Hula Hoop: The Movie? You Know, For Kids!

Monday, January 31 by

ICM has just signed Wham-O Toys as a client, with the intent to develop film projects out of kid favorites like the Hula Hoop, Slip-n-Slide, and Frisbee.


Pooh Prom

Monday, January 31 by

With any luck, he’ll put his hand in her honey pot.

Screen shot 2011-01-31 at 12.25.32 PM

‘Lebowski 2′ Revelation Comes From World’s Worst Source: Tara Reid

Monday, January 31 by

There’s going to be The Big Lebowki 2! (says Tara Reid). It’s going to start filming this year! (says Tara Reid).


Zachary Levi Divulges Some ‘Chuck’ Intel

Monday, January 31 by

He’s tight-lipped, but we managed to coax some episode tidbits out of him.


‘Spider-Man’ Swings Into Traffic While ‘Captain America’ Unleashes Blue Steel

Monday, January 31 by

The Spidey stunt goes wayyy better than his Broadway debut.


I’m Afraid I Just Clue Myself

Monday, January 31 by

Who killed that racist old woman?


‘Bridesmaids’ Poster: The Romcom Gods Are Smiling

Monday, January 31 by

A female driven romantic comedy produced by Judd Apatow? Is hell freezing over? Is it 2012 yet? No, it’s just time for ‘Bridesmaids’, a new film written by and starring SNL’s Kristin Wiig.


PG-13 ‘King’s Speech’ Might Remind You Of Daytime TV

Monday, January 31 by

“The King’s Speech” is probably going to be re-released with the Q*bert treatment.


Yvonne Strahovski

Monday, January 31 by

It’s hard not to fall for Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski’s character on “Chuck.” Playing a full-time ass-kicking secret agent and part-time hot chick at large, Strahovski steals the show more often than not.


Jonah Hill And Fox Are Besties

Monday, January 31 by

Jonah Hill is continuing his laid back domination of the American comedy landscape by launching his own production shingle, JHF.

katherine_heigl_emmys copy

Katherine Heigl To Serve As Sub-Halle Berry

Monday, January 31 by

Halle Berry is being replaced by America’s sweetheart Katherine Heigl (in a movie, not in life).


R.I.P. John Barry

Monday, January 31 by

The Bond universe has lost one of their most influential collaborators. Film composer John Barry passed away yesterday at the age of 77.


‘The Kennedys’ Might Be Shown In Syndication, Or This Might End Up Not Happening Either

Monday, January 31 by

Joel Surnow’s truthbomb “The Kennedys” has been having a hard time finding an audience.


Jordana Brewster Cast As Attractive Person In ‘Dallas’

Monday, January 31 by

Jordana Brewster, best known for roles in movies like The Faculty and The Fast And The Furious, has been cast in a lead role in TNT’s ‘Dallas’.


‘The King’s Speech’ Continues To Win All Of The Awards

Monday, January 31 by

Hollywood patted itself on the back this past weekend with both the 2011 Director’s Guild of America Awards and the Screen Actor’s Guild 2011 Awards. Also, Scott Bakula made pimping look easy.