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Scorsese’s Sinatra Biopic To Have That “Scott Rudin Feeling”

Monday, March 7 by

Maybe now it will actually get made.


Alex Pettyfer Might Play Handsome Young Dude In ‘The Hunger Games’

Monday, March 7 by

Alex Pettyfer of ‘I Am Number Four’ and ‘Beastly’ might make a young adult lit adaptation hat trick with Gary Ross’s ‘The Hunger Games’.


There’s Going To Be An ‘Inhumans’ Movie

Monday, March 7 by

This is just getting ridiculous.


Candace Kroslak

Monday, March 7 by

Take Me Home Tonight actress Candace Kroslak is best known for her work on the Swedish-American soap opera “Ocean Ave.”


Michelle Rodriguez On Playing Women Who Can Kick Your Ass

Monday, March 7 by

The ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ star has masculine and feminine in the same body.


She Definitely Said Yes

Monday, March 7 by

I hope Lisa’s a virtual girlfriend.


Eliza Dushku

Monday, March 7 by

A hottie screen actress, TV star, and men’s magazine covergirl, who is most recognizable for parts on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.


FOX Pays Way More Than Five Hundred For ‘The Five Hundred’

Monday, March 7 by

Maybe you should finally finish your novel.


Tom Petty’s Daughter To Direct ‘Saw’- Er, I Mean ‘Suffocate’

Monday, March 7 by

Adria Petty, daughter of singer songwriter Tom Petty, is slated to direct a horror/thriller about some people and a house and some booby traps and stuff.


‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ Is Maybe Actually Happening Soonish

Monday, March 7 by

Producer says this is filming in June. He must not be familiar with how movies get made.

Total Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger Making Up For Wasted Time As Governor

Monday, March 7 by

Wait, so he’s definitely not going to be in ‘Avatar’?


‘The Walking Dead’ Survivors Will Hide Out In A Prison

Monday, March 7 by

What could possibly go wrong in jail?


Weekend Box Office Report: More ‘Rango’, Please!

Monday, March 7 by

It would have made twice as much if Jon Lovitz had been voicing the lead role.


Shane Black Talks His Plans To Make ‘Iron Man 3′ Less Stupid

Monday, March 7 by

We’re all excited to see that Shane Black is directing the sequel. Especially now that we know what he’s going to do with the sequel.


James Franco Drops Out Of ‘While We’re Young’, Hell Freezes Over

Sunday, March 6 by

BREAKING: Upcoming movie will not feature James Franco.