Ben Affleck May Direct Political Drama That – “Surprise” – Clooney’s Attached To

Thursday, February 3 by

‘Argo’ is a movie that wants Ben Affleck to direct it. Ben Affleck says, “take a number, movie.”


Sheen Plans TV Return In February, Strip Club Return In April

Thursday, February 3 by

Charlie Sheen’s reps believe one and a half men will become “Two and a Half Men” again by late February. Damn it, we were just beginning to enjoy the “Men”-lessness.


‘Fast Five’ Poster Is Faster, Furiouser, Five-ier

Thursday, February 3 by

Five times the car chases. Five times car crashes. Five times the car motion blurs lines.


Eva Green Enters ‘Dark Shadows’ Of Goth Pals Depp and Burton

Thursday, February 3 by

Green will play a witch who turns Johnny Depp into a vampire. If box office trends are any indication, Depp was going to have to become a vampire at some point anyway.


2012 Starting Early: Justin Bieber and ‘Jersey Shore’ Team Up

Thursday, February 3 by

This is sort of like looking at a pop culture ‘Human Centipede.’


Missing ‘Superman’ Producer Found, Was Lex Luthor Behind This?

Thursday, February 3 by

Ilya Salkind is alive. Thankfully, no one has to spin the Earth backwards and reverse time to solve this crisis.


Links Away: Kramer The Defamed Business Tycoon

Thursday, February 3 by

We all know Kramer had big ideas, but what would have happened if he had possessed the attention span (and intellectual capacity) to actually follow through on some of them?


Jackman, Levy, Cuse: Action Trifecta!

Thursday, February 3 by

Fox is going to make an action-adventure movie that will be written by Carlton Cuse, will star Hugh Jackman, and will be directed by Shawn Levy.


Road To The Oscars: Best Actress Showdown

Thursday, February 3 by

This week we throw our Best Actress contenders into the Thunderdome, arm then with cudgels and see who among them has the fortitude to grab blood-smeared victory.

Screen shot 2011-02-03 at 4.16.36 PM

Guess What Role Jason Segel Is Playing In DreamWorks’ ‘Undercover Cop’?

Thursday, February 3 by

Jason Segel and his everyman charms will be be infiltrating the Jersey mob, 80′s style in DreamWorks upcoming Undercover Cop.

Screen shot 2011-02-03 at 3.24.32 PM

New ‘Hanna’ Trailer Still Doesn’t Show Hanna’s Softer Side

Thursday, February 3 by

The international trailer for Hanna is out, and it’s equally kick-ass as the US trailer.


10 Ridiculous Celebrity Cookbooks

Thursday, February 3 by

A ridiculous amount of celebrities have tried their had at writing a cookbook. While it must be insulting for an actual cook to see a bunch of armatures using their fame to get a cookbook deal, it’s a thousand times better than when celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse used his fame to get a sitcom deal, so lets just call it even.


Paramount Looking To Over-Hype Another Cheap Horror Film

Thursday, February 3 by

The studio is hoping they can spin a movie done on the cheap into ‘Paranormal Activity’ box office gold once again.

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‘Community’ News: A Clip, A Club, And A Whole Lotta Abed

Thursday, February 3 by

Would you start a real-life study group to be more like the fictional gang on “Community”? Of course not. You’re normal.


The Coens Psyched To See Tara Reid’s ‘Big Lebowski’ Sequel

Thursday, February 3 by

The other day when Tara Reid was saying things, just about every person on Earth who is not Tara Reid wisely dismissed it. However, there are two people who were not so quick to dismiss the project. The Coen Brothers!