All ‘Snow White’ News Day Continues With Julia Roberts Casting

Wednesday, February 2 by

Not to be upstaged by Kristen Stewart, even though she totally is getting upstaged, Julia Roberts is close to nabbing the part of the Evil Queen in ‘The Brother’s Grimm: Snow White’.


Viacom Brings Its Smartest Shows Back To Hulu: ‘Colbert’, ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Jersey Shore’

Wednesday, February 2 by

National productivity: your days are numbered.


Johnny Depp Gets LEGO’d, Because All Things Must Get LEGO’d

Wednesday, February 2 by

Johnny Depp is the latest to get the LEGO treatment, specifically for his role as swishbuckler Captain Jack Sparrow.


Captain America Shows Us His Little Bucky In New Movie Still

Wednesday, February 2 by

Take a sneak peak at Cap’s sidekick Bucky Barnes, and find out what director Joe Johnston has to say about Bucky’s new “bad boy” baditude.


Good News: ‘Futurama’ Gets 8th Season, Thankfully No More DVD Movies

Wednesday, February 2 by

According to Katie Segal (Leela), Comedy Central is funding the continued adventures of Fry, Leela, Bender and Earth’s most unqualified crab-man doctor for another season.


Kristen Stewart Is Neck-Bitingly Close To Playing Snow White

Wednesday, February 2 by

She’s probably as excited as a school girl staring at a vampire man’s chiseled, glittery abs.

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‘Pet Semetary’ Remake Is Available To Direct If You’re Interested

Wednesday, February 2 by

Ten months later, the script for Pet Semetary is really, really close to being done. Seriously, it’s very close to completion.


Links Away: Volkswagen’s Star Wars-Themed Superbowl Commercial

Wednesday, February 2 by

The folks at Volkswagen have long been known for their creative advertising, and this Superbowl commercial continues that tradition.


9 Other Journalists Who Need To Get Punched

Wednesday, February 2 by

What right did those Egyptians have to attack him, especially when there are so many other journalists worthy of a beating. Here are 9 examples.

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This Is Gonna Be Cool: ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ Return To MTV This Summer

Wednesday, February 2 by

Will fans of the original be able to enjoy, or even tolerate these characters 17 years later?


Freaky Dude And Pretty Girl In Talks For Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’

Wednesday, February 2 by

Here’s some casting that makes perfect sense. Tim Burton has his sights on virginal Bella Heathcoate and professional creepazoid Jackie Earle Haley for his stab at Dark Shadows.


Gale Anne Hurd Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2

Wednesday, February 2 by

The show’s executive producer offers up her thoughts on the continuation of the zombie apocalypse.

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Vanity Fair Kind Enough To Remind Us That Movie Stars Are Really Rich

Wednesday, February 2 by

Vanity Fair has recently released a list of the 40 highest-paid people in film, and it should come as no surprise that the numbers are downright gaudy.

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MacDonald Doesn’t (Puff, Puff) Pass On Bob Marley Doc

Wednesday, February 2 by

The Last King of Scotland helmer Kevin MacDonald has jumped on board to direct a new Bob Marley documentary.


9 ‘Days’ That Make Reliving ‘Groundhog Day’ Look Easy

Wednesday, February 2 by

The filmmakers chose Groundhog Day because they felt it was the most mundane. And while spending an eternity stuck in Punxsutawney would surely be maddening, it could be worse. Here are 9 ‘Days’ that make being stuck in Groundhog Day look good by comparison.