‘The Art Of Flight’ Is The Best Snowboarding Film Since ‘Most Xtreme Primate’

Friday, February 18 by

It’s like snowboard porn. Not the Cinemax kind.


Mushmouth Is Going To Pull Through

Friday, February 18 by

At the beginning of the week, we all wondered what caused reporter Serene Branson to sound like a “Twin Peaks” dream sequence during her Grammys recap. Now, Branson describes what happened in her own words. This time in English, please!


‘The King’s Speech’ Band Might Get Back Together

Friday, February 18 by

The bros who put ‘The King’s Speech’ together might be working on another joint.


‘American Idol’ Recrap: Solo Night

Friday, February 18 by

I’m not sure what to make of “American Idol.” With only 100 contestants left, most of the people I hate have been sent home. And since I’m incapable of love, I feel empty and alone, much like the 50 losers from last night’s “solo night” show.


Juliette Binoche To Ride Robert Pattinson’s Coattails In ‘Cosmopolis’

Friday, February 18 by

Juliette Binoche is getting in on that sweet Pattinson action.


Avert Your Eyes, Howie Mandel And Fox Are Going To Flash Us

Friday, February 18 by

Howie Mandel, that merry prankster, is at it again with a hidden camera special on Fox. That’s what I would say if I was amused by Howie Mandel.


Brit Marling

Friday, February 18 by

It’s likely that Brit Marling’s appearance in “Community” last week resulted in a flurry of Google action directed at finding out who that cute blonde girl was that Gillian Jacobs made out with.


Alyssa Milano Has Shiny New Cans In ‘Hall Pass’ Red Band Trailer

Friday, February 18 by

Now featuring the film’s actual jokes.

Akira movie poster

NERD ALERT: ‘Harry Potter’ Screenwriter Tackling Live-Action ‘Akira’

Friday, February 18 by

The live-action ‘Akira’ will have a dash of Kloves in it.


Steve Carell Joins Meryl Streep For ‘Great Hope Springs’, Smart Career Decisions

Friday, February 18 by

Steve Carell seems determined to make his post-TV career more Ashton Kutcher than Michael Richards, with a slew of solid film choices.


Jude Law To Swap Spit With Anthony Hopkins

Friday, February 18 by

Jude Law is putting his talent for sleeping with castmates up on the big screen. He has joined the gang bang that is Fernando Meirelles’s relationship drama 360.


Director Of ‘Ice Age’ To Tell ‘The Story of Ferdinand’

Friday, February 18 by

Ferdinand the Bull is about to go Hollywood.


Colin Firth Wanted For Appropriately British Role In ‘My Fair Lady’ Remake

Friday, February 18 by

The idea machine that is Hollywood has cooked up a real corker of a concept: British diction specialist Colin Firth should star in a remake of My Fair Lady.


Director Of ‘Unknown’ And ‘Orphan’ Thinks He’s Good Enough To Ruin Other People’s Movies

Friday, February 18 by

Another day, another remake announcement.


Nemo Grew A Pair

Friday, February 18 by

I find the legs more disturbing.