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Is There An Alien Sleeper Cell Inside ‘District 9′?

Wednesday, January 12 by

Bill Block, half of the producing team behind the surprise hit District 9, is developing a new science fiction movie. Will it be… the next District 9?

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First Still From ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Looks Like Softcore Porn

Wednesday, January 12 by

Or a Barbara Walters special?

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Jim Carrey To Star In Ripley’s Movie, Believe It Or Not

Wednesday, January 12 by

When you’re adapting a famous museum of freaks into a movie, who better to star than a man once famous for talking out of his butt?

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Louis Leterrier’s Wife Directs Eva Mendes In Krakenless Debut

Wednesday, January 12 by

From the wife of the guy who brought you Transporter 2…


Nick Stahl Joins Pun-Loving Cast of ‘Locke & Key’

Wednesday, January 12 by

The ubiquitous Nick Stahl has joined the cast for the television pilot Locke & Key, a Fox project that had originally been slated for summer consideration.


Links Away: ‘Modern Times’ In Future Times

Wednesday, January 12 by

This impressive short was created by thirty-seven year old Scotland native Ben Craig.

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Russell and Vaughn Get Two Tickets To ‘Guns’ Show

Wednesday, January 12 by

David O. Russell is about to jump into 2 Guns, a Vince Vaughn vehicle that is based on a military comic book of the same name.

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‘Happythankyoumoreplease’ Trailer Has Your RDA of Quirk

Wednesday, January 12 by

Pseudo-hipsters rejoice! Happythankyoumoreplease has enough quirk to tide you and your friends over until Pitchfork Music Festival in July.


10 New Mid-Season Shows To Watch In 2011

Wednesday, January 12 by

Take a look at our 2011 mid-season replacement guide….NOW!


Tom Hanks’s Son Is A Rapper, Not Very Good

Wednesday, January 12 by

Meet Chester Hanks aka Chet Haze aka guy who has never seen Malibu’s Most Wanted. That’s right, Tom Hanks’s other son is a rapper. And not a very good one.

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‘Red Riding Hood’ Show Its Teeth In New Stills

Wednesday, January 12 by

As a follow up to the official trailer released earlier, the producers of Red Riding Hood have released images from their edgy-but-still-Twilight-y take on the tale.


Conan Wants You To Stop Chanting “Conan!”

Wednesday, January 12 by

Conan O’Brien welcomed the Television Critics Association to the set of his new TBS show “Conan.” It may have been the only audience that did not begin the show by chanting, “Co-nan, Co-nan!”


Nobody Wants To Release Fincher’s ‘Goon’

Wednesday, January 12 by

Hmmm. Haven’t heard too much about The Goon for awhile. Somebody’d better check in with the producer David Fincher about that.

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‘Soul Surfer’ Trailer Has Surfer Girl But No Shark Attack

Wednesday, January 12 by

Soul Surfer, the true story about Bethany Hamilton and her survival of a shark attack that cost her her arm, has a trailer. And it looks…wholesome.

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Sacha Baron Cohen Warming Pipes For Queen Biopic

Wednesday, January 12 by

It looks like Sacha Baron Cohen will be playing it straight(ish) in the newly confirmed Freddie Mercury biopic.