falling skies

Spielberg Continues His Love Affair with Aliens

Monday, December 27 by

Are you a sci-fi dork who’s been jonesing for a good alien-invasion series ever since BSG went off the air? Or maybe you’re a right-wing gun nut who’s looking for a healthier outlet for your paranoid survivalist fantasies. Either way, the “Falling Skies” trailer is for you.


‘Hangover 2′ Crash Puts Stuntman In Critical Condition

Monday, December 27 by

Australian stuntman Scott McLean was rushed to a Thai hospital after a botched car crash on the set of The Hangover Part II left him in an induced coma.


Review: ‘Southland’ Season 3 Premiere

Monday, December 27 by

“Southland” is back with thrilling TV action, but it’s not really the action that makes the show.


The Truth Is At This Intersection

Monday, December 27 by

Don’t let the government see you cross it.


Natalie Portman Impregnated by Prancing Ninny

Monday, December 27 by

I’ve literally wanted to bang this girl since she was 13, and given the fact that we’re about the same age, that’s a lot less creepy than when I say the same about Emma Watson…or Daniel Radcliffe.


Best and Worst Movies of 2010

Monday, December 27 by

We know how much you value our opinion, so it’s that time when we tell you what we thought was awesome and what was crap at the movies this past year.


Crystal Harris

Monday, December 27 by

It takes a lot to be Hugh Hefner’s number one girl: Talent, dedication, hotness, passion, more hotness, and the ability to change out a catheter bag every now and then.


Mickey Rourke Into Gay Rugby

Monday, December 27 by

Mickey Rourke came out on a British talkshow the other day as a future portrayer of a gay rugby player.


‘Gulliver’s Travels’ Lays a Giant 3D Turd at the Box Office

Monday, December 27 by

I guess there’s really no shame in failing to match the raw-star power of Dan Aykroyd.


Demi Lovato May Help Ruin ‘The Avengers’

Monday, December 27 by

Good news, Avengers fans! The film has a plot. Bad news, Avengers fans. The plot may involve Demi Lovato.


Merry Christmas Kidnapping

Friday, December 24 by

Warning: the video you are about to see is not for hippies.


‘And Soon The Darkness’ DVD Prize Pack Winner!

Thursday, December 23 by

And the winner is…


Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ Teaser Looks Like A Rob Zombie Movie

Thursday, December 23 by

Why did Kevin Smith film this with a buttcam?


Macauley Culkin Fights Monsters In ‘I Am Home Alone’

Thursday, December 23 by

The holiday spirit has been lacking a bit around here lately. Luckily, we have this video of Macaulay Culkin battling vampires to help us recapture it.


Sad Lawrence

Thursday, December 23 by

Sad Keanu just got some competition.