Who Would You Rather Be Stranded In The Woods With: Busey Or Cage?

Friday, March 11 by

If you woke up in the wilderness with either Gary Busey or Nicolas Cage, who would you trust to get you out alive? Fight!

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‘Terra Nova’ To Fans: You Will Wait Until Fall To Enjoy Our Program

Friday, March 11 by

If you were excited about the two-part “Terra Nova” preview in May, you are now disappointed by the news that there will be no preview.


Don’t Expect To See Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Great Gatsby’ Anytime Soon

Friday, March 11 by

He wants to spend a good amount of time really exploring the world of Fitzgerald (re: drink bourbon).

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The Real Star Of NBC’s New Game Show Will Be The Broken Ankles

Friday, March 11 by

NBC has decided to make a progressive, risky move and remake a game show from the entertainment capital of the world, Israel.


Congratulations Nerds, ‘RASL’ Being Set Up For Film Deal

Friday, March 11 by

Lionel Wigram, the man responsible for turning Sherlock Holmes into a bare knuckle brawler, has a new project he’d like to bring to the screen.

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Gina Carano Just Beating The Hell Out Of People In ‘Haywire’

Friday, March 11 by

It appears to be Ewan McGregor’s turn to pay the fiddler in these stills.


10 Lame-Ass Batman Villains Who Should Never Be In A Film

Friday, March 11 by

No matter who is chosen as the next villain, I’m sure the film will be awesome. Unless, of course, Christopher Nolan has started smoking crack, and decides to go with one of these 9 lame-asses.

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Finally, A Movie Will Be Made About An Alcoholic Writer

Friday, March 11 by

A charming, alcoholic writer? That could exist in real life.


Hollywood Wants YOU* (*Males 21-25 Who Sing) For ‘Rock Of Ages’

Friday, March 11 by

Now YOU can be a part of the action! Hollywood! Glamor! Hair metal! ‘Hairspray’ director Adam Shankman!

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Regardless Of His Role, Danny Huston Will Get Yelled At By Nic Cage In ‘Medallion’

Friday, March 11 by

This is a preview of what Danny Huston will look like as the cab driver, if that’s his role.


Enter The ‘Hobo With A Shotgun’ Grindhouse Trailer Contest!

Friday, March 11 by

Your chance at exploitation glory has arrived!


‘Eastbound And Down’ Will Be F#ckin’ Out After Third Season

Friday, March 11 by

Maybe this means they’ll release Kenny Powers’ audiobook.


Someone’s Gotta Thing For Selleck

Friday, March 11 by

I get the piece with the mustache.


Taryn Southern

Friday, March 11 by

Battle: Los Angeles actress Taryn Southern is the epitomy of the Hollywood working girl.


John Stamos Does Not Care To Wear Sheen’s Bowler Shirt

Friday, March 11 by

John Stamos does not wish to be the highest paid actor on television. He’s got his own money, thank you. Money he earned through hard work, good hygiene, and laughing at Dave Coulier’s jokes.