Camilla Belle Gets ‘Freaky Deaky’ With William H. Macy

Friday, February 4 by

The actress may or may not play William H. Macy’s ex-girlfriend, which could only happen in a movie.


‘Con-Air’ Rap Puts The Rabbit Back In Its Container

Friday, February 4 by

Only time will tell whether or not we’ll get a sequel to Con-Air. While we wait, we have this awesome Con-Air rap tribute to tide us over.


Couple Of Bros Broin’ Around On ‘Contraband’ Set

Friday, February 4 by

Don’t worry about these spy photos from the set of Contraband giving away any major details. Unless you consider a couple of bros hanging in a truck a major detail.

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 1.55.19 PM

Bridges Totally Down To Exorcise Some Demons

Friday, February 4 by

Jeff Bridges was quick to find a new role to fill the gap in his schedule after Tara Reid didn’t invite him to join the cast of her ‘The Big Lebowski’ sequel.


Sundance: Jeremy Piven Talks ‘I Melt With You’ And ‘Entourage’

Friday, February 4 by

Did it piss him off when people walked out of his movie?

Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 12.18.40 PM

‘The Dogfather’ Trailer: That’s Right, ‘DOGfather’!!!!

Friday, February 4 by

The Dogfather skateboards and wears people-clothes, which is a departure from the behavior of most domestic canines.


Summit’s ‘Unexpected’ Pitch Is Junior-riffic!

Friday, February 4 by

Summit Entertainment picked up a comedy pitch. The plot, which involves a pregnant wife who switches places with her husband, is ridiculous.


Uma Thurman’s Being Stalked Again

Friday, February 4 by

The trailer for Ceremony follows Michael Anganaro on a cougar-hunt. The cougar in question is played by Uma Thurman.


Pick Up After Your Dog

Friday, February 4 by

Even cartoon pooches gotta poop.


New Photos of ‘Spider-Man’ A Little Embarrassing

Friday, February 4 by

Brand new cringe-inducing pictures from the set of the ‘Spider-Man’ reboot.


Elizabeth Mitchell

Friday, February 4 by

Best known as the frustratingly mysterious Dr. Juliet Burke from that show about a time-traveling island or whatever, Elizabeth Mitchell is focusing on a more plausible realm of science fiction these days: Aliens. Aliens who are secretly lizards.


‘American Idol’ Recap: L.A.

Friday, February 4 by

Those sons of b#tches at “American Idol” finally broke down and put a crazy homeless dude on national television for everyone to laugh at.


Jesse McCartney To Pretend To Be Another Person In Magical Process Called “Television”

Friday, February 4 by

Dreamboat and singer/possible dancer Jesse McCartney now has his next project McCartneyed up.


CBS Films Has Twilight In Their Eyes For ‘Legend’

Friday, February 4 by

CBS Films, hungry to snag the next billions-grossing tween franchise, has acquired the rights to Legend, Marie Lu’s young adult novel. Picture is sadly unrelated.


‘Take Me Home Tonight’ Red-Band: Coke-Fueled 80′s Windmilling

Friday, February 4 by

The spiritual sequel to “That 70′s Show,” Take Me Home Tonight, is ready to rock with a new red-band trailer. You can tell because it’s wearing a necktie as if it were a bandana.