‘The Hobbit’ For Real Filming This March Seriously

Monday, February 7 by

The Hobbit plans to begin shooting in March, if God allows it.


Sundance: Morgan Spurlock Discusses The Advantages Of Selling Out

Monday, February 7 by

Number one: It lets you make a movie.


Cameron Hires Shawn Levy. Fantastic.

Monday, February 7 by

Shawn Levy has a lot on his plate, but you can’t really take a breather when James Cameron comes calling. So Levy has opted to direct the ‘Fantastic Voyage’ remake rather than die in a submarine “accident.”


Stallone Branching Out Into Action

Monday, February 7 by

With ‘The Expendables’, Sylvester Stallone paid homage to the gritty, bizarrely-cast, shoot ‘em up action flicks of the 1980′s. It looks like his next will pay homage to formulaic, generic cop action dramas.


Move Over Zombies, Dinosaurs Are Headed To Television

Monday, February 7 by

The Super Bowl showed us more than just robots, superheroes, pirates, aliens, topless Olivia Wilde, and douchebags. It also showed us which programs Fox hopes they won’t have to cancel this fall.

Dwayne Johnson Fast Five

Super Bowl Ad Bonanza: Pirates, Aliens, And Douchebags

Sunday, February 6 by

Lest you think there were only 3 Super Bowl movie ads worth watching, here’s another 3.


Super Bowl Movie Ad Bonanza: Robots And Superheroes

Sunday, February 6 by

Super Bowl ads, BYOG (Bring Your Own Guacamole)


Just Go With It

Sunday, February 6 by

Director: Dennis Dugan Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Anniston, Nicole Kidman, Brooklyn Decker Synopsis: A man enlists the help of a woman and her kids to land the woman of his…


See New ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Super Bowl Ad Without Having To Watch Super Bowl

Sunday, February 6 by

I just saved you, like, 7 hours.


The Eagle

Sunday, February 6 by

Director: Kevin Macdonald Cast: Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell Synopsis: In Roman-ruled Britain, a young Roman soldier endeavors to honor his father’s memory by finding his los legion‘s golden emblem. Release…


Robin Definitely Going To Be In ‘Dark Knight Rises’, Unless This Rumor Turns Out To Be False

Saturday, February 5 by

Start hoarding your Robin t-shirts now.


Cobie Smulders 1st Choice To Play Nick Fury’s Secretary

Saturday, February 5 by

Here’s hoping Cobie Smulders looks good in an eyepatch.


Female ‘Superman’ Villain Revealed To Be The One Female ‘Superman’ Villain

Saturday, February 5 by

Oh right, it’s Ursa.


The Queen Liked ‘King’s Speech’, Totally Hated ‘Tron’

Friday, February 4 by

Royal movie critic Queen Elizabeth II saw Academy Award nominated movie The King’s Speech and gave it four and a half corgis. That’s right, she sacrifices dogs whenever she sees a movie.


CBS Buys Sitcom From Professional Adam Sandler Friend Rob Schneider

Friday, February 4 by

Deuce Bigalow is ready to get back into TV. I wonder how he got the confidence, with no one around to tell him that *he* can do it.