‘Captain America 2′ In Development: Why’d They Wait So Long?

Thursday, February 10 by

Marvel knows you better than you know yourself.


Billionaire Heiress Is Cool, Finances P.T. Anderson Scientology Movie

Thursday, February 10 by

It’s nice to hear about one heiress who’s doing something legitimately un-heiress-like.


Time Is Not Moving Backwards, But ‘Memento’ Is Back In Theaters

Thursday, February 10 by

We have all the info here, and there’s no need to tattoo this blog post across your chest.


Sheen To Pay ‘Two And A Half Men’ Crew For Hiatus. How Much For Permanent Hiatus?

Thursday, February 10 by

Charlie Sheen is going to help the crew… sort of.


‘The Hobbit’ Cast Without Makeup Is Just A Sausage Party

Thursday, February 10 by

A nice press conference photo before they spend every day of next year wearing heavy robes, caked in pounds of make-up, sweat and their own tears.


Schwarzenegger Is Back, His Catchphrase Foretold This

Thursday, February 10 by

He’ll be vying for starring roles again, but can he arm wrestle away these parts from current action stars like Matt Damon?

Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 5.28.42 PM

‘Take Me Home Tonight’ Video Attacks You With Dozens Of References

Thursday, February 10 by

This video nods to almost every movie made between 1980 and 1989. (Sorry, C.H.U.D.)


Links Away: Captain America. F*ck Yeah!

Thursday, February 10 by

It was only a matter of time before this happened. Captain America meets Team America in a brilliant instance of satirical patriotism.

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Dept. Of Good Planning: No ‘TUPAC’ Actors Cast, Filming Begins In May

Thursday, February 10 by

Tupac Shakur’s ability to produce creative content from beyond the grave continues as filming for TUPAC begins shortly.

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Oliver Stone Wants Jennifer Lawrence To Get ‘Savage’, And So Do We

Thursday, February 10 by

Savages seems to be putting some amazing pieces together to make the literary adaptation, well, amazing.


28 Bad-Ass Blaxploitation Film Trailers

Thursday, February 10 by

In order to prove how not racist we really are, we’ve compiled this epic list of 28 bad-ass Blaxploitation film trailers from the 1970s (one for each day of Black History Month).


‘X-Men: First Class’: First Trailer

Thursday, February 10 by

Our patience has paid off. Finally, a good look at the swinging 60′s of X-Men: First Class. Not to mention the little outfit that Matthew Vaughn convinced January Jones to slip into.

Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 2.38.11 PM

The Genius Gets A Biopic: Nice Going, Einstein

Thursday, February 10 by

Albert Einstein scores a biopic, but not before Erin Brockovich and Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter. (Sigh.)

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Gee, Great: Stephanie Meyer’s Post-Twilight Adaptation Has A Director

Thursday, February 10 by

An adaptation of ‘Twilight’ author Stephanie Meyer’s most recent work, ‘The Host,’ now has a director attached to it.


Ryan Gosling Is Ready To Be An Action Star

Thursday, February 10 by

Having had enough with the craft services available on independent film sets, Ryan Gosling would like to move onto projects with better food like ‘Logan’s Run’.