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James ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ Franco In Talks For ‘Oz’

Friday, February 4 by

I apologize if this post feels rushed, but I’m trying to get through it before the next Franco story breaks.

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Bruckheimer Takes Finely Groomed Facial Hair To Space

Friday, February 4 by

Spaihts and Bruckheimer are “in like” with each other, and news of their second project together should take things to the next level.


Channing Tatum Promises ’21 Jump Street’ Will Be The Most Insane Ride You Ever Go On

Friday, February 4 by

Good thing he didn’t completely oversell it.


Camilla Belle Gets ‘Freaky Deaky’ With William H. Macy

Friday, February 4 by

The actress may or may not play William H. Macy’s ex-girlfriend, which could only happen in a movie.


‘Con-Air’ Rap Puts The Rabbit Back In Its Container

Friday, February 4 by

Only time will tell whether or not we’ll get a sequel to Con-Air. While we wait, we have this awesome Con-Air rap tribute to tide us over.


Couple Of Bros Broin’ Around On ‘Contraband’ Set

Friday, February 4 by

Don’t worry about these spy photos from the set of Contraband giving away any major details. Unless you consider a couple of bros hanging in a truck a major detail.

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Bridges Totally Down To Exorcise Some Demons

Friday, February 4 by

Jeff Bridges was quick to find a new role to fill the gap in his schedule after Tara Reid didn’t invite him to join the cast of her ‘The Big Lebowski’ sequel.


Sundance: Jeremy Piven Talks ‘I Melt With You’ And ‘Entourage’

Friday, February 4 by

Did it piss him off when people walked out of his movie?

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‘The Dogfather’ Trailer: That’s Right, ‘DOGfather’!!!!

Friday, February 4 by

The Dogfather skateboards and wears people-clothes, which is a departure from the behavior of most domestic canines.


Summit’s ‘Unexpected’ Pitch Is Junior-riffic!

Friday, February 4 by

Summit Entertainment picked up a comedy pitch. The plot, which involves a pregnant wife who switches places with her husband, is ridiculous.


Uma Thurman’s Being Stalked Again

Friday, February 4 by

The trailer for Ceremony follows Michael Anganaro on a cougar-hunt. The cougar in question is played by Uma Thurman.


Pick Up After Your Dog

Friday, February 4 by

Even cartoon pooches gotta poop.


New Photos of ‘Spider-Man’ A Little Embarrassing

Friday, February 4 by

Brand new cringe-inducing pictures from the set of the ‘Spider-Man’ reboot.


Elizabeth Mitchell

Friday, February 4 by

Best known as the frustratingly mysterious Dr. Juliet Burke from that show about a time-traveling island or whatever, Elizabeth Mitchell is focusing on a more plausible realm of science fiction these days: Aliens. Aliens who are secretly lizards.


‘American Idol’ Recap: L.A.

Friday, February 4 by

Those sons of b#tches at “American Idol” finally broke down and put a crazy homeless dude on national television for everyone to laugh at.