M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Devil’ Trailer Doesn’t Look Half Bad

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Eat your heart out, Inception! Devil, a new film written by M. Night Shyamalan, doesn't look half bad. In fact, after viewing the trailer below, I think I actually want to see it. But then again, that's why Shyamalan is considered a master. He has the uncanny ability to take a film with an interesting premise and bankable stars and turn it into a steaming pile of dog poo. "The first released under “The Night Chronicles” banner, Devil is directed by Quarantine helmers the Dowdle Bros from a story by M. Night Shyamalan and script by Brian Nelson. The story reported involves a group of people who are trapped in an elevator, and one of them is the devil." That reminds me of the time I left my brother tied up in the desert all alone because he was possessed by the devil. He kept insisting that he was fine and that I was being paranoid. But that's what the devil does! He makes you doubt yourself. At any rate, a memorial service for my brother will be held this Friday at 1 p.m. Email me for more details. (/Film)See the trailer for Devil after the jump.


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Director:  Drew Dowdle and John Erick DowdleCast: Chris Messina, Geoffrey Arend, Bokeem Woodbine, Caroline DhavernasSynopsis: A group of people trapped in a elevator realize that the devil is among them. Based upon a story by M. Night Shyamalan.Release: September 17, 2010

Zach Galifianakis Dominates the ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’ Trailer

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Focus Features has released the trailer for It's Kind of a Funny Story. In perfect casting, Zach Galifiankis plays a mental patient who helps a clinically depressed teenager (Keir Gilchrist) get a fresh start after checking into a psychiatric ward. Basically it's the self-committal version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Emma Roberts, Lauren Graham, and Viola Davis also star. The film is directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, the team behind the utterly depressing (in a powerful way) Half Nelson. It's nice to see they're taking on lighter material, like people with mental disorders instead of heroin addictions. Galifianakis could portray both afflications equally well. It's Kind of a Funny Story checks into theaters September 24, 2010. Check out the trailer after the jump…

It’s Kind of a Funny Story

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Director: Ryan Fleck and Anna BodenCast: Zach Galifianakis, Emma Roberts, Keir Gilchrist, Viola Davis, Jim Gaffigan, and Lauren GrahamSynopsis: A clinically depressed teenager gets a new start after he checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward. Based on the young-adult novel by Ned Vizzini.Release Date: September 24, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Licks a Gun in ‘Machete’ Poster

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Lindsay Lohan may be a cracked-out, bankrupt, crazy, ankle-bracelet-wearing criminal that I have absolutely no more interest in fantasizing about…but this Machete poster is still pretty hot. (BuzzFeed)Make amends with these links.Is Daniel Tosh The New Face Of Comedy Central? (TVSquad)Best Mel Gibson Rant Remixes And Parodies (Asylum)Total BS Profile Of Christina Milian (HolyTaco)Al Pacino Sells Out And Does His First Commerical (FilmDrunk)From Geek To Gangster (Maxim)KMarko Can Kick It With Me Anyday (BarStoolSports)10 Greatest Graphic Novels (Besides 'Watchmen') (EgoTV)Talking Book: Remembering Harvey Pekar (Pajiba)In A Bleak Summer Film Season, Predators Is Actually Worth It (Unreality)Sara Carbonero Is Spain's Hottest Sports Reporter (TotalProSports)20 Odd Jesus Sightings (Smosh)Making August Hotter With Pictures Of Francesca Frigo (BroBible)Roman Polanski To Direct 'Twilight' Prequel (CelebJihad)MMA's Weird-Stomach-Tattoo Hall Of Fame (CagePotato)What Lindsay Can Learn From Lil Wayne In Prison (PopEater)Barefoot Bandit Pleads Gulity In Bahamas (MadeMan)

One of Several ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’ Featurettes to Come

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Universal released the first of what director Edgar Wright tweeted would be seven Scott Pilgrim vs The World featurettes. This one nicely eases you into the series by focusing on the world of Scott Pilgrim through insight by Wright, Michael Cera, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I personally don't want to watch anymore clips about the film because I'd like to still be surprised when I actually see the film. Regardless, the new footage got me even more jazzed, so I guess it was worth it. You win this time, studio marketing division. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World POWS! into theaters August 13. Check out the featurette after the jump…

Disney Calls In Pixar and Brad Bird To Beef Up ‘Tron Legacy’

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"Ummm, Brad? You're in the shot."What do you do when your movie about guys sucked into a computer lacks character and believability? You throw it to the wizards at Pixar. If they can turn a trash compactor into one of the most endearing characters in modern film history, they're certainly up to the task of making Garrett Hedlund seem like more than an angular haircut. That was Disney's line of thinking when they invited a core group of Pixar's finest to polish up the script for Tron Legacy before it went into six days of reshoots.Brad Bird and Toy Story 3's Michael Arndt worked together with original scribes Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz to do what Pixar does best. No, not wear sneakers to work. They were brought in to beef up the character, emotion, and theme. Sounds awesome. Now send them over to Seltzer and Friedberg's offices. I want my Kardashian jokes to effect me on an emotional level, dammit. (EW)

Amanda Seyfried Joins Dumbly-Titled ‘I’m.mortal’

