Incredible And Edible

Tuesday, January 25 by

Han cracked first.

FMJ Slap

Watch 7 Minutes Of People Getting Slapped In The Face

Tuesday, January 25 by

There’s a grand cinematic tradition of people getting slapped in the face.


Mini Anden

Tuesday, January 25 by

There’s a good chance you’re wavering on whether or not to go see The Mechanic. It’s just Jason Statham with a gun after all, a sight you’ve seen so many times now you’re beginning to wonder why he doesn’t just get a damn glock surgically affixed to his arm.


Sundance 2011 Detonates Its First Bomb

Tuesday, January 25 by

You’ve probably been anticipating the news of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival’s first all-around bad movie, with reports of mass walkouts and ritual suicide.


Chloe Moretz To Kick Ass All Over ’30 Rock’

Tuesday, January 25 by

Chloe Moretz has been tweeting up a storm lately, most recently to say that she’s in New York. Why, New York, you ask? To shoot an episode of NBC’s “30 Rock!”


The Biggest Oscar Disses

Tuesday, January 25 by

The 2011 Academy Award nominations have been announced, and while I agree with most of the choices, I can’t help but notice a few talented individuals seem to have gotten snubbed.


Fox Searchlight To Remake ‘Bengali Detective’ Documentary. Uh, What?

Tuesday, January 25 by

It appears that Fox Searchlight has discovered a new way to churn out remakes – start remaking documentaries.

jersey shorecut

Apocalypse Warning: ‘Jersey Shore’ Season 4 Is Coming

Tuesday, January 25 by

Jersey Shore is going to have a fourth season, and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it except hunker down and brace for impact.


Emma Watson Befriends A Creepy Snail Mail Stalker

Tuesday, January 25 by

Emma Watson is running around with fake-Harry Potter Percy Jackson. Untrustworthy witch!


‘Captain Canuck’ May Be A Movie That Americans Can Feel Perversely Superior To

Tuesday, January 25 by

If you’re living in the United States, you may have never heard of Canada’s flagship superhero, Captain Canuck. Well, if certain parties pledging allegiance to our northerly neighbors are to be believed, that might be about to change.


2011 Oscar Noms Are Here!

Tuesday, January 25 by

It’s really just a thrill to be nominated. Unless you’re M. Night Shyamalan. Then it’s a miracle.


Haha. They’re Making ‘Twilight’ With Dragons Now.

Tuesday, January 25 by

It almost seems like Hollywood is running out of ideas…


‘Thor’ Star Chris Hemsworth Read ‘The Avengers’ Script, Has Doubts

Monday, January 24 by

Even the Nordic demi-god can’t fathom the scale of this film.


Two Irish Families Beat Each Other Senseless In New HBO Project

Monday, January 24 by

It sounds like the unholy child of ‘Step By Step’ and ‘Fight Club.’


Yet Another Linda Lovelace Biopic To Provide Yet Another Role For James Franco?

Monday, January 24 by

James Franco is in talks to play opposite Kate Hudson in the ‘Deep Throat’ star’s biopic, because he needs more roles to cement his status as Hollywood’s leading manwhore.