Apatow Wants Colin Firth To Join His Gang

Tuesday, March 1 by

Judd Apatow still wants Paul Rudd to knock up his wife and wants Colin Firth to join in on the fun too!


Don’t Make Him Get Rudy Involved

Tuesday, March 1 by

He’s just trying to save the trees.


Johnny Knoxville Offers Up ‘Jackass 3.5′ Spoilers

Tuesday, March 1 by

He told us some of the crazy stunts we’ll see in the digital exclusive sequel.


Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Want ‘The Fighter’ Gravy Train To Stop

Tuesday, March 1 by

‘The Fighterer’?


Review: Breakout Kings

Tuesday, March 1 by

If the plots remain snappy there’d be no reason to miss “Breakout Kings.”


Mandy Moore To Co-Star With A Dark Presence

Tuesday, March 1 by

Will it be as intense as ‘Buried’? (No)


Tom Hooper Has His Pick Of Boring Projects

Tuesday, March 1 by

‘The King’s Speech’ director has his pick of Oscar bait projects after bringing the little guy home on Sunday night.


Review: Rango

Tuesday, March 1 by

Rango is so weird I can’t believe they got to make this movie.


The Worst Of The Best: Robert De Niro

Tuesday, March 1 by

One of the greatest actors of his, or any, generation has starred in a lot of crap.



Tuesday, March 1 by

Director: Dana Adam Shapiro Cast: Chris Messina, Rashida Jones, Meital Dohan Synopsis: A photographer, engaged to be married, becomes obsessed with a prostitute. Release Date: Apri 24, 2010


Chuck Lorre Is Out This Bitch

Tuesday, March 1 by

Chuck Lorre just quit the “pukefest that everyone worships” via a rambling, humorless vanity card. His style is consistent if nothing else.


‘Spider-Man’ Set Photos Preview ‘Amazing’ Sweatpants

Monday, February 28 by

Spider-Man, Spider-Man / Eatin’ stuff / On the set…


‘Devil May Cry’ Fans May Cry Over Bad Game-To-Movie Adaptation

Monday, February 28 by

Screen Gems is gonna load Capcom’s ‘Devil May Cry’ into the Hollywood Game System and press play, in order to make some serious gold coin.


‘Pretender’ Stars Oscar Winner Melissa Leo, Oscar Nom Jesse Eisenberg, Oscar-Nothing Tracy Morgan

Monday, February 28 by

I’d like Tracy Morgan to make a good movie for once. Let’s make this happen, everybody.


Josh Brolin Developing ‘Hunchback’ For Tim Burton To Ruin

Monday, February 28 by

Tim Burton’s ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’? I can picture the Hot Topic merchandise already.