I Am Number Four

Tuesday, January 11 by

DIRECTOR: DJ Caruso CAST: Alex Pettyfer; Sharlto Copley; Teresa Palmer; Dianna Agron SYNOPSIS: Nine alien teens come to Earth after their planet is destroyed by an enemy species. But soon…


Brendan Fraser Joining A Good Movie?

Tuesday, January 11 by

What news is this? Brendan Fraser has signed on to a potentially good movie? In fact, it is so. George Of The Jungle has joined Neil LaBute’s next film, Seconds Of Pleasure.

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Ogle The 5 Ass-Kicking Ladies of ‘Sucker Punch’

Monday, January 10 by

Zack Snyder’s new movie Sucker Punch is about a girl who’s committed to an insane asylum. Meanwhile, we’re going insane looking at the sexy girls in the ginormous new promo poster!

Charlize Theron Thumbnail

Is Charlize Theron The New ‘Alien’ Queen?

Monday, January 10 by

Charlize Theron may blast off as the lead of the new Alien prequels that Ridley Scott is developing at Fox.

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‘Oldboy’ Director’s New Camera Is His iPhone

Monday, January 10 by

Shooting a film for theaters? Yes, there’s even an app for that.

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Casting News For Michelle Pfeiffer, The Limey on ‘Gossip Girl’

Monday, January 10 by

Pfeiffer catwalks into Welcome To People, while Ed Westwick gossips as J. Edgar Hoover’s biographer.

Paul Blart Mall Cop Thumbnail

‘Paul Blart’ Farts, Does Martial Arts For ‘Click’ Director

Monday, January 10 by

Sony announced that Kevin James, who stars in Oscar bait like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, will re-team with Frank Coraci, his director from 2011′s The Zookeeper, for an MMA movie.


Who’s the Drew Barrymore of ‘Scream 4′?

Monday, January 10 by

Who will get the crank/death call in the prologue this time around?

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Winter’s Bone Helmer to Steal Pippi’s Innocence

Monday, January 10 by

The director of Winter’s Bone, the fun romp about an Ozark girl out to find the corpse of her father is working up a treatment based on the adventures of lovable imp Pippi Longstocking.


Links Away: A Brief History of Product Placement

Monday, January 10 by

No blockbuster is complete without a few blaring examples of lucrative product placement. Oh and for the record, chicks totally dig the Nintendo Power Glove.

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Nostalgia Overload: Apatow May Direct Pee Wee

Monday, January 10 by

According to no less than Pee-Wee himself, Judd Apatow is considering directing his production of Pee-Wee’s untitled next movie.

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Tiny Fey Waits for Admissions

Monday, January 10 by

America’s all-time favorite person, Tina Fey, is in discussions to star in the Paul Weitz film Admission.


Ian McKellen & Andy Serkis Return For ‘The Hobbit’

Monday, January 10 by

Andy Serkis should just live in his mo-cap suit from now on. The actor has agreed to once again put a ring on it to reprise the role of Gollum in The Hobbit.


Goodness Gracious: New Pics Of Olivia Munn In Maxim

Monday, January 10 by

Geeks, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

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John Michael Higgins Locked In ‘Zoo’ With Matt Damon

Monday, January 10 by

Another name (John Michael Higgins)has been added to the all-star cast of We Bought a Zoo, a movie in which a family, after losing their mother, buys a zoo and relocates.