New ‘Jackass’ Movie Goes Straight To Internet Like Rocket Into Butthole

Thursday, January 27 by

‘Jackass 3.5′ is a feature-length collection of unused bits from ‘Jackass 3D,’ featuring Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera and should be Oscar-contender Wee Man.

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‘Peep World’ Has Some Really Funny People Ruining Dinner

Thursday, January 27 by

A whole mess of comedians portray a dysfunctional family together to celebrate their dad’s 70th birthday.


Sundance Review: Another Earth

Thursday, January 27 by

May be the kind of sci-fi movie die-hards revel in, because it is just about the ideas.


Links Away: It’s Showtime! In Supercut Form

Thursday, January 27 by

Once again, the Internet has produced a record of how frequently Hollywood abuses certain catch phrases. This time, it’s showtime. As in “it’s showtime.”


Sundance Review: The Details

Thursday, January 27 by

Refreshingly, it’s not a comedy about big, broad set pieces. The humor is, appropriately, just in the details.

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Eat It, Michael Bay: Arnofsky’s ‘Swan’ Reveals Its Special Effects

Thursday, January 27 by

It took a lot of complicated effects to make this movie look so simple.


9 Excuses We’re About to Hear from Charlie Sheen’s Publicist

Thursday, January 27 by

Charlie Sheen’s publicist has confirmed that the actor is in the hospital with severe abdominal pains after partaking in a 36-hour cocaine binge. Something tells me that said publicist will probably have a different story to tell.


Sundance Review: Vampire

Thursday, January 27 by

You can make a movie about human losers trying to be cool like vampires, but it has to be better than Vampire.

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Saoirse Ronan Will Get Low In ‘The Hobbit’

Thursday, January 27 by

Saoirse Ronan has been confirmed to join the cast of The Hobbit, though the her role hasn’t been specified.


Two More Angels Picked Up, Will Keep Charlie’s Hands Full

Thursday, January 27 by

Charlie’s got himself some new angels.

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Is Everyone On Valium In The ‘Beginners’ Trailer?

Thursday, January 27 by

Ewan McGregor appears to be the world’s most composed, subdued man in the official trailer for Beginners


9 Greatest Movie Hobos Without Shotguns

Thursday, January 27 by

‘Hobo with a Shotgun’s’ titular hero is far from the first. From Hollywood’s earliest days, down and out characters found their way to the silver screen. Here are 9 other hobos you might recognize (sans shotguns).

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Natalie Portman Way Less Hot In Lego Form

Thursday, January 27 by

Alex Eylar created ten Lego dioramas depicting each of the nominees for the Best Picture Academy Award.


Judi Dench To Collect Her Seventh ‘Bond’ Paycheck

Thursday, January 27 by

Good news! James Bond still has a stern boss!! Husky-eyed, aristotle, British old lady, Dame Judi Dench will once again reprise the role of M in Sam Mendes’s take on the material.


Watch Elmo Shout At A Baby

Thursday, January 27 by

Elmo is so hot right now.