New ‘Smurfs’ Trailer Is A Smurfing Pile Of Smurf

Thursday, March 10 by

If you’re wondering what ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ would be like if the chipmunks were blue and were chased around by an ugly wizard and his cat, then stop using your imagination and watch this horrible trailer.


Links Away: Inception In 60 Seconds. Also, It’s Animated.

Thursday, March 10 by

Inception was a hell of a film. It was also a hell of a confusing film, all things considered. Leave it to some artist, however, to increase the confusion variable by a factor of holy-crap-what-am-I-watching.

Screen shot 2011-03-10 at 5.08.09 PM

Director of ‘Killers’ And ‘The Ugly Truth’ Is Apparently Still Getting Work

Thursday, March 10 by

Luketic is an accomplished director who apparently has soft, delicate skin.

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Nickelodeon To Bring Back Ninja Turtles, Make Us Whole Again

Thursday, March 10 by

Nickelodeon is rebooting the series (with a 2012 air date, per this teaser) with 26 all-new episodes.


‘Monsters Of The Midway’ Probably Isn’t About The Chicago Bears

Thursday, March 10 by

Montecito Pictures has bought a script from the writer of ‘John Tucker Must Die’, which leads me to believe that Montecito Pictures is unfamiliar with the film ‘John Tucker Must Die’.


Charlie Sheen: Vatican Assassin Warlock Game

Thursday, March 10 by

It’s almost as addicting as the drug Charlie Sheen.

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’7 Days In Havana’ To Allow Benicio Del Toro To Be One-Seventh Of A Real Director

Thursday, March 10 by

What Benicio del Toro really wants to do is direct.


‘Top Chef’ Needs More Cooking, Less Gimmicks

Thursday, March 10 by

The road to “Hell’s Kitchen” is paved with good intentions.


Bill Hader Gives Details About ‘House Of Joel’ And Bumpkiss About A Secret Project

Thursday, March 10 by

Bill Hader talks about the horror-comedy ‘House Of Joel’.

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HBO’s ‘Hemingway and Gellhorn’ Cast Includes Some Actors And Metallica’s Drummer

Thursday, March 10 by

Hemingway’s ex-wives will be played by most of the actresses in Hollywood.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Poster Features Giant Throne, Sad Sean Bean

Thursday, March 10 by

The “Game of Thrones” marketing team must be a pretty literal bunch.


Will Smith Writing ‘Men In Black 3′ Now Because Will Smith Said So

Thursday, March 10 by

There’s a certain irony to Men In Black 3′s focusing on time travel as a plot motif, considering that the production is taking foreeeeeeeever.


Review: Win Win

Thursday, March 10 by

Now that winning means something entirely different these days, I hope a movie like Win Win can remind people what victory truly is.


Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week

Thursday, March 10 by

Here are your weekly recommendations for what to watch instantly on Netflix.


Guillermo Del Toro Might Want To Take A ‘Journey To The West’ With Neil Gaiman

Thursday, March 10 by

There’s a pig spirit involved, too.