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Transformers Selling Non-Transforming Chevys

Tuesday, February 1 by

Transformers and Chevy have teamed up to create an ad that will remind Super Bowl audiences that both Transformers and Chevy still exist.


Charlie Sheen Escape From Rehab Game

Tuesday, February 1 by

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Help guide Sheen the hell outta rehab before those quacks sober him up. Never let the partying stop!


The Dangers of Outsourcing America’s Superheroes

Tuesday, February 1 by

You’d have to be blind not to see that the very fabric of our society is being torn apart by the outsourcing of our superheroes. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the following list. Then we’ll see who’s the “xenophobic nut bag.”

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‘Ironclad’ Trailer Is Better Than The Last One, Still Not ‘Good’

Tuesday, February 1 by

This was the second attempt at a trailer for Ironclad, the first since Paul Giamatti joined the cast, and it still doesn’t look all that sharp.


‘The Office’ Is Now Hiring

Tuesday, February 1 by

The economy must be looking up because the Sabre Corporation’s Scranton branch is hiring. “The Office” is seeking two new cast members in addition to a new boss to join the program next season.

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Jackman Pumped About Wolverine Movie, Might Be The Supplements Talking

Tuesday, February 1 by

Hugh Jackman is sooooo stoked about this new Wolverine. You think you know how stoked he is, but, bro…you have no idea.


Cameron Diaz To Try A Texas Accent

Tuesday, February 1 by

Cameron Diaz has joined the cast of the Joel and Ethan Coen scripted ‘Gambit’, which is a remake of the 1966 film of the same name. Also, Colin Firth!

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Gabriel Byrne To Once Again Play Down-On-His-Luck Fella

Tuesday, February 1 by

Gabriel Byrne will be playing a hard-boiled detective in ‘I, Anna,’ which started filming last week.


Apatow Lifts The Veil On ‘Bridesmaids’ Trailer

Tuesday, February 1 by

The first trailer for Judd Apatow’s first foray into “you go, girl,” comedy is here.


James Cameron Wants To Cure Your 3D Headaches

Tuesday, February 1 by

The newly Twitterific James Cameron is hard at work getting you to still care about 3D.

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New Frankenstein Movie ‘This Dark Endeavor’ Is Alive! Alive!

Tuesday, February 1 by

That’s right, there isn’t even going to be a monster in this movie.


Sundance: Michael Angarano Talks ‘Homework’ And ‘Red State’

Tuesday, February 1 by

Sundance saw a lot of Angarano this year.


Abby Elliott

Tuesday, February 1 by

If you hadn’t seen Abby Elliott before her “Saturday Night Live” debut in 2008, you weren’t alone. She was only 21 when she joined the cast, a relative unknown picked to replace the outgoing Amy Poehler.


Jim Caviezel Descending From Heaven To Be In ‘Savannah’

Tuesday, February 1 by

Jim Caviezel is going to be in a new movie called Savannah, along with Chiwetel Ejiofor.


Wholefoods Got A New Spokesman

Tuesday, February 1 by

Certified Grade A-Team Beef.