New Photos from ‘Scream 4′ Have No Screams Or Stabbings

Thursday, March 3 by

Scream at photos from ‘Scream 4′


Michael Bay Owns Up To ‘Transformers 2′s’ Suckage

Thursday, March 3 by

There are two types of people. Those who were let down by Transformers 2, and those who haven’t seen Transformers 2. Count Michael Bay as the former.


New ‘Something Borrowed’ Trailer Arrives Off Of The Assembly Line

Thursday, March 3 by

If you like blonde vs. brunette romantic comedies that involve love triangles, look no further.


Kevin Spacey Working On His English Accent

Thursday, March 3 by

Spacey. Fincher. Thatcher.


Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week

Thursday, March 3 by

The best, the worst, and the best-when-you’re-drunk movies available to watch instantly on Netflix.


Olivia Thirlby Joins De Niro And Dano In ‘Suck City’

Thursday, March 3 by

The actress has signed on for a role opposite Paul Dano and Robert De Niro in ‘Another Bullshit Night In Suck City’. Expect skinny emotions and squinting.


Eliza Coupe

Thursday, March 3 by

Fans of the later “Scrubs” episodes got a pleasant surprise last week when Eliza Coupe showed up on NBC’s “Community” sporting a pair of dark aviators and a pantsuit.


Lionel’s Missing

Thursday, March 3 by

If it were Nicole Ritchie I wouldn’t be as concerned.


Trailer For ‘Legend Of The Fist’ Has Kicking, Punching, And Shooting

Thursday, March 3 by

Sorry, this is not the Dreamworks Animation film ‘Legend of the Fish’


Soooo ‘Phantom Menace’ In 3D Is Really Happening

Thursday, March 3 by

If you don’t gouge your eyes out before February 12, 2012, you might accidentally see ‘The Phantom Menace’ in 3D.


Rumor Alert: Sheen And Reznor To Try Acting Again?

Thursday, March 3 by

Trent Reznor might return to acting, and Charlie Sheen might continue acting… crazy.


Aliens Looking For A Fight In ‘Attack The Block’ Trailer

Thursday, March 3 by

Ever since Shaun Of The Dead, people have wondered, “Hey, when will we get something else like Shaun Of The Dead?” The answer is, right now.


Elizabeth Hurley To Wrestle Around With Wonder Woman

Thursday, March 3 by

Elizabeth Hurley thinks Wonder Woman needs to be held down by force.


See The New Red-Band Trailer For ‘Rubber’ With Multiple Head Explosions!

Thursday, March 3 by

Won’t you help against the scourge of murderous telepathic tires?


Jake Gyllenhaal Up For Cops N’ Robbers Talkie

Thursday, March 3 by

It’s far time that Jake Gyllenhaal add ‘police officer’ to the back of his head shot.