9 Fictional Dictators We Love to Hate

Wednesday, February 23 by

For decades, filmmakers in need of a villain have turned to autocrats, and I doubt recent events in the Middle East will diminish their role.

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‘Soapdish’ Is The Remake That Hollywood Has Arbitrarily Chosen Today

Wednesday, February 23 by

Sure. Ok. Why not, I guess.


Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Creepy And Talkative Passenger

Wednesday, February 23 by

The second trailer for Duncan Jones’s Source Code wastes no time getting to the point. If you like your intrigue sprinkled with cool special effects and Jake Gyllenhaal jumping around on a train, this is your leading source of joy.

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Greengrass Greenlit For ‘Memphis’, 2013 Oscar Nod A Mere Formality

Wednesday, February 23 by

Will Paul Greengrass be able to steady his camera long enough to capture the final days of Dr. Martin Luther King?


Wolfgang Peterson Likes Watching Old Men Fight

Wednesday, February 23 by

Wolfgang Petersen has signed on to direct ‘Old Man’s War’.


Jack Got The Eyes Right

Wednesday, February 23 by

I won’t be commissioning a drawing from him anytime soon.


Malick’s Next Film To Feature Pretty White People & A Wheatfield

Wednesday, February 23 by

Even though his new film ‘Tree Of Life’ doesn’t open until the end of May, Terrence Malick’s follow up has already been shot.


Road To The Oscars: Rest Of The Nominees

Wednesday, February 23 by

Let us wind down our Oscar coverage and pick our favorites for the lesser-cared-about categories so we can turn our attention to more important matters, such as which Oscar gowns to dress our cats in on The Big Night.


Chris Columbus Has Seen A Korean Movie He’d Like To Ruin

Wednesday, February 23 by

America’s Least Objectionable Filmmaker Chris Columbus is apparently a fan of the cinema of Korea.


Alexandra Daddario

Wednesday, February 23 by

If you’re a fan of teen-oriented fantasy films (the kind without oversexed vampires) you might recognize Alexandra Daddario and her crazy-blue eyes from Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief.


Today’s Most Unlikely Mashup: Hip-Hop And Sam Rockwell’s ‘Moon’

Wednesday, February 23 by

It was only a matter of time before someone took the score and dialogue from Duncan Jones’ 2009 sci-fi film ‘Moon’ and mashed it up with hip-hop beats and a lonely rapper.


James Franco Doing Some Other Weird Thing Now

Wednesday, February 23 by

Noted neurophysiologist and Dadaist poet James Franco has unveiled his latest work.


‘The King’s Speech’ & Gay Porn Share Locations, Universal Acclaim

Wednesday, February 23 by

Not really, but the first part is 100% true!


‘Three Stooges’ Looking Less Likely To Strike Oscars Gold

Wednesday, February 23 by

While they haven’t found the right knuckleheads for their Three Stooges film, the Farrelly Brothers have mentioned a few of the folks who have been approached. They’ve got some tough choices ahead of them.


See The Trailer For Danny Boyle’s Stage ‘Frankenstein’

Wednesday, February 23 by

The second scariest use of morphing after that Michael Jackson video.