9 Trippiest Fake Movie Drugs

Tuesday, March 8 by

The following movie drugs are so hardcore, they don’t even exist.


Aubrey O’Day

Tuesday, March 8 by

Aubrey O’Day isn’t about to win any awards for classiness, but that wouldn’t really be her style anyway.


See Your Favorite Stars Standing Around In Set Photos From ‘Safe House’

Tuesday, March 8 by

They definitely look “safe,” alright.


XXX Parody Of ‘The King’s Speech’ Looks Shockingly Legit

Tuesday, March 8 by

I smell Oscar! Wait, that’s probably just a water based lubricant baking into someone’s skin under hot lights.

A Vaughn Meader Anthology

Bill Hader To Play Famous JFK Impersonator

Tuesday, March 8 by

The man whose career died with JFK.


Great, Now The Charlie Sheen Auto-Tune Is Stuck In My Head

Tuesday, March 8 by

Just when I thought I was out…


HBO And Chabon To Fight Nazis With Magic

Tuesday, March 8 by

Author Michael Chabon is teaming up with HBO and his wife, Ayelet Waldman, for a project about a group of con men and magicians who team up to fight Hitler during World War II. Yup.


New ‘Fast Five’ Trailer Knees Gravity In The Taint From Behind

Tuesday, March 8 by

Move over Cars 2 trailer. Your reign as today’s most exciting auto-centric film trailer has come to an end.

Cars 2

New ‘Cars 2′ Trailer Ends With A Douche

Tuesday, March 8 by

‘Cars 2′ – with spies!


Evolution Of Fraser

Tuesday, March 8 by

Brendan. He gets no respect.


Oh, So ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ IS Dead

Tuesday, March 8 by

Man, that Guillermo del Toro doesn’t bulldump around.


‘Voltron’ Is Coming Together

Tuesday, March 8 by

The story about five robot lions that unite to form a giant space warrior must be told.


New ‘Source Code’ Posters Range From Classy To Crazy

Tuesday, March 8 by

In the first one, star Jake Gyllenhaal goes to Square Town. In the second, he’s walking around Clocksville, USA.


John Cusack To Dick Around In ‘Dictablanda’

Monday, March 7 by

Director Alejandro Agresti (‘The Lake House’) will helm ‘Dictablanda’, which sounds like a furniture line at IKEA.


‘Tomb Raider’ Gets Rebooted, Reboobed

Monday, March 7 by

It’s likely there’ll be no more expensive “old” Angelina Jolie. A cheap young hottie will likely wear two gun holsters and not much else.