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Gee, Great: Stephanie Meyer’s Post-Twilight Adaptation Has A Director

Thursday, February 10 by

An adaptation of ‘Twilight’ author Stephanie Meyer’s most recent work, ‘The Host,’ now has a director attached to it.


Ryan Gosling Is Ready To Be An Action Star

Thursday, February 10 by

Having had enough with the craft services available on independent film sets, Ryan Gosling would like to move onto projects with better food like ‘Logan’s Run’.

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‘Abraham Lincoln’ Has A BFF In Anthony Mackie

Thursday, February 10 by

Unlike its Austen-based zombie sibling, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ seems to get its house in order more and more every day.


9-Year-Old Tanzanian Boy The Next Leonard Maltin?

Thursday, February 10 by

You’ve never heard the plot of ‘Commando’ described by a nine year old Tanzanian boy, right? If you have, your life is a lot more interesting than mine.


Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week

Thursday, February 10 by

We continue with our weekly rundown of the best, the weirdest, and the most decently okay titles available to stream instantly on Netflix.


Fares Fares Will Have His Name In Lights

Thursday, February 10 by

Man, how many bad guys are in Safe House? And how do they all know the location of this Safe House?

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‘Hey, Hermano!’: ‘Miguel’ Cera To Speak Only Spanish In His Next Role?

Thursday, February 10 by

Michael Cera can’t be accused of playing himself again in his next film if he speaks only in Spanish. Can he?


AMC’s ‘The Killing’ Gets Release Date, Super Serious Photos

Thursday, February 10 by

I know it’s about a killing, but is so much brooding necessary?


‘Arthur’ Trailer Boasts More Of Brand’s Cheekiness

Thursday, February 10 by

Hide your tea, hide your crumpets, because Russell Brand is getting DOWNRIGHT CHEEKY all over errybody in this first trailer for the upcoming remake of ‘Arthur’.


Rachel Specter

Thursday, February 10 by

Known primarily for her commercial work, Rachel Specter is taking another stab at the big screen with an appearance in Adam Sandler’s latest offering, Just Go With It.


Ferris Bueller, You’re My Hero

Thursday, February 10 by

I bet Rooney’s more treacherous than King Koopa.


Everyone Loves A Pain Killer Addicted Adulterer

Thursday, February 10 by

Enjoy the trailer for season 3 of Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie.”


‘American Idol’ Recap: San Francisco

Thursday, February 10 by

Last night was the final episode of the “American Idol” auditions, and what better way to end this sh#t show than with a fart. No, really. The show began with a teary-eyed girl complaining that the judges wouldn’t let her finish after she ripped ass.


Amber Heard Latest Actress To Probably Not Play ‘Red Sonja’

Thursday, February 10 by

After the false start a few years back that only resulted in a Rose McGowan with sexy red hair poster, it looks like the project is back up.


UPDATED: Charlie Hunnam Has Strong Thoughts On ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ And ‘The Ledge’

Thursday, February 10 by

Sundance interviews tend to be brief, as talent races from place to place. We still had time to discuss the deep themes of the film and get a scoop on “Sons.”