Jonas Åkerlund Making ‘Small Apartments’ With Matt Lucas

Thursday, January 27 by

Music video director Jonas Åkerlund has his next project lined up.


Duhamel Added To Pile Of Attractive People In ‘New Year’s Eve’

Thursday, January 27 by

Josh Duhamel, the handsome-white-guy-from-the-thing, has been added to the cast of Garry Marshall’s New Years Eve, joining the likes of Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher, and Jessica Biel, among others.


Rachel Melvin

Thursday, January 27 by

Before her guest spot on “House” earlier this week, Rachel Melvin was a regular on the long-running daytime soap “Days of Our Lives.”


Large Iron Man, Extra Pepperoni

Thursday, January 27 by

What a Maaaaaaaaaaaarvel-ous pie.


New NBCUniversal Logo Is Totally Peacockless

Thursday, January 27 by

The corporate overlords at Comcast have revealed the new logo for NBCUniversal.


Redundant: Giamatti Talks ‘Hangover 2′ Villain And Mel Gibson

Thursday, January 27 by

It was hard to hear over the screams of the pitchfork-toting villagers when Mel Gibson being cast in The Hangover 2. The following storm of updates jumbled truth and rumor against one another create a half-truth stew. Now we have a few small bits of confirmation.


Darren Aronofsky To Sell Cologne Instead

Thursday, January 27 by

Darren Aronofsky, hot off of Black Swan, is re-teaming with one of the highlights of that movie, Vincent Cassel.


Jessica Biel

Thursday, January 27 by

So many good things about her.


Sundance Review: Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey

Thursday, January 27 by

If you’ve ever been a kid watching “Sesame Street,” Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey is pure nostalgia.


Another Actual Talent Signs On To Adapt A Video Game

Thursday, January 27 by

“Deadwood” creator David Milch has reason to crack open the peaches. He is writing an adaptation of the PS3 mystery thriller ‘Heavy Rain.’


Sundance Review: My Idiot Brother

Thursday, January 27 by

Seemed more like the average studio comedy than a Sundance movie. There were a few inspired moments but mostly embarrassing misfires.


Robert Pattinson Wants To Be Jeff Buckley, Has 6 Years To Live

Thursday, January 27 by

Here’s a bit of Robert Pattinson news, lest you think he was going to disintegrate completely after Twilight.


Will Matt Reeves Get To Make His Passion Project?

Thursday, January 27 by

Personally, I would prefer we had a Cloverfield in theaters every Halloween instead of the recent crop of recrudescent genre entries. Sadly that’s not the case and it looks like Cloverfield 2 may be further off than we expected.


‘Hobbit’ Delayed For The Nine-Hundredth Time

Thursday, January 27 by

Looks like Peter Jackson won’t be Hobbiting just yet. Production on the Lord Of The Rings prequel has been delayed due to Jackson’s stomach trying to kill him.


‘American Idol’ Recap: Milwaukee

Thursday, January 27 by

Milwaukee native and former Idol contestant Danny Gokey was on hand to give false hope to delusional contestants. And if you’re looking for delusional people, a Rustbelt city like Milwaukee does not disappoint.