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Closer. Closer. They're almost on the glass. Just a little further….Amanda Seyfried has been announced as the first hot, young thing to join the cast of Andrew Niccol's I'm.mortal. The dumbly-titled movie tells the tale of a future society where the aging gene is turned off at 25, thus allowing sexys only, no olds allowed. Hot, young things must then buy and bank units of time so that they may hang on to their looks, or else they die. Much like on "The Hills."Seyfried is slated to play a wealthy, hot, young thing who is taken hostage and must run around and get all sweaty while pursued by a corrupt police force known as  "time keepers." Promise me some slow-motion shots and I'll begin camping out in line for tickets today. That and because I got evicted from the overtipped canoe I've been living in. Stupid co-op board. (Variety)

‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Actress Teresa Palmer

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The blonde Aussie Teresa Palmer is Disney's sexy gift with performances in Bedtime Stories and now this week's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Topher Grace has been lucky enough to truly enjoy her down under charm, and if that turns you off you must seriously hate Topher Grace.A word from Teresa: "I was earning like $100 a week a year ago, so this is money I never expected to earn! But I am trying not to listen to the hype or listen to my own media because you can't go through it like that."How fruggle of her. I agree though. One Bentley is enough when first starting out in the game. Spend the rest on blow. More pics of hot Aussie Teresa after the jump.

Mel Gibson vs. Christian Bale Phone Fight Mashup

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Mel Gibson vs. Christian Bale – Watch more Funny VideosThe audio mashup you've all been waiting for is finally here. The second we all heard Mel Gibson go apesh*t on his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, Christian Bale popped up in the back of our minds ripping the DP on Terminator Salvation a new asshole. Neither you nor I wanted to put them together in one phone conversation because that involves time and effort, so we waited a few days until someone else did it. We should get these two actors in one sealed-off room and they can really battle it out. Place your bets on who's going to end up in a rose garden. Probably Oksana since both Bale and Gibson have no qualms with hitting women. (FilmDrunk)

Casting Round-Up: ‘Fast Five,’ ‘Moneyball,’ and Cox Will ‘Rise’

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It's time once agin to gather round the computin' box and gather some freshly-branded casting news. YAWWWWW!!!!FAST FIVE – will be gaining one Ludacris and one The Rock according to Twitter all-star Tyrese Gibson. “Major shouts to Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, & Dewayne [sic] “Rock” Johnson!! “Fast & Furious Five” Let’s get em again!!” Yes. He misspelled The Rock's name but please keep in mind, he typed this with his ab muscles. Impressed, now? (Collider)RISE OF THE APES – has cast Brian Cox to play a villianous dean general Robert McKee owner of a primate research facility. When reached for comment, James Cromwell said, "Aw, dammit." (/Film)MONEYBALL – "Parks and Recreation" shoeshine man, Chris Pratt, will spend his hiatus from the show portraying a catcher whose hurty elbow leads him to become a batting phenom. Just like Rookie Of the Year (note: nothing like Rookie Of the Year.) (Collider)

Nicolas Cage Tripped On Shrooms with His Cat

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Nicolas Cage was a guest on "Late Show with David Letterman" last night to promote The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and wouldn't you know it, he told a drug story. Back in the day, Cage kept psychedelic mushrooms in his fridge like we keep milk and deli meats. His cat loved the shrooms and would frequently indulge, so Cage often tripped the light fantastic with it. There's more to the story, but I don't want to harsh your mellow. Check the clip out yourself. (TVSquad)

10 Underrated Movie Dream Sequences

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Christopher Nolan’s Inception is released this Friday, and despite the publicity, I could not tell you its plot to save my life. I hear it is about Cobb (Leo Di Caprio) who is able to invade people’s dreams. So, it sounds a lot like the Nightmare on Elm Street series, without the puns. Also, if I am to believe the trailers, most people in the future dream about cities folding up on themselves. If that’s the case, my dreams about becoming a half-cat/half-man driving an ice cream truck should protect me from psyche-criminals. Here are a few of my favorite dream sequences that are generally forgotten about (or undervalued).   

Fund His Next Documentary And Win David Lynch’s Self-Portrait

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I can kind of see it around the eyes.You may listen to the Lost Highway soundtrack on repeat or enjoy Mulholland Drive for reasons beyond Naomi Watts's chest, but you're not a true fan of David Lynch until you have his face printed on your stylish tote bag. And Lynch is giving you the opportunity to do just that. Anyone who donates $50 to the production of his upcoming documentary Lynch Three, can win a limited-edition print of the director's self-portrait on a poster, tote bag, or T-shirt.Onto the self-portrait itself. I'm a little disappointed by it. I know that art is subjective and Lynch has proven himself time and time again in the creative world, but it looks like it belongs on Regretsy. Why isn't this sculpted out of steak, or printed on dead skin? At least tell me the pen he used to draw it was involved in a stabbing. Give me something here. (via Cinema Blend)

Comic-Con Organizers Think Boobs Are Gross, Drop ‘Piranha 3D’ From Lineup

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Stop staring at my chest!Comic-Con attendees hoping to see a topless woman for the first time are in for a real let down. Event organizers have rejected footage from the film Piranha 3D because there were too many boob shots, according to Comic-Con's PR director, David Glanzer. "My understanding is that the footage wasn't all ages appropriate," Glanzer told HitFix. "We don't check ID to get into those meeting rooms, so we don't want something inappropriate." That's all fine and good, but answer me this: at what age is it "appropriate" to sit in on a panel discussion titled A Leap Of Faith, A "Quantum Leap" Retrospective, or Kiss Them or Kill Them? Conflict Management for the Creatures Among Us? Clearly, half the crap at Comic-Con is inappropriate for people of all ages. Why pick on Piranha 3D? (Dread Central)