Steve Austin Hosts WWE Reality Show, Gets 3:16 AM Time Slot

Friday, January 28 by

Folks ‘Tough Enough’ to engage in highly choreographed fight routines will get a chance at a WWE contract starting April 1st.


Bill Murray Shoves A Packers Fan Because He Is Bill Murray

Friday, January 28 by

Also, Murray busted the ghost of Packers legend Ray Nitschke by calling him “a p*ssy.”


Oy Vey, Rogen and Streisand To Film Road Trip Movie

Friday, January 28 by

Barbara Streisand will play Seth Rogen’s mother in Paramount’s road trip comedy ‘My Mother’s Curse,’ and just thinking about that car ride gives me such a headache.


Internet Completely Baffles 1994 Bryant Gumbel

Friday, January 28 by

This clip from “The Today Show” in 1994, where Bryant Gumbel doesn’t know what crazy things like “internet” and “@” symbol mean, is like watching the beginning of time unfold.


Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘The Transporter’

Friday, January 28 by

Here are your weekend links.

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3 Stills, 1 Article: ‘The Change-Up’, ‘Ceremony’, ‘Dream House’

Friday, January 28 by

What do the films The Change-Up, Dream House, and Ceremony have in common? Absolutely nothing, Here are some stills from the films.


Better Fictional Sport: Quidditch Or Pod Racing?

Friday, January 28 by

Quidditch and pod racing would both make kick-ass sports if the physics governing our planet allowed them to be played as they are in their respective films, but which team would you sign up for first? Fight!

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Mark Ruffalo Is Bruce Banner, But Maybe Not The Hulk

Friday, January 28 by

Mark Ruffalo may not end up being the first superhero actor to do his own motion capture work.

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Charlie Sheen Going To Rehab For Some Reason

Friday, January 28 by

Charlie Sheen’s wise decision to check himself into rehab has a silver lining. Production has been shut down on “Two and a Half Men” until further notice.


Fox Found Its ‘Finder’

Friday, January 28 by

The new “Bones” spin-off will give America three lovely hours to fall in love with Geoff Stults, who will play the titular Finder.


‘Soul Surfer’ Trailer — Now With Shark Attack

Friday, January 28 by

If there was one critique of Soul Surfer’s teaser trailer, it was that the film didn’t look nearly gross enough. Problem solved!

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NBC Combines Hackneyed Fairy Tales and Hackneyed Cop Shows

Friday, January 28 by

NBC picked up an inspired show in “Grimm,” a pilot in which the cops interact with characters inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.


Somebody Snuck A Peek At Jodie Foster’s ‘Beaver’

Friday, January 28 by

We’re all excited to see The Beaver. Some of us more than others. Looks like the film may debut before the scheduled SXSW screening. On computers at the very least.

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‘Drive Angry’ Motion Poster Moves Its Way Into Our Hearts

Friday, January 28 by

The ‘Drive Angry’ motion poster is everything it promises to be: a poster that sort of moves.

Tommy (38)

Elton John Biopic To Be As Subtle, Understated As The Man Himself

Friday, January 28 by

Would Elton John’s life make a good movie?