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New Jack Ryan Film To Be Written By Old Jack Ryan Film Writer

Wednesday, February 2 by

Jack Ryan is returning, but will be played by an entirely new handsome actor.


Alison Brie

Wednesday, February 2 by

You know her best as Annie on NBC’s ‘Community’.


‘Superman’ Producer Missing In Mexico, Telephone At Fortress Of Solitude Not Working

Wednesday, February 2 by

Producer Ilya Salkind literally missing in Mexico


Egypt Keeps Beating Up Our Anchors

Wednesday, February 2 by

The economically-depressed angry mobs of Egypt have absolutely no respect for our highly-paid news anchors.



Wednesday, February 2 by

Imagine all the things you can do with it!


Katerina Graham

Wednesday, February 2 by

Katerina Graham is a well-known face on the teen entertainment circuit, appearing in music videos for such Top 40 favorites as Justin Bieber and Will.I.Am, and regularly appearing on shows like “The Vampire Diaries” and “Hannah Montana.”


‘Invasion Earth’ To Be A Video Game, And Why Not, A Movie As Well

Wednesday, February 2 by

‘Invasion Earth’ will change the way you think about things you’re tired of thinking about.


Woody Allen’s Next Movie To Open Cannes, Stutter Nervously

Wednesday, February 2 by

BREAKING: Woody Allen has made another movie.


Patton Oswalt Doesn’t Read Your Tweets Unless They’re Three Dog Night Related

Wednesday, February 2 by

Patton Oswalt hosted the Visual Effects Society Awards, and his brand of irreverent sarcasm wasn’t always met with applause. Also, he’s too lazy to read @followers.


McBain! A Simpsons Classic Is Revived In (Mock) Movie Form

Wednesday, February 2 by

If you’re a fan of “The Simpsons” you’re familiar with the recurring character Rainer Wolfcastle. Someone has taken the time to cut together all of his film parody appearances, giving us a four-minute glimpse at what a full-on McBain movie might look like.


More Hotties Vy To Be Zack Snyder’s Lois Lane

Wednesday, February 2 by

The race for Lois Lane is in full swing. Zack Snyder has his first drop-out and two new contenders.


Chris Nolan Keepin’ It Real With ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Wednesday, February 2 by

Visual Effects Supervisor Paul Franklin says Catwoman will be all Anne, not like the Halle Berry cartoon.


We Grill ‘The Chicago Code’ Boys

Wednesday, February 2 by

Creator Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”) and stars Jason Clarke and Delroy Lindo lay down the law of land on their new Fox show.


Cast Of ‘Dallas’ Still Alive

Wednesday, February 2 by

TNT is helping Larry Hagman buy a new pool. He and a few other alums will be joining the previously cast attractive people Josh Henderson and Jordana Brewster.


‘Kung Fu Panda 2′ Writers Aren’t Even Trying

Wednesday, February 2 by

Why wait until Sunday to unveil the Super Bowl spot that you paid a kajillion dollars to air?