Jason Statham The Mechanic 300

Review: The Mechanic

Wednesday, January 26 by

The characters take it all seriously, but the story just goes wildly over the top for the sake of creating awesome set pieces.


Edgar Allan Poe Is So Hot Right Now

Wednesday, January 26 by

John Cusack won’t be the only one rocking nineteenth century facial hair. ABC has ordered the pilot “Poe,” a series that depicts Edgar Allan Poe as a nineteenth century sleuth. Probably with nice abs.


‘Conan’ Is A Hit, Insists Conan’s Agent and Conan’s Mom

Tuesday, January 25 by

When is a hit show possibly not a hit show? When everyone is DVRing it.


Naomi Watts Greatly Increases Boob Count Of ‘J. Edgar’ Cast

Tuesday, January 25 by

Also increased: the chances for an explicit lesbian sex scene.


3D Is Bad For Your Brain Because Roger Ebert Says So

Tuesday, January 25 by

Critic Roger Ebert sticks his downward thumb right into the audience, saying it’s stupid to pay top dollar for movies designed to give you a headache.


Alec Baldwin May Live Liberal Wet Dream As MSNBC Host

Tuesday, January 25 by

He might be #1 on the list to replace Keith Olbermann. I still think he should stick to selling microwaves.


New Zealand Apologizes To Anna Faris, Will Faris Apologize For ‘Yogi Bear?’

Tuesday, January 25 by

Faris got harassed on the New Zealand set of ‘Yogi Bear,’ and the country said some things it later regretted.

Screen shot 2011-01-25 at 5.57.15 PM

Emile Hirsch In For ‘The Motel Life.’ Next Up: Everyone Else

Tuesday, January 25 by

The first piece of The Motel Life has been identified. That piece would be Emile Hirsch, and what a fine piece he is.


Weep Joyfully At Pixar’s ‘Up’ Recreated Using 1960s Movie Clips

Tuesday, January 25 by

Spencer Tracy plays Carl Fredricksen, complete with giant hipster old person glasses, in this expertly-done recreation of the ‘Up’ trailer story using live action film footage.


Links Away: Kevin Smith And Sh*t

Tuesday, January 25 by

Take a look at this montage from one of Smith’s comedy specials and see if you can count the number of sh*ts he unleashed on the crowd.

Screen shot 2011-01-25 at 4.52.49 PM

NBC Tired Of Making Bad Decisions, Wants McG To Direct ‘Wonder Woman’

Tuesday, January 25 by

TV vet McG is the frontrunner to helm the the pilot episode of the David E. Kelley-produced reboot.


Tila Tequila To Class Up ‘$#*! My Dad Says’

Tuesday, January 25 by

Bust out your jars of Mentholatum ’cause I’m about to shorten your breath. Everyone’s favorite Tila Tequila, Tila Tequila, will be appearing on this week’s episode of “$#*! My Dad Says.”


9 Replacement Sponsors For MTV’s ‘Skins’

Tuesday, January 25 by

MTV won’t miss the sponsors who have dropped. Why? Because there are dozens more just waiting to cash in on the sweet, sweet scent of underage ass. With that in mind, here are nine replacement sponsors for MTV’s “Skins.”


‘Hunger Games’ Gets A Kick-Off Date

Tuesday, January 25 by

Lace up your whatever you need to lace up to play a game of survival.

Screen shot 2011-01-25 at 3.08.38 PM

‘Ghost Rider 2′: Ghost Rider Goes To Turkey

Tuesday, January 25 by

Looks like Ghost Rider is getting a Turkish vacation in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.