Cobie Smulders 1st Choice To Play Nick Fury’s Secretary

Saturday, February 5 by

Here’s hoping Cobie Smulders looks good in an eyepatch.


Female ‘Superman’ Villain Revealed To Be The One Female ‘Superman’ Villain

Saturday, February 5 by

Oh right, it’s Ursa.


The Queen Liked ‘King’s Speech’, Totally Hated ‘Tron’

Friday, February 4 by

Royal movie critic Queen Elizabeth II saw Academy Award nominated movie The King’s Speech and gave it four and a half corgis. That’s right, she sacrifices dogs whenever she sees a movie.


CBS Buys Sitcom From Professional Adam Sandler Friend Rob Schneider

Friday, February 4 by

Deuce Bigalow is ready to get back into TV. I wonder how he got the confidence, with no one around to tell him that *he* can do it.


New ‘Paul’ Clips: Kristen Wiig’s A Lot Funnier After Smoking Alien Weed

Friday, February 4 by

Comic-Con, secret government alien (?) weed, girl-on-robot sex: these are the topics that all movies should be discuss.


Stern Calls Leno “Horrible” On ‘Letterman’, Leno Cries Himself To Sleep

Friday, February 4 by

Stern also thinks that during last year’s Superbowl commercial, Letterman should have “finish[ed] him off” when he had the chance. I’d watch that this year.


David O. Russell Sells Show About Nothing

Friday, February 4 by

David O. Russell must really carry a flame for Connie Britton. He is working to develop a drama for her on FX with no script or even concept.


Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Paycheck’

Friday, February 4 by

Here are your weekend links.


Better NFL Player Cameo: Marino Or Favre?

Friday, February 4 by

Dan Marino appeared in Ace Ventura and Brett Favre appeared in There’s Something About Mary, but which player did the most with the little on-screen time given to them? Fight!

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 4.16.51 PM

James ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ Franco In Talks For ‘Oz’

Friday, February 4 by

I apologize if this post feels rushed, but I’m trying to get through it before the next Franco story breaks.

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 3.40.17 PM

Bruckheimer Takes Finely Groomed Facial Hair To Space

Friday, February 4 by

Spaihts and Bruckheimer are “in like” with each other, and news of their second project together should take things to the next level.


Channing Tatum Promises ’21 Jump Street’ Will Be The Most Insane Ride You Ever Go On

Friday, February 4 by

Good thing he didn’t completely oversell it.


Camilla Belle Gets ‘Freaky Deaky’ With William H. Macy

Friday, February 4 by

The actress may or may not play William H. Macy’s ex-girlfriend, which could only happen in a movie.


‘Con-Air’ Rap Puts The Rabbit Back In Its Container

Friday, February 4 by

Only time will tell whether or not we’ll get a sequel to Con-Air. While we wait, we have this awesome Con-Air rap tribute to tide us over.


Couple Of Bros Broin’ Around On ‘Contraband’ Set

Friday, February 4 by

Don’t worry about these spy photos from the set of Contraband giving away any major details. Unless you consider a couple of bros hanging in a truck a major detail.