SJ Detectives Decipher ‘Super 8′ Super Bowl Ad

Monday, February 7 by

After combing through the trailer myself, and searching several message boards, I’ve come up with the following eight pictures that may contain hidden clues about the Steven Spielberg produced film.


Almost Everyone In The Country Watched The Super Bowl!

Monday, February 7 by

One hundred and eleven million people watched the Superbowl yesterday. That is so many millions.

Screen shot 2011-02-07 at 1.08.26 PM

Hallstrom Signs Up For Swedish Detectives, But No Dragon Tattoos

Monday, February 7 by

Lasse Hallstrom has already jumped on board to direct the adaptation of the first book of a (new) Swedish detective series.


Decent Actor Richard Gere Close To Joining ‘Arbitrage’

Monday, February 7 by

Here’s some news that big pink dog will enjoy. Richard Gere is getting back in the game.


The New Pornographers Go All Apatow On Us

Monday, February 7 by

The New Pornographers have a new video and they’ve thrown a bone to struggling actors like Paul Rudd.


Wolverine Or Two Batmans?

Monday, February 7 by

Cannot be unseen.


Wayne And Garth Predict Oscars, Party Like It’s 1991

Monday, February 7 by

Dana Carvey hosted SNL this weekend, and Mike Myers joined him for the show’s cold open, featuring a brand new installment of Aurora, Illinois’ favorite public access show, Wayne’s World.


Robert Redford Sick Of Kids Asking Who He Is

Monday, February 7 by

Robert Redford wants to be bigger than Bieber.


Brooklyn Decker

Monday, February 7 by

Here’s something you may not have known: Brooklyn Decker looks good in a bikini.


2011 WGA Winners Have Action, Suspense, Ties

Monday, February 7 by

The 2011 Writers Guild Award winners are a lot of familiar names and faces.


Boyle’s Not Scared Of Werewolves With ‘Sharp Teeth’

Monday, February 7 by

Director Danny Boyle is thinking of returning to unconventional monster movie territory nine years after his terrifying zombie film ’28 Days Later’.


‘The Hobbit’ For Real Filming This March Seriously

Monday, February 7 by

The Hobbit plans to begin shooting in March, if God allows it.


Sundance: Morgan Spurlock Discusses The Advantages Of Selling Out

Monday, February 7 by

Number one: It lets you make a movie.


Cameron Hires Shawn Levy. Fantastic.

Monday, February 7 by

Shawn Levy has a lot on his plate, but you can’t really take a breather when James Cameron comes calling. So Levy has opted to direct the ‘Fantastic Voyage’ remake rather than die in a submarine “accident.”


Stallone Branching Out Into Action

Monday, February 7 by

With ‘The Expendables’, Sylvester Stallone paid homage to the gritty, bizarrely-cast, shoot ‘em up action flicks of the 1980′s. It looks like his next will pay homage to formulaic, generic cop action dramas.