Sundance Review: ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’

Sunday, January 23 by

Explains how product placement works, by trying to make an all product placement movie. I’m still left with a few questions, but the film ultimately succeeds.


Sundance Review: Like Crazy

Sunday, January 23 by

This relationship study is raw, honest and brutal, yet beautiful.


DirecTV Latest Co-Conspirator Keeping You From Seeing ‘The Kennedys’

Saturday, January 22 by



’127 Hours’ Was Almost A Luke Perry Movie

Saturday, January 22 by

Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours earned a lot of critical acclaim for its realistic depiction of hiker Aron Ralston hacking off his own arm with a dull penknife, but it turns out it could have been even more painful to watch.


Sundance Review: The Music Never Stopped

Saturday, January 22 by

Really a TV movie of the week, but it manages to work on levels above just an interesting disease.


Sundance Review: Hobo With A Shotgun

Saturday, January 22 by

Exactly the kind of movie I want out of cinema. Take a high concept and just do the hell out of it.


Wonder Woman Lands Her Ridiculous Invisible Plane At NBC

Friday, January 21 by

There’s a lot of lame elements to Wonder Woman, and if anyone knows about lame superhero shows, it’s NBC.


No Wolverine In ‘X-Men: First Class,’ Cyclops Given Metal Claws

Friday, January 21 by

There’s not gonna be a Wolverine cameo, bub. However, you will get a very different take on Professor X.


Hopkins May Play Hitchcock, And If So, How Psychotically?

Friday, January 21 by

Everyone’s favorite lamb silencer is in talks to play the ‘Psycho’ director.


MSNBC Pulls The Smug Plug On Keith Olbermann’s ‘Countdown’

Friday, January 21 by

Now it’ll be easier than ever to ignore the pompous commentator’s rant videos, because his show has been officially cancelled.


Spoiler For Potterheads: New Death For Major Character In ‘Deathly Hallows 2′

Friday, January 21 by

The siren song of Harry Potter movie spoilers is impossible to resist…


Rapper Drake Plans To Blandly Star In ‘Arbitrage’

Friday, January 21 by

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Lazy Eyes is looking to add a second movie role to his filmography.


Sundance Review: Kaboom

Friday, January 21 by

The plot in this one is just an excuse to linger on lots of sex scenes with beautifully shot naked bodies.


Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Silence Of The Lambs’

Friday, January 21 by

Here are your weekend links.

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Take That, NBC! CBS Greenlights Conan Pilot, ‘Vince Uncensored’

Friday, January 21 by

The next facet of Conan O’Briens slow, mafia-like revenge on NBC has gone into effect.