Rihanna Says She Doesn’t Need A Bodyguard

Thursday, March 10 by

Rihanna is too young for Kevin Costner anyway.


Rob Lowe’s Not Ditching ‘Parks’ For ‘Men’ Any Time Soon

Thursday, March 10 by

Rob Lowe ain’t goin’ nowhere!

"Private Party."

Bruckheimer And Bay Share ‘Cocaine’ With HBO Executives

Thursday, March 10 by

It may come as no surprise that Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay have taken an interest in cocaine. The duo are moving forward on the series “Cocaine Cowboys” that they set up at HBO in 2008.


Jayne Wisener

Thursday, March 10 by

A native of Northern Ireland, Jayne Wisener got her break in the United States in 2007 with a prominent role in Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

kenan and kel

Nickelodeon To Reveal How Bad Those Shows You Liked As A Kid Really Were

Thursday, March 10 by

Hop into the A-Little-While-Back Machine with Nickelodeon.


‘Scream’ Porn Parody Gives New Meaning To Stabbing

Thursday, March 10 by

It’s just like the original, but with hardcore sex!


Sweet Bat Lair, Brah

Thursday, March 10 by

A man could get some thinking done down here. Check out more pics at Gizmodo.


‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ To Use, Um, Terrific New 3D Technology

Thursday, March 10 by

Bring a parka or you might get web fluid all over you.


Green Band ‘Bad Teacher’ Teaser Probably Still Inappropriate For Children

Thursday, March 10 by

See if you can spot all 26 differences!


Matthew McConaughey’s New Rom Com Sounds Really Depressing

Thursday, March 10 by

High school girls, be advised. Matthew McConaughey has AIDs… in his next movie.


Keira Knightley Joins Syfy Mini-Series. Wait, What?

Thursday, March 10 by

Will she be required to roll around in cake with Deborah Gibson or go toe-to-toe with a Piranhceratops.


Terry O’Quinn Escapes The Damn Island And Lands In ABC Pilot

Wednesday, March 9 by

ABC cast O’Quinn (‘Lost’) in the new pilot “Hallelujah.” It’s a musical drama from “Desperate Housewives” showrunner Marc Cherry, so if O’Quinn wasn’t in it, I would find a way to anti-TiVO the show.


Review: Battle: Los Angeles

Wednesday, March 9 by

Exactly what you expect it to be and it delivers on that: Team of marines all with their personal issues, some civilians for the heart, rah rah patriotism and big explosions.


Will Nolan Cram Yet Another Villain Into ‘Dark Knight Rises’?

Wednesday, March 9 by

Catwoman and Bane might get a new evil roommate in the upcoming Batman film. Someone from “way back.”


CBS Films Distributing ‘Gambit’, Which Is Not About Cajun Mutants

Wednesday, March 9 by

‘Gambit’ stars Cameron Diaz and Colin Firth in a remake of a 1986 British heist film. This is a remake that actually looks promising.