Natalie Morales

Wednesday, January 26 by

If you watch NBC on Thursday nights you’ve likely seen Natalie Morales deliver a few lines of well-timed sarcasm as Aziz Ansari’s girlfriend on “Parks and Recreation.”


Fozzie Uncensored

Wednesday, January 26 by

What in God’s name is happening on the set of the new Muppet Movie?


Pilot Pick-Up Roundup: Maybe There Are A Couple Good Ones!

Wednesday, January 26 by

New TV shows that, chances are, will be canceled soon.


Harvey Weinstein Wants To Clean Up ‘The King’s Speech’

Wednesday, January 26 by

In order to convert the Oscar buzz surrounding ‘The King’s Speech’ into sweet money money money, executive producer Harvey Weinstein wants to tone down the film’s naughty language.


Kings Of Leon Enrage Ryan Murphy, Gleeks Everywhere

Wednesday, January 26 by

What does it take to send ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy into an expletive laced tirade? Deny him the right to turn a song of yours into a “number” on his hit show, that’s what.


Sundance Review: Margin Call

Wednesday, January 26 by

It’s not really a detailing of the factors in the economic crisis. It’s more of a drama about the people dealing with it.


Mark Webber Pulls A Will Smith

Wednesday, January 26 by

Actor/director Mark Webber is gearing up to helm his second indie film, a touching love letter to the bond that exists between a father and son, in which he’s casting his real-life toddler. Classic Hollywood nepotism.


Brothers Scott Have New Idea To Set Drama In The 60s

Wednesday, January 26 by

Those fabulous Scott boys Ridley and Tony are working as producers on a new show called “The Drivers.”


Sundance Review: Cedar Rapids

Wednesday, January 26 by

Midwesterners going wild may not sound like an original idea for a comedy, but they really become a team.

Jason Statham The Mechanic 300

Review: The Mechanic

Wednesday, January 26 by

The characters take it all seriously, but the story just goes wildly over the top for the sake of creating awesome set pieces.


Edgar Allan Poe Is So Hot Right Now

Wednesday, January 26 by

John Cusack won’t be the only one rocking nineteenth century facial hair. ABC has ordered the pilot “Poe,” a series that depicts Edgar Allan Poe as a nineteenth century sleuth. Probably with nice abs.


‘Conan’ Is A Hit, Insists Conan’s Agent and Conan’s Mom

Tuesday, January 25 by

When is a hit show possibly not a hit show? When everyone is DVRing it.


Naomi Watts Greatly Increases Boob Count Of ‘J. Edgar’ Cast

Tuesday, January 25 by

Also increased: the chances for an explicit lesbian sex scene.


3D Is Bad For Your Brain Because Roger Ebert Says So

Tuesday, January 25 by

Critic Roger Ebert sticks his downward thumb right into the audience, saying it’s stupid to pay top dollar for movies designed to give you a headache.


Alec Baldwin May Live Liberal Wet Dream As MSNBC Host

Tuesday, January 25 by

He might be #1 on the list to replace Keith Olbermann. I still think he should stick to selling microwaves.