Taylor Lautner Clone Gets His ‘Spider-man’ On

Thursday, December 9 by

Taylor Lautner look-alike and ABC Family regular Chris Zylka has signed up to shove around Peter Parker.


Russell Brand Wants to ‘RentaGhost’

Thursday, December 9 by

This is Brand’s second high-profile remake, with Arthur set to hit theaters next year. This gives me hope for a remake of “The Young Ones” with Brand playing the role of Rick Pratt.


We Got Emma Stone As Gwen Stacy And ‘X-Men: First Class’ Location Pics

Thursday, December 9 by

Today we have some set photos from Spider-Man and X-Men: First Class. And we didn’t even have to visit any sets to get them. Man, we’re never going to get enough SkyMiles for that snazzy tote we’ve had our eye on.


The Human Santapede

Thursday, December 9 by

Somehow makes it a little more jolly.


12 Reasons Dabney Coleman Is the Greatest Actor Of Any Generation

Thursday, December 9 by

Slap on your brain condoms, because you’re about to get mind-f**ked with knowledge about acting great Dabney Coleman.


Amy Adams

Thursday, December 9 by

Just who will Amy Adams be fighting in The Fighter? No one, because girl boxing is lame.


Robot Nutshots Galore In ‘Real Steel’ Teaser Trailer

Thursday, December 9 by

If you haven’t yet had your fill of robots kicking each other’s asses in movies then this Real Steel trailer is going to make you go cuckoo bananas.


Duh Report: Orlando Bloom Likely To Revisit The Shire

Thursday, December 9 by

Peter Jackson already nabbed Cate Blanchett to reprise her role as Galadriel in The Hobbit, and now he’s about to land himself another pretty little elf. Orlando Bloom is in talks to return as the wispy-haired archer Legolas.


Bradley Cooper Whores Himself Out To Big Pharmaceutical

Thursday, December 9 by

In this faux pharmaceutical commercial, Bradley Cooper sells the life-changing drug NZT. The pill makes you sharper, stronger, faster, and smarter and Bradley Cooperier than you ever thought possible.


Martial Arts DVD Prize Pack Winner!

Thursday, December 9 by

And the winner is…


Caption Contest: Win ’24′ Season 8 DVD!

Thursday, December 9 by

To celebrate the release of “24″ Season 8 on Blu-ray and DVD on December 14th, we’re giving away three DVD copies! I dare you to watch the entire season in one sitting.


Jessica Biel And Sofia Vergara Will Loan Their Hotness To ‘New Year’s Eve’

Thursday, December 9 by

Gary Marshall is throwing a bone to the beleaguered boyfriends who will be dragged to see New Year’s Eve. Jessica Biel and Sofia Vergara have joined the ensemble cast.


Links Away: James Franco Tongues James Franco

Wednesday, December 8 by

What does the man who has everything desire most? Himself, apparently. Does this count as art?


‘Transformers 3′ Teaser Trailer Will Open Your Eyes, Man!

Wednesday, December 8 by

The conspiracy is out! The teaser trailer for Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon has landed (puuuuuuunriffic!) We get a nice moody build-up, but the basic gist is astronauts exploring the moon find an alien life form. I have a feeling Shia LaBeouf then comes in and saves the day.


‘Bad Santa’ Duo Reteam for Filthy Buddy Cop Comedy

Wednesday, December 8 by

John Requa and Glen Ficarra, the screenwriters who first broke out in 2003 with the dirty and hilarious Bad Santa, are tossing their hats back in the hard R comedy game with an untitled buddy cop picture they’ve described as a cross between “Lethal Weapon and Bad Santa.”