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NBC Wants To Be Funny, And Not In A Pitiful Way

Wednesday, January 26 by

NBC decided to pick up four comedy pilots from established comedians that actually have decent premises.


The Ultimate Jason Statham Movie Quiz

Wednesday, January 26 by

I made this quiz as a sign of my undying love for the British action star. How much do I love him? Well, let’s just say that when I sit and daydream about having sex with beautiful women, I always picture myself as Jason Statham.


John Travolta Up For The Teflon Don

Wednesday, January 26 by

Ready the bronzer. John Travolta is the front runner to offend the Gotti family by portraying patriarch John in the upcoming biopic about the famed mafia don.


Will Smith And Jay-Z Make Willow An Orphan

Wednesday, January 26 by

The multimillionaires are forming an unholy union that would put Smith’s hair-whipping daughter in a ‘re-imagining’ of the musical ‘Annie’.

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One Project, Three Movies, Two Miniseries: ‘Dark Towers’ Casting Saga

Wednesday, January 26 by

Just because Ron Howard wants you to do something doesn’t mean you have to do it.


‘Prometheus’ To Be A Summer Behemoth Instead Of A Spring Behemoth

Wednesday, January 26 by

‘Prometheus’ is getting a summer 2012 release.


Nothing Is Sacred To Ke$ha, Including ‘Cinderella’

Wednesday, January 26 by

Ke$ha’s a real terror, ain’t she? She’s fine with desecrating everything we find near and dear and familiar, and Walt Disney classics are no exception.


Aretha Franklin Wants Halle Berry For Biopic, Has Terrible Eyesight

Wednesday, January 26 by

Halle Berry recently passed up the role of Aretha Franklin in her forthcoming biopic. But, much like she does with Burger King’s strict No Refills policy, the diva is not taking no for an answer.


Natalie Morales

Wednesday, January 26 by

If you watch NBC on Thursday nights you’ve likely seen Natalie Morales deliver a few lines of well-timed sarcasm as Aziz Ansari’s girlfriend on “Parks and Recreation.”


Fozzie Uncensored

Wednesday, January 26 by

What in God’s name is happening on the set of the new Muppet Movie?


Pilot Pick-Up Roundup: Maybe There Are A Couple Good Ones!

Wednesday, January 26 by

New TV shows that, chances are, will be canceled soon.


Harvey Weinstein Wants To Clean Up ‘The King’s Speech’

Wednesday, January 26 by

In order to convert the Oscar buzz surrounding ‘The King’s Speech’ into sweet money money money, executive producer Harvey Weinstein wants to tone down the film’s naughty language.


Kings Of Leon Enrage Ryan Murphy, Gleeks Everywhere

Wednesday, January 26 by

What does it take to send ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy into an expletive laced tirade? Deny him the right to turn a song of yours into a “number” on his hit show, that’s what.


Sundance Review: Margin Call

Wednesday, January 26 by

It’s not really a detailing of the factors in the economic crisis. It’s more of a drama about the people dealing with it.


Mark Webber Pulls A Will Smith

Wednesday, January 26 by

Actor/director Mark Webber is gearing up to helm his second indie film, a touching love letter to the bond that exists between a father and son, in which he’s casting his real-life toddler. Classic Hollywood nepotism.