Downey Jr. To Voice Cartoon Dog, Be Charming

Monday, January 17 by

Robert Downey Jr. has signed on to lend his voice to the bespectacled genius dog Mr. Peabody in ‘Peabody and Sherman’, the CGI big screen adaptation of the beloved animated shorts from “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.”


Duchovny Spills ‘Californication’ Spoilers

Monday, January 17 by

The fourth season of Californication has started on Showtime, with Hank Moody going to trial for sleeping with a minor in the show’s very first episode. Duchovny spoiled some upcoming episodes for the Television Critics Association when asked for his favorite scene.


Jarvis, Prepare The Baby Wipes

Monday, January 17 by

The effects of working too hard and drinking too much scotch.


Arnold Schwarzenegger DOES Want To Act Again After All

Monday, January 17 by

America has been craving another Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ever since his world-changing cameo appearance in The Expendables. And it looks like we will get our wish.


Review: Harry’s Law

Monday, January 17 by

Everything about this pilot was lazy. They actually play “Hit the Road Jack” when Harriet gets fired from the patent office. Really?


Weekend Box Office Report: Really ‘Green Hornet’

Monday, January 17 by

The movie of the weekend (at least as far as box office was concerned) was Michel Gondry’s (or was it actually Seth Rogen’s?) The Green Hornet.


‘Parks and Rec’ Returns With Pawnee’s Evil Twin, And The Wicker Man?

Monday, January 17 by

The show’s return on Jan. 20 is actually long awaited by fans, since it went on hiatus over the summer. This year, get to meet the rival city to Pawnee, IN.


Pastries Watch Out: Jason Biggs Is Coming To TV

Monday, January 17 by

On February 21, lock your pies up in the kitchen because Jason Biggs will be broadcast in your living room. CBS’s new sitcom “Mad Love” stars Biggs as a New York lawyer falling in love.


Sarah Michelle Gellar Snags Two Roles In CBS Pilot

Monday, January 17 by

Sarah Michelle Gellar will be heading back to your television… twice. Granted, both roles are on the same show.


James Franco To Direct James Franco In ‘The Night Stalker’

Monday, January 17 by

Looks like that “General Hospital” stint is going to pay off after all. James Franco will draw upon his famous artist-cum-serial-killer experience this summer when he directs and stars in The Night Stalker.


Pee-wee Herman Has A Drinking Problem

Monday, January 17 by

Bad things always happen when Pee-wee leaves the playhouse.


New Photo: See ‘Captain America’ In Action

Monday, January 17 by

As was done by Delirious-era Eddie Murphy before him, Chris Evans’s Captain America is intent on showing the world how comfortable and mobile a leather bodysuit truly is.


Bruce Willis Confirms Appearance In ‘Expendable(s)’ Sequel

Sunday, January 16 by

The least big, dumb and loud part of the first Expendables movie has confirmed for Access Hollywood that he will be participating in the sequel.


And The Winners Of The Trivial Golden Globe Awards Are…

Sunday, January 16 by

You watched it or you didn’t watch it. Doesn’t matter much either way. The comforting news is The Tourist didn’t go home with anything.


‘Green Hornet’ More Rogen’s Than Gondry’s, Says Gondry

Sunday, January 16 by

The Green Hornet is the number 1 movie this weekend, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is satisfied.