‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: TS-19 S1E6

Monday, December 6 by

Episode 6 (the series finale), in which our stinky crew raids the CDC liquor cabinet like it’s the last day on Earth, wastes hot water despite orders to the contrary, and more!


Emma Stone No Longer a Ginger Thanks to ‘Spider-Man’

Monday, December 6 by

Stone has ditched her ginger locks for a blond dye job because of her role as Gwen Stacy, Spidey’s first girlfriend.


George Clooney Warms His Pipes For ‘Enron: The Musical’

Monday, December 6 by

Matt Damon had better work on his jazz hands. George Clooney is getting into the musical game. He is attached to direct a film adaptation of the UK stage production, Enron: The Musical, sometime after he wraps Farragut North.


Aliens Trash Our Best Beaches In Second ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Trailer

Sunday, December 5 by

Aaron Eckhart may not get to run around and terrorize Batman again, but at least he gets the chance to defend Coffee Bean from outer space invaders.


Steven John Carell, ’84

Sunday, December 5 by

Perfect casting for the 40-Year-Old Virgin.


Scooby Doo Fail

Sunday, December 5 by



Second Trailer For The To’ Up From Da Flo’ Up ‘Beastly’

Saturday, December 4 by

We’ve covered Beastly before, so I’ll be brief on the plot specifics. A handsome, 25-year old high school student is cursed to look like a Henna-tattooed penis and must break the spell by discovering inner beauty.


Mel Gibson’s All Up In Jodi Foster’s ‘The Beaver’ Trailer

Saturday, December 4 by

The film stars Mel Gibson as a depressed toy executive and family man who uses a beaver puppet to work through emotional pain. It also feels like a creepy apology card.


Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Requiem for a Dream’

Friday, December 3 by

Here are your weekend links.


Check Out ‘Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III’ Clips, Stoners

Friday, December 3 by

In their ongoing pissing contest with ‘Family Guy,’ Seth Green and the ‘Robot Chicken’ gang have created a third Star Wars special as well.


DVD Review: Nip/Tuck

Friday, December 3 by

“Nip/Tuck” was one of my favorite shows. I actually thought the first two seasons were the best television had to offer. So I’m happy to get the Complete Series DVD set. I have a fantasy of one day rewatching the entire series. Maybe when I Am Legend happens and it’s just me holed up with my DVD collection keeping the monsters out.


Review: All Good Things

Friday, December 3 by

For a story about a crime so full of weird details, there is absolutely nothing interesting about All Good Things. It’s just an episode of Unsolved Mysteries only they tricked some really good actors into being in it with the promise of Oscar, but Oscar will not be one of all good things that All Good Things might receive.


Reel Rumble: Is RoboCop More Man or Machine?

Friday, December 3 by

We don’t always agree on the happenings in the entertainment industry and we like to make our beefs public. There’s no denying that RoboCop is part man and part machine, but it’s unlikely that it’s evenly split. Which part dominates his makeup? Fight!


Jay Roach Nominates Ferrell And Galifianakis For Political Comedy

Friday, December 3 by

In an effort to make frat guys care about voting, Jay Roach is hoping to direct Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis in a political comedy about two candidates in time for the 2012 presidential election.


‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Casts Peter’s Parents And A New Villian

Friday, December 3 by

Meet Peter Parker’s parents. Campbell Scott and Julianne Nicholson will play Spidey’s moms and pops in Sony’s reboot.