Netflix Instant Distraction

Friday, January 28 by

Our weekly roundup of the best Netflix instant distractions continues.


Road To The Oscars: ‘Black Swan’

Friday, January 28 by

It was visually stunning and contained ballet sequences impressive enough that I can say so without having to punch something lest my masculinity be called into question.


Tracy Morgan Likes The Naughty Secretary Look

Friday, January 28 by

It’s funny that Tracy Morgan began his career on live television considering he can’t be allowed near a live-feed without a predictably unpredictable outburst. As TNT just found out.


James Cameron To Dominate Your Twitter Feed

Friday, January 28 by

Director/adventurer/submarine captain James Cameron is embarking on his latest journey 140 characters at a time.


Oh My God

Friday, January 28 by

They killed an extremely lifelike version of that “South Park” character named Kenny.


Camilla Belle

Friday, January 28 by

Camilla Belle is one of those names that everyone seems know but few people seem to know why.


Adam Sandler May Become A ‘Fat Man’

Friday, January 28 by

Adam Sandler’s played many roles, from Stupid Adam Sandler to Angry Adam Sandler, but now he could face his biggest acting challenge to date: Adam Sandler In a Gigantic Fat Suit.

dark of the moon

Old Folk Tale ‘Dark Of The Moon’ In The Works, Doesn’t Even Have A Toy Line

Friday, January 28 by

Shocker: Transformers 3 contains at least one unoriginal element.


More Spit Takes Than You Can Spit A Drink At

Friday, January 28 by

Are you ready for nearly five minutes of cinematic spit takes? I don’t think you are, but sometimes you just have to throw yourself into these things head first.


Sundance Review: Corman’s World

Friday, January 28 by

Tells the Roger Corman story, in his words and, even better, in the words of his famous employees.


‘American Idol’ Recap: Nashville

Friday, January 28 by

Tonight, the T.V. gods were merciful, and the Nashville edition of “American Idol” was only an hour long. But despite the more manageable length, it still managed to leave me feeling sore and violated.


Bloom Back To Period Pieces in ‘Laureate’

Friday, January 28 by

Orlando Bloom has been out of the spotlight of starring roles for a few years, but he’s about to reclaim his throne as the king of period pieces in William Nunez’s “The Laureate.”


Mark Waters Going Back In Time To Assassinate Yoko Ono

Friday, January 28 by

How can you make a Beatles movie without permission from The Beatles?


CW Considering Zombie Show For The Ladies

Friday, January 28 by

Hot off the runaway success of The Walking Dead, CW is considering giving teenage girls a zombie show of their very own.


Sundance Review: Life In A Day

Friday, January 28 by

Life in a Day was made by asking YouTube filmmakers to submit footage about what their day was like on July 24, 2010. I would assume that such an endeavor would generate a lot of really pretentious footage. If you’re like me, you would be right.