Freaky Dude And Pretty Girl In Talks For Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’

Wednesday, February 2 by

Here’s some casting that makes perfect sense. Tim Burton has his sights on virginal Bella Heathcoate and professional creepazoid Jackie Earle Haley for his stab at Dark Shadows.


Gale Anne Hurd Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2

Wednesday, February 2 by

The show’s executive producer offers up her thoughts on the continuation of the zombie apocalypse.

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Vanity Fair Kind Enough To Remind Us That Movie Stars Are Really Rich

Wednesday, February 2 by

Vanity Fair has recently released a list of the 40 highest-paid people in film, and it should come as no surprise that the numbers are downright gaudy.

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MacDonald Doesn’t (Puff, Puff) Pass On Bob Marley Doc

Wednesday, February 2 by

The Last King of Scotland helmer Kevin MacDonald has jumped on board to direct a new Bob Marley documentary.


9 ‘Days’ That Make Reliving ‘Groundhog Day’ Look Easy

Wednesday, February 2 by

The filmmakers chose Groundhog Day because they felt it was the most mundane. And while spending an eternity stuck in Punxsutawney would surely be maddening, it could be worse. Here are 9 ‘Days’ that make being stuck in Groundhog Day look good by comparison.


‘Win Win’ Trailer Beats The Love Into You

Wednesday, February 2 by

Paul Giamatti stars as a schlub again, but this time wrestling is involved.

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Amber Heard In Talks To Not Get Naked In NBC’s ‘Playboy.’

Wednesday, February 2 by

It’s unclear what role she’d play, but she definitely won’t be naked. Thanks, NBC.


Here’s How To Stalk A Hooker

Wednesday, February 2 by

In the trailer for Monogamy, Chris Messina spends all his time stalking a hooker even though he’s got a perfectly good Rashida Jones at home.

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New Jack Ryan Film To Be Written By Old Jack Ryan Film Writer

Wednesday, February 2 by

Jack Ryan is returning, but will be played by an entirely new handsome actor.


Alison Brie

Wednesday, February 2 by

You know her best as Annie on NBC’s ‘Community’.


‘Superman’ Producer Missing In Mexico, Telephone At Fortress Of Solitude Not Working

Wednesday, February 2 by

Producer Ilya Salkind literally missing in Mexico


Egypt Keeps Beating Up Our Anchors

Wednesday, February 2 by

The economically-depressed angry mobs of Egypt have absolutely no respect for our highly-paid news anchors.



Wednesday, February 2 by

Imagine all the things you can do with it!


Katerina Graham

Wednesday, February 2 by

Katerina Graham is a well-known face on the teen entertainment circuit, appearing in music videos for such Top 40 favorites as Justin Bieber and Will.I.Am, and regularly appearing on shows like “The Vampire Diaries” and “Hannah Montana.”


‘Invasion Earth’ To Be A Video Game, And Why Not, A Movie As Well

Wednesday, February 2 by

‘Invasion Earth’ will change the way you think about things you’re tired of thinking about.