Morena Baccarin

Tuesday, February 8 by

Morena Baccarin has a thing for sci-fi. Currently portraying the leader of a hostile alien race on ABC’s “V,” Baccarin previously boasted roles in space-opera cult favorite “Firefly” and “Stargate SG-1.”


Julia Roberts An Evil Queen For Real

Tuesday, February 8 by

Julia Roberts to laugh evilly for a change.


Famke Janssen Joins The Witch Hunt

Tuesday, February 8 by

She’s been keeping a low profile, but all of that is about to change. Famke Janssen has joined the cast of Tommy Wirkola’s Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.


Lohan Maybe Definitely Hypothetically Appearing In ‘Superman’

Tuesday, February 8 by

Today’s piece of questionable half-truth concerns Lindsay Lohan and her potential involvement as a cast member in Zack Snyder’s upcoming ‘Superman: Man of Steel’.


Anton Yelchin Sees Dead People

Tuesday, February 8 by

With everything Stephen King has ever written being adapted all over again, it makes sense that Dean Koontz would get some of the spillover. His Odd Thomas book series is getting the big screen treatment with Anton Yelchin squinting and looking permanently concerned as the protagonist.


Dakota Fanning To Have ‘Girls’ Night Out’ Finally

Tuesday, February 8 by

Dakota Fanning just wants to dance tonight.


Ed Helms Is A Cynical Bastard

Tuesday, February 8 by

He’s nothing like the characters he plays.


Meryl Streep Makes A Good Thatcher

Tuesday, February 8 by

Proving that there’s no woman alive or dead that she can’t imitate with authenticity, Meryl Streep has morphed into former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.


Keith Olbermann To Continue His Quest For Even Lower Ratings

Tuesday, February 8 by

When Keith Olbermann announced that he planned for even less people to see him on TV on a nightly basis by leaving his MSNBC show, many thought that it couldn’t be done.

Blue Valentine must have gotten her the role

‘Blue Valentine’ Director Sounds Like A Perv

Tuesday, February 8 by

He moved the stars into a house together and then tried to make them have sex. Somebody check to see if his employment history includes ‘The Real World’.


Jodie Foster Opens Her ‘Beaver’ Wide On May 6th, Not In March

Monday, February 7 by

The crazy Mel Gibson puppet movie has a later release date.


Super Bowl Blooper Girls Fergie and Aguilera Stick Together

Monday, February 7 by

Fergie defending Christina Aguilera is like Gallagher defending Carrot Top.


Paul Haggis Goes All ‘South Park’, Takes Big Dump On Scientology

Monday, February 7 by

Director Paul Haggis (‘Million Dollar Baby’) was a Scientologist and he wants you to know those guys suck.


Mr. Levy Will Turn ‘Mr. Men’ Into Little Miss Potential Movie Franchise

Monday, February 7 by

Fox is going to transform the ‘Mr. Men’ series of children’s books into an animated feature film, directed by Shawn Levy. No need to panic – I already hit the “Ruining My Childhood” button.


Tom Cruise Completely Snaps, Holds Brad Bird At Gunpoint

Monday, February 7 by

In the video, director Brad Bird retires from animation, then we see Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg holding him hostage.