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Lautner In ‘Abduction’: “You’re Not My Real Dad!”

Friday, January 21 by

Taylor Lautner doesn’t appear to be hurting himself with his post-Twilight role selections.

Dutch guy

Some Dutch Guy Joins Fincher’s ‘Dragon Tattoo’

Friday, January 21 by

It’s not that unusual for parts remaining to be cast even at this late date — today’s example is Yorick van Wageningen.


Aaron Sorkin Really Loves Writing About TV Control Rooms

Friday, January 21 by

Break out the Steadicam! Aaron Sorkin is returning to television.


Lisa Edelstein Dishes On ‘House’ Romance

Friday, January 21 by

Cuddy offers up her thoughts on dating a smart-ass misanthropic doctor with a bum leg.


Valerie Cruz

Friday, January 21 by

Before she signed up to play a do-good doctor without borders in “Off the Map,” Valerie Cruz spent some time on the opposite end of the medical spectrum.

Extremely Loud

Jeffrey Wright And Viola Davis Are Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

Friday, January 21 by

Two new additions to ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’ round out an already impressive cast


But This Site Loves Them

Friday, January 21 by

I cannot condone Mr. Smith’s behavior.


Antoine Dodson Extends Already Inexplicable Career

Friday, January 21 by

Antoine Dodson, of ‘Bed Intruder’ fame(?), is the subject of a new reality TV show. Hide your networks, hide your ratings, cuz they makin’ pilots out of everrrrrrrything up in here.


‘Breaking Dawn’ Title All Written Out

Friday, January 21 by

With The ‘Twilight Saga’ drawing to a close after just two more box office cash grabs, many are curious what the movie’s title treatment will look like (just go with it). Friends, your day has come.


Daniels, Perabo, and Segan Get Into Future Waste Management

Friday, January 21 by

Some intriguing new casting news for Brick and Brothers Bloom director Rian Johnson’s upcoming science fiction movie Looper.


Will Gluck Time Warps To The 80s For ‘About Last Night’

Friday, January 21 by

What ‘About Last Night’? Something about sex, most likely.


Netflix Instant Distractions Of the Week

Friday, January 21 by

Can’t pick what to watch from the Netflix instant movies menu? We’re here to help.


Mark Ruffalo Heads To Sex Rehab

Friday, January 21 by

Mark Ruffalo will likely whisper and squint his way through writer Stuart Blumberg’s follow up to The Kid’s Are All Right.


You Read They’re Making A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Movie

Friday, January 21 by

It looks like the new Red Crown Productions is working on a movie and possible franchise based on the Choose Your Own Adventure series.


Sundance Review: Project Nim

Friday, January 21 by

For opening night of Sundance, there were only a few selections. I chose the one with a monkey.