One More Reason To Reject 3D Movies: Nazis Liked Them!

Wednesday, February 16 by

There is historical evidence to explain why 3D makes me uncomfortable: Nazis were all about 3D filmmaking.


Michael Bay Owns Taylor Lautner For 2012

Wednesday, February 16 by

Michael Bay has just written himself into Taylor Lautner’s calendar with the most awesome ink money can buy.

old super

Matthew Vaughn Wants To See Old People In Tights

Wednesday, February 16 by

Matthew Vaughn is apparently fed up with working with little kids in Kick-Ass and teenagers in X-Men: First Class.


Elvis: The Thin Years Headed Into Development

Wednesday, February 16 by

It’s been at least three years since anyone has made an unnecessary Elvis Presley biopic. The long national wait is over.


2011 The Sequeliest Year In Hollywood History

Wednesday, February 16 by

We can’t just blame Martin Lawrence for this.


Road To The Oscars: Best Director Showdown

Wednesday, February 16 by

This week we shackle our Best Director contenders together by the ankles, slather them in honey, toss them in the bear cage with an 800 pound grizzly and a pair of bolt cutters to see who among them has the will to survive.


Cody Horn

Wednesday, February 16 by

You’re about to see a lot more of Cody Horn. As announced yesterday, the model-turned-actress is joining the esteemed ranks of the Sabre Corporation staff as part of the new…


New ‘Scream 4′ Poster Shows A Sharp-Chinned Ghostface

Wednesday, February 16 by

Don’t forget to concentrate, as you should on all works of fine art.


Banksy’s Drawing Crap On Walls In Hollywood Now

Wednesday, February 16 by

Banksy really wants that Oscar. So much so that he’s willing to visit the Sunset Strip.


Irrfan Khan Talks Up His Own Role In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Wednesday, February 16 by

Just check out what Irrfan Khan has to say about his part.


Everything You Wanted To Know About Martin Lawrence But Were Afraid To Ask

Wednesday, February 16 by

Every day, we here at Screen Junkies receive at least a dozen Martin Lawrence-related emails. As such, our crack-research team set to work to answer some of the most common questions we receive in regard to Mr. Lawrence.


Pack It Up, Boys

Wednesday, February 16 by

The Batman’s tired of protecting this shithole town.


Mitch Hurwitz Shares His Surefire Tips For Getting Your Sitcom Canceled

Wednesday, February 16 by

Mitch Hurwitz, creator of ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Running Wilde’, has compiled a handy list of tips for getting your sitcom canceled. ‘References to Jessica Walter’s vagina’ is glaringly absent.


Mickey Rourke and Lenny Kravitz Are A Couple Of Blind Bastards

Wednesday, February 16 by

Two guys who aren’t blind pretending to be blind guys who pretend not to be blind.


Michel Gondry Is Headed To The Moon

Wednesday, February 16 by

Michel Gondry has announced plans that he is adapting Philip K. Dick’s Ubik. I’m assuming the announcement was made via a yarn megaphone while Gondry wore plaster beehives as shoes.