Stephen Dorff And Emile Hirsch Are Irresponsible Drivers

Thursday, February 10 by

Stephen Dorff and Emile Hirsch flee their Reno motel room after a deadly hit-and-run accident. Seems like something Stephen Dorff would do.


Exclusive Interview: Sandler & Aniston Defend Pick-Up Tactics, Give Plastic Surgery Tips

Thursday, February 10 by

In this installment of Thinking Out Loud, Michael Kosta sits down and not so silently comments on his interview with Sandler & Aniston.


Jason Statham Called Upon Once Again For His Transporting Skills

Thursday, February 10 by

Put on your rubber underwear because I have surprising news. Jason Statham is circling a movie about a fellow who needs to deliver an item from point A to point B.


J. J. Abrams Sells New Sci-Fi Drama, Nation Shocked

Thursday, February 10 by

In Hollywood, you can go to a bank, give them a new sci-fi drama pilot script with J. J. Abrams’ name attached, and the bank will give you money. It’s basically currency.


‘Wonder Woman’ Ropes In Director Jeffrey Reiner With Ridiculous Truth Lasso?

Wednesday, February 9 by

This show will take Wonder Woman completely seriously, with her lie detector lasso and invisible plane you can see the pilot inside.


New ‘X-Men: First Class’ Pic Reveals Magneto’s Crazy Room

Wednesday, February 9 by

“Would you like to see my collection of expensive, metal wall plate thingies?”


Shane Black May ‘Bang Bang’ Out ‘Iron Man 3′

Wednesday, February 9 by

Seems like #3 in these Marvel trilogies is the easiest to screw up (see ‘Spider-Man 3′, ‘X-Men 3′, or better yet – don’t), but Black is a strong candidate.


Old People Alert: Annette Bening and Morgan Freeman To Star In Rob Reiner Movie

Wednesday, February 9 by

It’s a movie I hope will make ‘The Bucket List’ look like the next ‘Spy Kids’ installment.


The Banksy Situation: How Does The Academy Give An Award To A Masked Man?

Wednesday, February 9 by

The act of presenting an Oscar to a man in a monkey mask would cause a monocle-dropping pandemic the likes of which the world has never seen.


‘Highlander’ Gets ‘Twilight’-ified, Because That’s Where The Money Is

Wednesday, February 9 by

Summit hired ‘Twilight Saga’ writer Melissa Rosenberg to pen their upcoming reboot/remake/refart of ‘Highlander.’


Links Away: John Hamm Discusses Butthole Surfing

Wednesday, February 9 by

In this clip, John Hamm reads from comedy writer John Glaser’s new book, My Dead Dad Was In ZZ Top. The subject? Top secret military butthole surfing.

Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.59.49 PM

Garfield, Garner, and Harden Are Going To Show Us How Tough Life Can Be

Wednesday, February 9 by

Oprah’s so powerful that she can recommend a book in her book club, then 11 years later, like *that*, it will be made into a moderate-budget movie.

Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 4.18.12 PM

D.J. Caruso Does Not Fear ‘The Reaper’ (Cue Cowbell)

Wednesday, February 9 by

D.J. Caruso has been picked to direct the adaptation of the acclaimed novel Beat the Reaper.


Sundance: Mark Pellington Talks ‘I Melt With You’ Controversy And ‘The Orphanage’ Remake

Wednesday, February 9 by

Did it hurt Mark’s feelings when 46 People walked out of the press screening for his film?


New Trailer Explains Why Madea Exists

Wednesday, February 9 by

I’ve always been puzzled as to how Madea is a thing. This new trailer for ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family’ answers that question. Note: the answer doesn’t give the closure you want.