Rumor Reliable As Economy: Scorsese and DiCaprio Shooting ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ This Summer?

Wednesday, February 16 by

This news is as suspicious as a check signed by Frank Abagnale Jr. However, it’s juicier than a bottle of red prison wine, so we’re letting you know about it. Proceed with caution.


Director Kim Peirce Ready To ‘Knife’ Crips And Bloods

Wednesday, February 16 by

Universal picked Kimberly Pierce (‘Boys Don’t Cry’) to direct a new ‘one-of-these-guys-is-not-like-the-others’ story.


Zombie Game Trailer Is An Elegant Tearjerker

Wednesday, February 16 by

The sad music, the narrative told in reverse, the slow motion, the solid direction, the heartstrings pulled – is it too late to put this in the Best Shorts category at the Oscars this year?


‘Troll 2′ Child Star Gets Shot At Un-ironic Fame

Wednesday, February 16 by

Looks like ‘Troll 2′ is no longer just an embarrassment.


Stephen Dorff Is Really Running Through Those Fannings

Wednesday, February 16 by

Dakota Fanning is joining Dorff and Emile Hirsch in ‘The Motel Life’. Child actor powers ACTIVATE!!


9 Other Robots Who Deserve Their Own Statue

Wednesday, February 16 by

If Detroit is going to get RoboCop in bronze, why not immortalize these other movie icons?


James Van Der Beek To Play James Van Der Beek In ‘Bitch’

Wednesday, February 16 by

The upcoming FOX comedy pilot “Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23″ has nabbed a prime celebrity guest star.


One More Reason To Reject 3D Movies: Nazis Liked Them!

Wednesday, February 16 by

There is historical evidence to explain why 3D makes me uncomfortable: Nazis were all about 3D filmmaking.


Michael Bay Owns Taylor Lautner For 2012

Wednesday, February 16 by

Michael Bay has just written himself into Taylor Lautner’s calendar with the most awesome ink money can buy.

old super

Matthew Vaughn Wants To See Old People In Tights

Wednesday, February 16 by

Matthew Vaughn is apparently fed up with working with little kids in Kick-Ass and teenagers in X-Men: First Class.


Elvis: The Thin Years Headed Into Development

Wednesday, February 16 by

It’s been at least three years since anyone has made an unnecessary Elvis Presley biopic. The long national wait is over.


2011 The Sequeliest Year In Hollywood History

Wednesday, February 16 by

We can’t just blame Martin Lawrence for this.


Road To The Oscars: Best Director Showdown

Wednesday, February 16 by

This week we shackle our Best Director contenders together by the ankles, slather them in honey, toss them in the bear cage with an 800 pound grizzly and a pair of bolt cutters to see who among them has the will to survive.


Cody Horn

Wednesday, February 16 by

You’re about to see a lot more of Cody Horn. As announced yesterday, the model-turned-actress is joining the esteemed ranks of the Sabre Corporation staff as part of the new…


New ‘Scream 4′ Poster Shows A Sharp-Chinned Ghostface

Wednesday, February 16 by

Don’t forget to concentrate, as you should on all works of fine art.