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‘On The Road’ Official Stills Now ‘On The Internet’

Thursday, February 3 by

These released stills from the On the Road adaptation are looking pretty damn Kerouac-y.

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‘Drive Angry’ Red Band Trailer Assaults Your Brainhole

Thursday, February 3 by

There is a red band trailer for ‘Drive Angry 3D’, and you are going to watch it. Or Nicholas Cage is going to murder you.


Comedy Giant Joins David Chase’s First Feature

Thursday, February 3 by

With the addition of Brad Garrett, David Chase has fulfilled his need to cast a really tall guy in his film debut, Twylight Zones.


Rob Zombie To Try Making A Horror Movie For A Change

Thursday, February 3 by

Tirelessly versatile auteur Rob Zombie has his next project lined up.


Snownan O’Brien

Thursday, February 3 by

Do the string dance with no hands and legs, ya crazy bastard.


Jackson Reveals ‘Nick Fury’ Sidekick Info: It’s A Lady!

Thursday, February 3 by

Samuel L. Jackson, who appeared as Nick Fury in ‘Iron Man’ (post credits) and ‘Iron Man 2′, is finally getting his own shot at the spotlight in ‘The Avengers’, but he’ll be sharing it with a hot brunette sidekick.


‘The Office’ Helps Determine Why Old People Are Always Saying Hilarious Things

Thursday, February 3 by

Who among us hasn’t had to deal with some embarrassing “Office”-style faux pas from one of the elderly individuals in our lives?


Elizabeth Banks

Thursday, February 3 by

Seeing Elizabeth Banks play the uber-ambitious media queen Avery Jessup on “30 Rock” gives us an idea of how far she can stretch her comedy chops.


‘Scream 4′ Shooting More, Hopefully Better Scenes

Thursday, February 3 by

Don’t pick apart that Scream 4 trailer for spoilers just yet. Wes Craven and crew have headed back to Michigan to shoot additional scenes — not re-shoots.


‘Vice’ To Go Straight From The Funny Pages To A Theater Near You

Thursday, February 3 by

A comic book being adapted into a movie? You read it here first!


Mike Newell Might Direct ‘Great Expectations’, And There Will Be A Quiz

Thursday, February 3 by

Mike Newell is in talks to work on a “fresh and new” movie adaptation of ‘Great Expectations.’


R.I.P. Maria Schneider

Thursday, February 3 by

Maria Schneider, star of the seminal 1970s film ‘Last Tango In Paris’, has died after a long battle with illness. She was 58.


Herzog May Have Found His ‘Queen’ In Naomi Watts

Thursday, February 3 by

Renegade director Werner Herzog’s next film is ‘Queen Of The Desert’, and he wants Naomi Watts for the lead.


Nick Fury Interested In Getting Thor And Captain America To Join His Superhero Team

Thursday, February 3 by

Ha ha, you have to sit through some more credits.


Review: The Chicago Code

Thursday, February 3 by

Packs a whole lot of story into its first episode. It’ll either continue at that pace, or settle into a groove based on that foundation. Either way it’s got the potential for some very compelling television.