Leo’s All-Time Greatest Spazzouts

Tuesday, January 18 by

That Leonardo DICaprio sure is an intense actor, isn’t he? Try watching his most intense moments back to back to back and tell us that he doesn’t look a wee bit ridiculous trapped in that big glass case of emotion he acts inside of.


iWatch Some New iFootage From Park Chan-Wook’s New iPhone Movie

Tuesday, January 18 by

We’ve reported earlier that Oldboy director Park Chan-wook’s next movie Paranmanjang (which might eventually be released here in the US as Night Fishing) would be a 30-minute short film shot entirely on an iPhone.


Regis Is No Longer Presentable To The Camera

Tuesday, January 18 by

Regis Philbin just broke your grandmother’s heart. The 7,000-year old host of “Live! With Regis And Kelly” announced on this morning’s broadcast that he will retire toward the end of the summer.


Homicidal MILF Rebecca De Mornay Wreaks Havoc In ‘Mother’s Day’ Trailer

Tuesday, January 18 by

It’s always a bummer when we’re all just chilling with our friends and wives and then someone brings their crazy mom to the party. But that nightmare scenario is exactly what happens in this preview of Mother’s Day.


Howard Stern Slams Jay Leno, Makes Us Nostalgic For January 2010

Monday, January 17 by

Conan O’Brien has made some kind of angry peace with Jay Leno, but Howard Stern recently Jaywalked all up in the Tonight Show host’s freakish chin.


Ricky Gervais Explains, Probably Lies About His ‘Globes’ Disappearance

Monday, January 17 by

After making ‘The Invention of Lying,’ it’s hard for me to believe anything he says.


(Not Crazy) Robert Duvall To Star In (Crazy) Billy Bob Thorton’s New Movie

Monday, January 17 by

Mr. Woodcock adds Major Frank Burns to his team.


Blu-Ray Review: Raging Bull (30th Anniversary)

Monday, January 17 by

Feel all of the hits, both emotionally and physically, with the Blu-ray Raging Bull 30th Anniversary Edition.


Red Skull In ‘Captain America’ Looks Like Constipated Devil?

Monday, January 17 by

Halloween costume reveals that Red Skull might look like Red Sh*t.


Blu-Ray Review: Dances With Wolves (20th Anniversary)

Monday, January 17 by

Guaranteed to keep you busy until the cows come home.


Neurotic Monster Larry David Invades NYC On ‘Curb’

Monday, January 17 by

Larry David is like a neurotic King Kong, and he’s coming to DESTROY the Big Apple… through loud complaints and hard-to-watch life decisions!


Links Away: 3D Without The Glasses

Monday, January 17 by

This gentleman has apparently invented a device that allows viewers to experience the thrill of 3D without the inconvenience of 3D glasses.

Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 5.12.02 PM

Liam McIntryre To World: “I Am Spartacus.”

Monday, January 17 by

Liam McIntyre has some big shoes to fill after season one’s Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, had to be relieved following cancer complications.

Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 4.31.57 PM

Angels And Airwaves Take Emo Into Space With ‘Love’

Monday, January 17 by

Angel’s and Airwave’s frontman Tom DeLonge has produced and scored a film with the Google-proof title of ‘Love.’


What The Hell Happened To Vince Vaughn?

Monday, January 17 by

Any moron (like myself) who knows how to use IMDB can spot the correlation between Vaughn’s career as a producer and a dramatic drop in the quality of his films.