I Love Sarah Jane

Zombie Short ‘I Love Sarah Jane’ To Be Turned Into Zombie Movie

Tuesday, March 1 by

‘I Love Sarah Jane’, despite the title, is about zombies.


Ashley Jones

Tuesday, March 1 by

“House” actress Ashley Jones isn’t the most recognizable actress, but she maintains a distinct, dedicated following, primarily among fans of her soap opera work.


‘Terra Nova’ Teaser Has Fancy Dina-Saurs!

Tuesday, March 1 by

It doesn’t even matter if ‘Terra Nova’ is good. Just put dinosaurs on my TV every week, please.


Hey Stoners, Here’s New ThunderCats Footage

Tuesday, March 1 by

ThunderCats, Hoooooly god I’m so high right now.


Apatow Wants Colin Firth To Join His Gang

Tuesday, March 1 by

Judd Apatow still wants Paul Rudd to knock up his wife and wants Colin Firth to join in on the fun too!


Don’t Make Him Get Rudy Involved

Tuesday, March 1 by

He’s just trying to save the trees.


Johnny Knoxville Offers Up ‘Jackass 3.5′ Spoilers

Tuesday, March 1 by

He told us some of the crazy stunts we’ll see in the digital exclusive sequel.


Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Want ‘The Fighter’ Gravy Train To Stop

Tuesday, March 1 by

‘The Fighterer’?


Review: Breakout Kings

Tuesday, March 1 by

If the plots remain snappy there’d be no reason to miss “Breakout Kings.”


Mandy Moore To Co-Star With A Dark Presence

Tuesday, March 1 by

Will it be as intense as ‘Buried’? (No)


Tom Hooper Has His Pick Of Boring Projects

Tuesday, March 1 by

‘The King’s Speech’ director has his pick of Oscar bait projects after bringing the little guy home on Sunday night.


Review: Rango

Tuesday, March 1 by

Rango is so weird I can’t believe they got to make this movie.


The Worst Of The Best: Robert De Niro

Tuesday, March 1 by

One of the greatest actors of his, or any, generation has starred in a lot of crap.



Tuesday, March 1 by

Director: Dana Adam Shapiro Cast: Chris Messina, Rashida Jones, Meital Dohan Synopsis: A photographer, engaged to be married, becomes obsessed with a prostitute. Release Date: Apri 24, 2010


Chuck Lorre Is Out This Bitch

Tuesday, March 1 by

Chuck Lorre just quit the “pukefest that everyone worships” via a rambling, humorless vanity card. His style is consistent if nothing else.