenplay by Patrick O'Neill   Knight and Day evaporates from the mind like most summer action flicks once the end credits roll.   Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star as Miller, the reflex quick spy, and June, the tough but at times ditsy blonde – two roles they both can do in their sleep at this point. Miller and June are involved in a worldwide espionage plot that they find way over their heads, giving excuse for over the top car case sequences and fireball explosions that will come in the next 2 hours. With them filling script flaws with pseudo-action chemistry and the occasional information of character story and plot connection, action comedy has never looked this boring.MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

‘Mad Men’ Season 4 Poster

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The poster for "Mad Man" season 4 has hit, and it's clear that Don Draper needs a chair. If these are his new office digs for the new agency then I have to say kudos. With that view he can probably see so many people having sex in adjacent apartment complexes.In this new season, Don's getting a divorce from Betty and starting his own company at the same time. Someone get this eligible bachelor on a 60s gameshow, stat. He could impregnate an entire female audience with one smoldering glance.Season 4 of "Mad Men" premieres July 25 on AMC. (Ausiello)

‘Persons Unknown’ Actress Lola Glaudini

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Lola Glaudini is your friendly neighbor police/federal agent actress, either tracking down sociopaths in "Criminal Minds" or taking on the mob in "The Sopranos." With this summer's TV series "Persons Unknown," she gets another chance to show off her talents (and legs) as Kat, one of several mysterious people trapped in a ghost town.A word from Lola:"All the patterns are based off real patterns."Kind of like how these snozzberries taste like snozzberries… Very interesting. That's fine detective work, Glau Glau.Track down more pics of Lola after the jump.

A Moment of Eloquence With Denis Leary

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A Moment of Eloquence With Denis Leary – Watch more Funny Videos Denis Leary is known for his potty mouth, and his show "Rescue Me" on FX about New York City firefighters is the perfect forum for his tirades. The above montage exemplifies the eloquence of the program, stringing together the terms c*ck, balls, tits, bl*w jobs, and balls again in a profound fashion. If Shakespeare was around to witness this evolution, I'm pretty sure he'd throw up in his mouth. And Leary would give him sh*t for it. Laugh your balls off when the sixth season of "Rescue Me" premieres next Tuesday June 29th on FX at 10PM/9C.

Kubrick vs. Scorsese Mashup

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Leandro Braga, the man behind the Tarantino vs. Coen Brothers Mashup, is at it again, now pitting Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese against one another. This visual feast for the eyes and brains and hearts took 25 days to complete and is comprised of footage from 34 of the directors' films. My favorite part is 2:25 in when Joe Pesci and Peter Sellers have a "funny" exchange. Good thing Pesci's not in stabbing distance.

Warner Bros. Drops Coin For ‘Ready Player One’

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Strange news this morning that there has been a Fanboys-related success story. The film's writer, Ernie Cline, received six-figures last week for his novel "Ready Player One." Now, just a few days later, he's stacked up another six-figures of sweet, sweet Warner Bros. bucks in exchange for the film rights.Ready Player One tells the story of a teen who competes in a virtual treasure hunt after the creator of an immersive online world passes away and leaves his fortune as the grand prize. It's said to be a mix of Avatar, The Matrix, and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. So expect hair-sex, gun-play, and obese children. In other words, it's like one of Andy Dick's pool parties. (Variety)

Marielle Jaffe and Anthony Anderson Join ‘Scream 4′

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Scream 4's cast continues to grow with the news that Anthony Anderson and Marielle Jaffe have signed on to be chased around with a knife. Anderson has some experience with scary movies having showed up for a paycheck in Urban Legends: Final Cut, Scary Movie 3, and Scary Movie 4, but Jaffe is new to the genre. And most genres. The model turned actress turned my new obsession has only two film credits to her name — Percy Jackson and the upcoming Locked Away.It's not yet confirmed which characters they will play, but it's believed Jaffe will portray a sexy teen while Anderson will fill the part of Black Guy Who Shout-Speaks How Black Characters In Horror Films Behave. Though in all fairness, if you watch this movie in Times Square, the guy sitting behind you will do the same thing. (EW)

‘Elvira’s Movie Macabre’ Returns to Television

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Do you like horror films? Do you like 80's Nostalgia? Do you like big boobs?If you answered yes to any of these questions, good news: "Elvira's Movie Macabre" is returning to the small screen. Everyone's favorite large-chested lady-ghoul is back, and will once again begin hosting her weekly horror program this fall.The show, which began in 1981, was a blatant "Vampira" knock off. But because Elvira, played by Cassandra Peterson, showed such wonderful cleavage, no one seemed to mind. Here's hoping that legend about vampires aging slowly is true, because those same cleavage shots won't be so wonderful if they stretch all the way to her kneecaps. (Dread Central)

‘Predators’ Trailer Hits the Airwaves

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We have to use a camcorder on our own TVs? Did we lose a friggen war, or something?A television spot for Predators has hit the airwaves, and if you're in to poorly dubbed video segments recorded with a camcorder, then we've got the clip for you!The spot, which is airing on Spike, features decloaking Predators, strange, four-legged animals, and a giant, hook-nosed bird-creature played by Adrian Brody. He must have spent hours in the makeup chair to look that menacing. (Dead Central)See the new Predators TV trailer after the jump.

DreamWorks Releases Promotional Image for ‘Puss in Boots’

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DreamWorks has released the first promotional still for Puss in Boots, the planned spin-off/prequel of the Shrek films. The studio also unveiled a new website for the film, which is scheduled for release in November of 2011.In the film, Antonio Banderas reprises his role as Puss, the smooth-talking cat adventurer. He is joined by Zach Galifianakis, who will play Humpty Dumpty, and Salma Hayek, who will play Kitty, a street-savvy cat with eight enormous, tan-colored breasts, each more beautiful than the last. (Collider)

‘Hey There Keanu’ – A ‘Sad Keanu’ Reeves Compilation Video

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The "Sad Keanu" meme has taken the Internet by storm. But who has time to sift through the thousands of pics of sad Keanu Reeves to find the real gems?Thanks to Screen Junkies (and whoever made this video), you don't have to! Now you can sit back, relax and watch the best of the "Sad Keanu" goodness come to you, all while listening to a parody of a the Plain White Ts "Hey There Delilah." What an age we live in!Enjoy "Hey There Keanu," the "Sad Keanu" meme compilation video, after the jump.