‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’ Set For March 2012 Release

Thursday, February 17 by

That movie about the brother and sister from the fairy tales that grow up to be specialty bounty-hunters has a release date! No, THAT one.


Shane Black Dares To Tackle ‘Iron Man 3′

Thursday, February 17 by

Shane Black is in final negotiations to direct Robert Downey Jr.’s snarkiness in Iron Man 3.


‘District 9′ Writer Hopes A Movie Based On A Supernatural Romance Novel Will Be Successful

Thursday, February 17 by

Can a movie about sexy supernatural teenagers find an audience?


Shawn Ryan Offers Up ‘Chicago Code’ Spoilers

Thursday, February 17 by

He gave us a few juicy details about the rest of the first season, but one thing that really sounds cool is an idea he hasn’t written yet.


Actual First Lady Of Vampire Hunting Found

Thursday, February 17 by

False alarm, folks. You can go back to not knowing who the hell Robin McLeavy is. Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’s tenderoni after all.


FX Wants Back In The Ryan Murphy Business

Thursday, February 17 by

Just like in any relationship, FX wants to get back with Ryan Murphy now that he’s with a better looking (higher profile) significant other (network).


Review: Unknown

Thursday, February 17 by

Unknown is not just a mediocre action movie. It’s actually bad. The thinking must have been: Liam Neeson was awesome in Taken. Let’s put him in another one.


‘American Idol’ Recrap: Group Night

Thursday, February 17 by

Last night was “group night” on “American Idol,” which is much less exciting than it sounds to an Internet-porn addict, like myself. Never the less, I watched all two hours of the program in order to describe it in detail to you, the reader. Congrats.


Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week

Thursday, February 17 by

The best, the worst, and the most awesome-when-drunk new titles available to stream instantly on Netflix.


Joe Wright Promises A Kick-Ass Action Movie In ‘Hanna’

Thursday, February 17 by

The director of Atonement and Pride & Prejudice gets a little less proper.


Krysten Ritter Gets A Few More Refugees

Thursday, February 17 by

Luckily for all the Geraghtiacs out there, Brian Geraghty has signed on to do another movie.


Lucy Lawless Is Losing Her Sex Slave

Thursday, February 17 by

Bad news for Starz’s 13 subscribers. “Spartacus” actress Lesley-Ann Brandt and her boobs are headed to CSI:NY.


Jill Flint

Thursday, February 17 by

Best known for her role on USA Network’s “Royal Pains,” Jill Flint has a history of recurring television roles and multi-episode character arcs.


You’re Welcome, Tom

Thursday, February 17 by

The nicest guy in Hollywood, without a doubt.


Check Out Henry Cavill’s “Casual Superman” Halloween Costume

Thursday, February 17 by

Henry Cavill is super-cool.