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Paramount Pictures May Have a Man-Crush On Johnny Knoxville

Thursday, March 3 by

Johnny Knoxville is going to play a hard-partying man whose wife is elected president. Like Bill Clinton is going to be one day.

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Dan Fogelman Has Conquered Screenwriting, Moving On To Directing, Thank You

Thursday, March 3 by

The one you don’t recognize is Fogelman.

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Little Rowboats, Hitler, And The Weinsteins: A Winning Combination

Thursday, March 3 by

Those Winklevoss boys made rowing hot again.


Win Win

Thursday, March 3 by

Director: Thomas McCarthy Cast:


Deciphering The Poetry Of Charlie Sheen

Thursday, March 3 by

Come with us as we decipher the poetry of Charlie Sheen. Winning.



Thursday, March 3 by

Director: Neil Burger Cast: Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Robert De Niro Synopsis: A copywriter discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities. Release Date: March 18, 2011


Good To See Bruce Boxleitner Working Again In ‘Tron: Uprising’ Trailer

Thursday, March 3 by

Are you curious about what happened on the Grid in the 28 cyber-years between Tron and Tron: Legacy? Thankfully you won’t have to wait three decades to find out.


The Only City Mighty Enough For The Avengers To Call Home? Cleveland

Thursday, March 3 by

Maybe the whole film is about a supervisit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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Bruce Willis Coupling With A Woman His Own Age In ‘Lay The Favorite’

Thursday, March 3 by

Lay the Favorite has swapped production partners and gained a Welsh woman of indeterminate ethnic origin in Catherine Zeta-Jones.


‘Conan The Barbarian’ Has One Of Those Motion Posters Everyone Seems To Like

Thursday, March 3 by

Conan the Barbarian would like to remind you that he still has that biopic coming out this August.

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Olivia Wilde Looks Regal, Kinky In Disney Photo Campaign

Thursday, March 3 by

Disney has done what every other entity does when it wants attention – call Olivia Wilde.


Rutger Hauer Explains His Career

Thursday, March 3 by

From a replicant to a hobo with a shotgun, Hauer has had a varied path.


New ‘Captain America’ Photo Shows Why The Red Skull Is Called That

Thursday, March 3 by

Oh, THAT’S why he’s called The Red Skull.


Chloe Moretz And Every Other Young Actress Want In On ‘Hunger Games’

Thursday, March 3 by

The list of talented young actresses who have read for this film is intense.


11 Classic Deformed Movie Characters

Thursday, March 3 by

Beastly is basically the retelling of Beauty and the Beast, except the beast in question is just a bald dude with a bunch of facial tattoos. I’m not sure that really qualifies as beastly. People pay to have that sh*t done.