Old Sam Peckinpah Script ‘The Texans’ To Finally Become A Movie

Wednesday, January 19 by

It looks like the prospect of a new Peckinpah movie is a reality, kind of.


Watch The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair, If You Want

Wednesday, January 19 by

The thing Nicolas Cage will probably be remembered for is his appearance in YouTube videos like “Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit” and the above video, “The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair.”


Official Bidness: Anne Hathaway As Catwoman, Tom Hardy As Bane In ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Wednesday, January 19 by

Finally, we can quit all the B.S. rumors.


Buttload Of New ‘Muppets’, ‘Stranger Tides’, And ‘Green Lantern’ Pics

Wednesday, January 19 by

Check out these non-moving pictures from this summer’s biggest moving pictures.


What Will Happen On ‘American Idol’ Tonight

Wednesday, January 19 by

If I’m going to be forced to watch, I might as well make some predictions. If any of them come true, I’ll look like a genius. If not, no one will give a damn. So here’s my timeline of what you’ll see during tonight’s broadcast.


Surprise! Joe Johnston Thinks His ‘Captain America’ Is Really Good!

Wednesday, January 19 by

Captain America: The First Avenger is going to be one of 2011′s biggest blockbusters. Or at least it will be if Joe Johnston knows what he’s talking about.


Ryan Reynolds Gets A Girlfriend

Wednesday, January 19 by

French It Girl Nora Arnezeder has signed on to play Ryan Reynolds’s girlfriend in ‘Safe House.’ Not only that but a certain Hollywood heavyweight may join as well.


Ben Affleck Has His Pick Of Black List Bullsh*t

Wednesday, January 19 by

Thanks to The Town, Ben Affleck has put his history of terrible films in his rearview.


Internet Movie Firearm Database Guns Down The IMDB

Tuesday, January 18 by

Meet the website that’s in every NRA member’s Google Reader.


‘Heroes’ Creator Sells ‘Mute Autistic Super-Boy’ Series To Fox

Tuesday, January 18 by

In the end, it turns out the autistic boy’s life was the collective dream of everyone on the show ‘St. Elsewhere.’


TMZ Chuckles Heartily At New ‘Spider-Man’ Stunt Video

Tuesday, January 18 by

The TMZ dudes recording the video with their Flip thought Spider-Man’s flip was hilarious. Yeah, I bet they’re laughing cause they can do that stunt a whole lot better.


Bruce Willis Crushed Kevin Smith’s Soul, Exclaimed “Yippiee-Ki-Yay!”

Tuesday, January 18 by

Who’s to blame for ‘Cop Out’? Don’t look now, but I think the fat guy is glaring menacingly at baldy.


Judd Apatow Cries About Ricky Gervais To Twitter

Tuesday, January 18 by

The helmer of such hits as ’40 Year Old Virgin’ and ‘Knocked Up’ thought Gervais was too mean and snarky to the ‘poor wittle Howwywood Cewebwities.’

Screen shot 2011-01-18 at 5.36.20 PM

‘TimeCrimes’ Is Getting Remade? That Takes Us Back…

Tuesday, January 18 by

It looks like TimeCrimes will get an English-language redux, three years after the Spanish film grabbed a cult following at Sundance.


Step One: Buy The Batmobile, Step Two: Finally Achieve Happiness

Tuesday, January 18 by

You work hard, so why not treat yourself to one lousy Batmobile? You don’t want to see it end up in The Riddler’s hands, do you?