Nicolas Cage, Neveldine/Taylor On Board for ‘Ghost Rider 2′

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For those of you who have been praying for another Ghostbusters sequel, you obviously need to pray more clearly. Unfortunately, it seems god misunderstood your pleas, and has mistakenly provided you with another Ghost Rider sequel. This is assuming that Nicolas Cage is telling the truth, and not simply tripping balls on shrooms he took with his cat. On tonight’s episode of "The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson", Cage revealed he had just signed the deal to return to star in Ghost Rider 2.  The actor also confirmed that Neveldine/Taylor (Crank) will direct. I’ve been told to be more positive when I write, so here goes nothing. Considering the original Ghost Rider has a 25% favorable rating at Rotten Tomatoes, the sequel has nowhere to go but up. That wasn’t so hard! (Collider)

Aaron Sorkin to Direct Movie About A–hole John Edwards

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I hope you like movies about assholes, because Aaron Sorkin is working on one. The famed writer will make his directorial début with The Politician, a film about John Edwards, arguably one of the greatest assholes in American history. The film will chronicle Edwards' meteoric rise as a politician, and his hilarious fall from grace. I can't wait to see the part where Edwards cheats on his cancer ridden wife and accidentally knocks up his idiot, new-age mistress. That part always makes me chuckle. (Empire)

Can You Repeat That, Mr. Wayne?

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Well someone's certainly got a potty mouth.

Hot Chicks Reenact ‘Predator’

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More ‘Green Lantern’ Pics

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In case you're too poor to buy or too chicken to steal this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring Green Lantern photos, I've got five more of them here for you. I gave you the cover this morning, but you just don't let up. Question: If Peter Sarsgaard had a five-head before donning the Hector Hammond prosthetic, then what do you call his new look? You call it a missed opportunity to show more pics of Blake Lively. I'm totally digging her as a brunette. Unhand her, Ryan Reynolds! Blake's mole belongs to me now!Check out the scanned images (because SOMEONE doesn't have an issue breaking the law) after the jump…

BREAKING: ‘Transformers 3′ Has an Opening Scene

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**SPOILER ALERT** The crackpot team of Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay have done it again. They've come up with a beginning for their movie. All good filmmakers know a film needs a beginning, and Transformers 3 will be no exception. I don't want to ruin it for those who didn't lose interest in the franchise after Bay introduced racist robots, so I'll just say upfront that it involves the moon, which we already knew. It does not, however, involve E.T., which my hilariously misleading above picture suggests. That's photoshopped, by the way.If you want to ruin the opening scene of Transformers 3 for yourself, check out CHUD's scoop after the jump…

Jennifer Lawrence Is Mystique In ‘X-Men: First Class’

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What the hell is she holding?Early reports that Amber Heard would play Mystique in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class were sexy… but wrong. That role is actually going to Winter's Bone star Jennifer Lawrence. The rising star will be coated in blue bodypaint to play the shapeshifter after she wraps the horror film The House at the End of the Street.With this announcement, also comes the news that Kevin Bacon will in fact play the film's villian. Which means, if you see him beating up any schoolchildren in England in the next few months, just keep walking. Just making a movie. Nothing to see there. (THR)

‘Dark Shadows’ Moving Forward: Tim Burton Fits Johnny Depp For Vampire Teeth

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Depp and Burton are the next Sad Keanus.The days of nobody knowing what the hell Tim Burton is directing next have come to an end. Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp (and probably Helena Bonham Carter) will be inked in next to sketches of mawkish bats in the director's day planner. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter author Seth Grahame-Smith is taking over scripting duties from long-time Burton collaborater John August, to adapt the spooky 1960's soap opera. Filming begins in February with Johnny Depp playing the vampire Barnabas Collins. We'll keep you updated on which goofy wig he'll end up in this time. (Deadline)

Tim Burton Fits Johnny Depp For Vampire Teeth

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Depp and Burton are the next Sad Keanus.

Nick Kroll as Fabrice Fabrice Interviews Steve Carell

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Fabrice Fabrice Interviews Steve Carell from Steve CarellNick Kroll is one funny motherf*cker. You may best know him as Bobby Bottleservice from the Ed Hardy Boyz Funny or Die videos, or Ruxin on FX's "The League," but he's also an amazing stand-up comedian with several characters in his repertoire.Fabrice Fabrice is Nick's extremely flamboyant, homosexual alter ego who dabbles in craft services. Fabrice Fabrice caught up with Dinner for Schmucks star Steve Carell at one of his snack tables and asked him a few professional and rather personal questions. It results in rosy cheeks and the improper enjoyment of fresh fruit.

‘Operation Endgame’ Actress Odette Yustman

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 Odette Yusman starred as Schwarzenegger's young student, Rosa, in Kindergarten Cop, where I'm sure she gave him a lot of grief. A few modeling and odd jobs later, she landed the lead role, that wasn't the monster, in Cloverfield. You can now catch her kicking some serious ass in Operation: Endgame alongside Zach Galifianakis. A word from Odette: "I can now say I have mastered the scream. I should probably stick that on my resumé."Put the kibosh on that idea. The addition of my screaming skills to the ol' resy has done me no favors in the job market. More pics of Odette out of kindergarten after the jump.

‘The Social Network’ Trailer Delivers Drama and Radiohead

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Someone's been watching 'A Beautiful Mind' in their dorm room. The first official full length trailer for David Fincher's The Social Network has dropped, and it is wow. I was a little skeptical after seeing the first and second teaser, but I apologize for doubting the project and may the shadow demons from Ghost have mercy on my soul. The trailer is constructed beautifully. Fincher must have been keeping a choir rendition of Radiohead's "Creep" in his back pocket for years. The song just wouldn't work when synced with Brad Pitt. Most Radiohead tracks don't. The Social Network friends theaters October 1, 2010. Check out the trailer after the jump…

Full Cast Pic from AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’

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We've got a lot of picture news for you this morning so you don't have to process words. Here's a group snapshot of the cast from AMC's The Walking Dead. If that isn't a ragtag crew of zombie ass-kickers, than I don't know what is. The little boy looks confused, but maybe some zombie taped a clever sign to Rick Grimes's back. They're natural pranksters.Here's an image from The Walking Dead graphic novel:Looks similar, right? Zombies and people. What more do you want?! The cast pic comes from the invite to the Comic-Con The Walking Dead party that I failed to receive. I'm sure it's in the mail though. You know how the mail is sometimes… **Wipes single tear from clown-make-uped cheek** (io9)

First Look At Ryan Reynolds As ‘Green Lantern’

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EW has just turned doctors' waiting rooms into Geek Heaven by adorning their cover with the first picture of Ryan Reynolds suited up as Green Lantern (and apparently there's a New Buffy as well).As previously discussed in comic shops and secondhand Toyotas, the Lantern's suit is 100% computer-generated. Much like the girlfriend you met online but have never seen face-to-face because of her numerous modeling commitments. Do you guys like it? To me, it looks a little too Photoshop-y. To illustrate that point, I present Exhibit B.Not that far off, right?

How to Write a Bromance

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You may cringe at the term ‘bromance’, but if someone asks if you like bromance movies, you will absolutely say yes. Quite unlike romantic comedies — which focus on the…