3D Salvador Dali Movie Promises To Be As Action Packed As ‘Tron Legacy’

Monday, February 14 by

Start your melting clocks and get ready for the countdown, because there’s a nontraditional, nonlinear, 3D Salvador Dali biopic coming soon.


‘X-Men: First Class’ In Danger Of Getting Held Back, Says January Jones

Monday, February 14 by

January Jones dishing dirt!


LOTR Does Not Compute

Monday, February 14 by

IBM needs to prep Watson better on Tolkien.


Wally Pfister Proud Owner Of ASC Award, Awesome Name

Monday, February 14 by

Wally Pfister took home the top honor at the American Society of Cinematographers awards last night for his work on ‘Inception’. OR DID HE!?


Cinemax To Up Their Wardrobe Budget

Monday, February 14 by

Sorry guys. It looks like Cinemax used to be cool. The pay cable network has announced that it is forgoing the programming that helped it earn the nickname “Skinemax.”


Judi Dench And Michelle Monaghan Together At Last!

Monday, February 14 by

Judi Dench and Michelle Monaghan want ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’.


First Lady Of Vampire Hunting Found

Monday, February 14 by

Secret vampire hunter Abraham Lincoln has taken a wife. Though it’s likely they will sleep in separate beds.


Weekend Box Office Report: Show Me The Bieber (No, Says America)!

Monday, February 14 by

This weekend was a chance for messianic pop star Justin Bieber to show he reigns supreme not just on Twitter, but where it counts: At the box office.


Obsess Over Darren Lynn Bousman’s ’11-11-11′ Teaser

Monday, February 14 by

If television and movies have taught me anything, it’s that an obsession with numbers always leads to ghosts, murder, demons, possession, and the purchasing of a successful fried chicken franchise.


Marion Cotillard Is Definitely Going To Be In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, According To This Unsubstantiated Rumor

Sunday, February 13 by

Marion Cotillard was seen by a friend of a friend getting fitted for a utility belt and cowl.


Tania Raymonde

Sunday, February 13 by

Tania Raymonde is best known for playing Alex Rousseau in Lost.


David Slade Still Big Into Vampires

Sunday, February 13 by

David Slade wants everyone to know that his interest in vampires is NOT just a phase.


Lars Von Trier Has ‘Melancholia’

Sunday, February 13 by

Lars Von Trier now has a way to bring his latest depressive episode to you.


James Franco Opens First Art Exhibit, Has Time For A Sandwich

Saturday, February 12 by

James Franco does art too.

HappyThankYouMorePlease movie image Josh Radnor


Saturday, February 12 by

Director: Josh Radnor Cast: Josh Radnor, Kate Mara, Malin Ackerman, Michael Algeiri, Zoe Kazan, Tony Hale, Pablo Schreiber Synopsis: Captures a generational moment – young people on the cusp of…